10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

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The Swedes are people around who prefer simplicity and high quality. The same "rule" applies to Swedish cuisine. The local gastronomy is different ordinary, but at the same time useful, delicious, and hearty.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

The main products used by the descendants of the Vikings in daily life, are a diverse variety of fish, seafood, meat, mushrooms, berries. Much attention is paid desserts: flavored butter cinnamon rolls, cakes, berry jams and preserves will delight the sweet tooth.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

1. Surströmming.

The most unusual traditional delicacy in Sweden, is surströmming — fermented herring. It is worth noting that not everyone will dare to enjoy this delicacy, it has a very pungent odor. The cooking process of surstromming lasts more than 3 months. Initially, fish, rotting away in barrels, and then roll up its banks. As a result of the fermentation process banks are often inflated. It is recommended to open the herring on the street and take precautions, as content can splash around all of the pressure that had accumulated inside.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

2. Graavilohi or Gravlax.

This fish dish from the category cold appetizers, typical dishes of the Nordic countries, especially Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Graavilohi is a raw fish of valuable species, cooked in a sweet marinade. Usually served as a cold snack with dill-mustard sauce, Karelian pies, on rye bread or with boiled potatoes.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

3. Boiled crawfish.

Red crab with an umbrella dill, stacked schnapps and dashing under the song – a symbol of August in Sweden. Cancers in Sweden – it's like a grouse with pineapple in post-Soviet countries. If the proletarian want to poke in the eye bourgeois his burguette, it describes it with the words "Yes, he's cancers entire year eating!" Ordinary mortals eat crawfish in August. If you go in a Swedish supermarket at this time of year, it is likely that the most prominent place will crawfish, boiled, frozen, or at least drawn.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

4. Almost.

This is a traditional Swedish carbonated soft drink based on water, citric acid, caramel color and spices (cloves, star anise, cardamom). Usually sold in stores, is used in the period of late advent, and directly at Christmas, as an integral part of the holiday.

During the Christmas holidays almost — the most popular drink in Sweden and the number of sales leaves far behind even the most well-known brands of carbonated beverages. Original full recipe julmust is secret and known only to the manufacturers.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

5. Swedish meatballs.

JETBULL or kottbullar — fried meatballs, a traditional meat dish of Swedish cuisine. Usually served with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries. Especially popular with children. Swedish meatballs just like any other, made from minced meat with the addition of eggs, rice flour, milk or cream and finely chopped, pre-fried onions.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

6. Christmas ham.

Christmas ham – a big hit at Christmas. It takes pride of place on the holiday table, and every family seems to have their own secret recipe to make the most ham is juicy and incredibly tasty, and the perfect texture on the inside. It is a favorite dish of many Swedes, who have not abandoned meat.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

7. Fried mushrooms. Chanterelles.

Sweden — mushroom Paradise, but most locals like chanterelles. To them is treated with the same reverence as the Russian white mushrooms. And some Swedish chefs believe fragrant chanterelle delicacy worse truffles. Extremely popular way of cooking these mushrooms in Sweden – frying in oil. Fried chanterelle is usually served on a crispy toast.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

8. Swedish bread.

Scandinavian rye crisp bread has won the hearts and stomachs worldwide. But on the tables of the Swedes, they can be seen almost every day, they replace white bread and served for every meal of salted butter. Some prefer to bake them at home. Stores also are full range, starting with Finn Crisps, known in Russia, ending knäcke Swedish bröd, and tunn bröd in different variations and forms.

10 most famous dishes of Swedish cuisine

9. Lussekatt.

It is decorated with raisins traditional Swedish Christmas cookies, featuring a yellow tinge due to added to the batter saffron. Classic lussekatt has the form julgalten — turn letter "S". In baking, use small boneless black raisins currant. Lussekatt baked on the Day of St. Lucia is celebrated in Sweden on December 13. To lussekatter coffee or gleg.

10. Swedish buns semla

Semla – delicious Swedish pastry. One of the first Russo-Swedish dictionaries gave her the definition of "bun with almonds in boiling milk." All because I used to eat semla, filling it with warm milk. Subsequently, the milk bun was served separately.

Ate simlu first in the so-called fat Tuesday, the analogue of the carnival, and then, when the Swedes tired of the strict observance of lent, every Tuesday until Easter. This "Queen of the rolls" is so firmly entrenched in the history of Sweden, which even became a ridiculous reason of the death of king Adolf Fredrik.

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