What should be the female bodybuilding

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40 years ago the women's bodybuilding began with the struggle for the excellent proportions. Looks like the perfect girl-bodybuilder now?

For a long time in the arena of women's bodybuilding is an endless dispute. On the one side are the girls like in build, but muscular "iron lady". Grace vs deep relief, exquisite proportions against the masses for many years one of the parties failed to achieve an overwhelming advantage, although initially, the palm is rightfully belonged to the "models" and the moment is now called the Golden age of women's bodybuilding.

What should be the female bodybuilding

What should be the female bodybuilding

1. Lisa Lyon

Years of grace

Amazing beauty and grace the body of Lisa Lyons, which is now deemed insufficient pumped even in the championship for a fitness bikini, has long been the benchmark for all trainee girls. It was the Lisa was the first internationally renowned kulturistki. In College, she became interested Kendo-fencing based on the techniques of the samurai. The sport has given Lisa hard, and primarily due to weak top. To rectify the situation, the girl began with iron. She not only became stronger, but also to build yourself a gorgeous body, beautiful and proportional.

What Lisa was invented to show muscle, using dance moves. This has added even more graces her graceful figure parameters 93-61-89 and weight 54 kg with height 162 cm Incidentally, it was Lisa the first showing bodybuilders may was photographed for Playboy magazine.

What should be the female bodybuilding

2. Rachel Macleish

Another gorgeous, elegant Rachel macleish — won gold at the Olympia in 1980 and 1982, and was the second in 1981 and 1984. Girl from childhood engaged in ballet, but in high school seriously distracted from him and returned to his hobby only 17 years old. To dream of the big stage it was too late, but the energy the girl was in full swing, and Rachel became "the iron" sport. Competitive career in the major leagues did not last long. It was kind of phenomenon: on the background of other participants macleish was more like a model than an athlete.

A course in weight

What should be the female bodybuilding

3. Cory Everson

In the life of a future champion and legend of bodybuilding Cory Everson in 1981, the worst has happened — in the three main veins of her left leg showed blood clots. To avoid fatal consequences helped perfect fit, coupled with a bunch of taboo. In particular, the doctors forbade her to give birth, and fitness has always been a vital necessity in order to prevent a relapse.

Steel will power, like the awesome genetics, was part of the "basic package" of Measles. In 1984, she put an end to the era of polimodales of polypersonal in the world of bodybuilding, and is firmly established on the top of the podium. Her competitive career that would last six years, it is possible to call this era, during which indicates future trends. Amazing Measles each year of the six he has won the gold Olimpia.

Four horsemen women's fitness Apocalypse

What should be the female bodybuilding

4. Lenda Murray

Everson retired in 1989, putting an end to the Golden age of women's bodybuilding. New requirements and brutal aesthetics massiveness was gradually put on the blades, the grace and harmony of proportions. The next champion of Olympia was an American lenda Murray, which the magazine Muscle and Fitness once called the prototype of the women of the future. Murray did not descend from Olympus for eight consecutive years.

In 1996 it was moved to the second step of the podium, Kim Czyżewski. Motivated and very positive athlete six times took the gold, and then, quite unexpectedly went into a new, more light category — body fitness. The audience liked is the transformation of a petite young lady, but in this field, Kim has not made significant achievements.

What should be the female bodybuilding

5. Iris Kyle

While Czyżewski and Murray argued for gold, they have rapidly progressed iris Kyle. At some point, she has blossomed in a way that to this day Kyle nobody can remove from the top. This year, iris turns 41 this is not the limit, because the same Murray retired in 42 years. Who will replace the iris? Most likely, after Kyle inherits the throne of the Romanian star Alina Popa, who is now 36 years old. It is considered one of the most powerful women showing bodybuilders may, and she's got everything to take the gold home.

These four athletes who have invested in the construction of his body, incredible strength and a huge amount of time, led to the change of the Golden age of women's bodybuilding at a different era — a time when ladies shake their muscles in the name of the masses, and only secondarily for proportions. Are ready for more, they inspire incredible respect, but distorts the very concept of women's fitness in an unreal scale.

Blood and sweat. Workaholics

What should be the female bodybuilding

6. Larissa Reis

The consequences of the transformation of the girls for the gold medal delighted, terrified, amazed and frightened, but she did not initially the most important functions: promote sports among women. Looking at Murray, Czyżewski or Kyle, ladies, seeing a sign "gym", warily accelerated step, fearing that the mere presence near such a place will cause the biceps to progress. In order to improve the situation, a lightweight hot version of women's bodybuilding — the body fitness. At the "Olympia" it started in 2003 and gave the world a completely different format of sportswomen.

They're not as pumped as older sisters, much less raised, and still walk across the stage in heels, sparkle white teeth and shining oiled impressive bust. Bright representative of bodyfitness Larissa Reis.

Sexy blonde in past star erotic magazines, she is the owner of a major titles, but incredibly famous in their environment. And of course, those girls are much more popular among men than women bodybuilders.

Did athletes formation Flight women's fitness less intimidating? Definitely. Did he become more attractive for average ladies? Hardly. Larissa demonstrates the form that was given to her by blood, sweat, blisters and actually daily workouts. Total: figure, which still does not match most people's idea of femininity. Moreover, simply unattainable for ordinary girls.

The era of pitoresc

What should be the female bodybuilding

7. Natalia Melo

Very few people like that term, for many, it generally is associated with medicinal teas. And yet girls call pitoresque become a whole layer of the sports culture, the rise of which began in 2011, with the appearance at the "Olympia" category "fitness bikini".

Moderately muscular and almost naselenie contestants was designed to put an end to the disputes on the subject of the results of the women's work in the gym. Toned body, having a toned butt, but not more. Even the abs could take away points as and a clear separation of the muscles. A workout you can hardly be called serious work, some of the girls engaged in a year or two, and then fell into major competitions.

One of the brightest representatives of the category — Natalia Melo, winner of the gold statuettes of "Olympia" started to win the competition, having Amateur sports past, and a few months of training in the gym. The girl was the personification of that might look like any housewife, has good proportions and spending on training a few hours a week.

In the first years of competitive career Melo was often called Brazilian DOE, now increasingly appears the phrase "lean horse." The girl has grown substantially, and the terrain became much deeper. The larger became Melo, the lower set her assessment. A rising star in the fitness bikini left little different aesthetics, and between the new sample women's sporting bodies.

What should be the female bodybuilding

8. Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser has twice became the champion Olimpia. Graceful, proportionate and elegant, she captivated the judges and fall in love with practicing the whole world. There was even a saying: "While on the podium Ashley for fitness bikini you can not worry". Compared to the previous year Kaltwasser is a little older. Chase whether it is for a lot, is anyone's guess.

To argue about taste can be long, but one can say for sure: the phrase such as "fitness on the brain" will settle permanently in the modern world, displacing the primary objective of a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition in order to maintain good shape and well-being. On the one hand, it's good, because the "rocking chair" — is an excellent alternative to clubs and excessive alcohol consumption. Importantly, the pumping of the deltoids, trapezoids and, of course, the gluteal muscles turned into the only meaning of life.

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