6 types of dragons that exist in real life

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If at some point you were asked to imagine a dragon, you would probably imagine a huge flying creature that could exhale fire from its mouth, right? At least, this is how they are described in mythology and began to figure in the popular imagination.


6 types of dragons that exist in real life

1. What many people don't know, however, is that dragons actually share the planet with us and are nothing like what we think they are. Check out just six examples of dragons that exist in real life.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

2. Ruby Sea Dragon

The ruby sea dragon is a fish from the same family as the seahorse, a creature that uses its red coloration to camouflage itself underwater. Because red is one of the first colors filtered by predators in the water, these animals appear black and are easier to hide.

An interesting feature of the ruby sea dragon and other similar species is that the males are responsible for carrying their young. However, this occurs under the tail and not inside the abdomen.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

3. Dragon centipede

In 2007, scientists discovered a species of pink dragon centipede that lives in the Greater Mekong region of Thailand. According to researchers, their impressive coloration is one of the main defense mechanisms against predators.

Also, like other centipedes, these creatures are capable of producing poisonous substances for their enemies - in this case, cyanide. It's not exactly fire, but it could well replace it.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

4. Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon is by far the most famous real-life dragon. In fact, this huge 135 kg lizard is so strong that it can swallow you whole. Its main weapon for killing victims is a combination of a powerful bite that injects nasty venom into the victim.

These animals are such formidable predators that only one rival can stop them in their habitat: other Komodo dragons. So it's not exactly the kind of date you want to go on.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

5. Black dragon

Anyone who looks at the black dragonfish thinks it looks more like an alien from the same universe as the Venom symbiote from the Spider-Man stories than a dragon. In the larval stage, the females of these animals have large eye stalks that allow them to see further into the depths of the sea.

However, as they grow, their eyes droop and they develop huge teeth. Like other deep sea fish, they have bioluminescent organs to help with daily life. Males, on the other hand, are tiny, toothless, and only live on the surface to mate.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

6. Flying dragon

The flying dragon is a lizard species endemic to Southeast Asia and India, where they are very good at camouflage and even use their "wings" to glide. These animals enjoy gliding through the treetops using the structures they support with their ribs.

There are more than 50 types of flying dragons scattered around, each with a body and limbs of a different color. This type of "wing" is also constantly used by males to try and attract females in sexual interest.

6 types of dragons that exist in real life

7. Blue dragon

The blue dragon is nothing more than a type of sea slug that is only 5 centimeters long. This creature usually spends its life floating upside down on the surface of the ocean and gulping air to stay in that position.

Actually, this is how they stay close to their prey. Blue dragons love to steal nematocysts - stinging cells - from Physalia, jellyfish-like creatures, and use them to their advantage.


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