10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

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For many, a synonym for the word "hike" is a few hours of walking, which is more like a good walk. But these stories are nothing more than entertainment for beginners. Real hikes begin on trekking trails of many days.

The longest and most impressive routes can reach several thousand kilometers. It is even hard to believe that a person is able to overcome such distances on his own two feet.

Cheryl Strijd's memoir of her solo journey down the Pacific Crest was so captivating that the story was adapted into the film Wild, which has already received two Oscar nominations. If you like this kind of adventure, feel free to set off on one of these grueling and at the same time incredibly impressive and scenic routes.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails
10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

1 Appalachian Trail, USA

Distance: 3510 kilometers

The Appalachian Trail is the true queen of hiking trails. From Katahdin Mountain in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia, you are only 5 million steps away. However, the idyllic views of the prime North American forests of North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains National Park should brighten up your trip. Potential hazards include the brown bear, poisonous snakes, poison ivy, and ticks that spread Lyme disease.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

2. South East Coast Trail, UK

Distance: 1016 kilometers

Perhaps, against the background of the rest of the participants in the list, traveling along this route will seem like a short distance race. The Southeast Coast Trail benefits from its history. Running from Minehead in Somerset to Poole Harbor in Dorset, the trail crosses two World Heritage Sites at once, including the Jurassic Coast with its 240 million year old cliffs. In addition, you have to climb a total of 35 kilometers, which is equivalent to four ascents of Everest.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

3. Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand

Distance: 3000 kilometers

Landscapes of New Zealand, in principle, cannot upset - mountain ranges, capes and glaciers form an impressive panorama. The Te Araroa trail - "long trail" in Maori - traverses most of these natural beauties. In normal mode, this route will take you about three months. Ultramarathoner Jez Bragg completed it in 53 days.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

4. Continental Frontier Trail, USA

Distance: 4990 kilometers

Another incredibly long route across the United States. Destiny of true hiking enthusiasts. Nearly 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada, it's a challenging but rewarding journey through the Rocky Mountains of North America and places of interest such as the Red Desert in Wyoming and Grace Peak in Colorado. Every year, only 150 people make an attempt to overcome the "Continental Frontier". The youngest of them was only 13 years old.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

5. Samuel and Florence Baker Trail, Sudan/Uganda

Distance: 805 kilometers

True adventurers will surely be inspired by the pioneering spirit of this historic route following the expedition of Samuel and Florence Baker, the first Europeans to reach Lake Albert in East Africa 150 years ago and name it after the husband of Queen Victoria. The trail starts near Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and passes along such unique natural features as Lake Albert and the 43-meter Kabarega Falls at the confluence of the Nile into Lake Victoria.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

6. Oregon Desert Trail, USA

Distance: 1287 kilometers

The Oregon Desert is a breathtaking and very rugged terrain that will test your strength. The route is a mix of short trails, historic colonist roads, and trails through the wilderness. The desert trail is a really tough challenge that should not be taken on unprepared. You must have experience and large reserves of water behind you. Nevertheless, the amazing beauty of the scenery makes this trail very attractive.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

7. Trail "Grand Italia", Italy

Distance: 6166 kilometers

This trail with full confidence can be called grandiose. Passing along the entire alpine arc, the route subsequently descends down to Sicily, goes around the western coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea towards Sardinia and ends in the ancient city of Tibula. The trail was opened in 1995 and it will take you about 8 months to complete it.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

8. Great Himalayan Trail, Nepal

Distance: 1700 kilometers

The longest and highest mountain trail in the world, crossing the entire Himalayan range from Kashmir to Tibet. This route for the most ambitious hikers passes through the territories of India, Nepal and Bhutan. The Nepalese section is the most difficult and in itself is a serious challenge even for overexperienced hikers. A special pleasure is to observe the remote Nepalese villages located on the slopes of mountains and hills at an altitude of a couple of thousand meters. It is worth going here only with mountain climbing experience, because the trail rises to an incredible 6146 meters.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

9. Hokkaido Nature Trail, Japan

Distance: 4585 kilometers

Japan is a real paradise for long-distance walkers, as 5 of the 10 longest hiking trails in the world pass through its territory. The Hokkaido Trail, the most majestic of them all, passes through the forests, mountains, smoking volcanoes and glaciers of Hokkaido. This northernmost of Japan's islands has very short summers and long, cold winters, which you're going to experience anyway, since the journey will take you about seven months.

10 Most Spectacular and Exhausting Hiking Trails

10. Transpanama Trail, Panama

Distance: 800 kilometers

Anyone who has ever traveled through the tropics will attest to the very harsh local conditions. A dense and damp jungle full of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking critters is just waiting for you to begin this 800-kilometer journey. But along the way you will find a lot of interesting things. From the border of Colombia and Costa Rica, you will soon enter the territories of local tribes like the Kuna and Embera. You will also have the chance to canoe through the waters of the rainforest and follow in the footsteps of the conquistadors who were here 600 years ago. The entire Transpanama Trail will take you more than three months.

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