Why Russian SO love bacon?

Why Russian SO love bacon?

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The debate about how helpful or harmful the fat, being almost as long as his homeland. This does not prevent the lovers of the fat you eat it with mustard and horseradish, to salt with juniper and rubbed them from gout.

Why Russian SO love bacon?

There is a stereotype, which is actively supported by local folklore, the fat — Ukrainian product. According to the historian of Russian cuisine Pavel Syutkin, fat is not some kind of birthright.

Why Russian SO love bacon?

In the Slavic sources of fat found in the "Domostroi", a collection of tips and rules of life of the XVI century:

Moreover, it could be pork, and beef tallow, melted in barrels. This fat was exported, it was also the most common in the country. In one of the oldest books on Russian cooking "Russian kitchen" Vasily Levshin (1816) also found in beef fat, and pork called "ham bacon" or "bacon".

Why Russian SO love bacon?

Fat is a nutrient supply or solid fat, which well-fed animals accumulate before winter. Industrial scale harvest the fat of pigs, bulls, rams, and goats. Lard is firmer and lighter than beef and lamb. It less fluid, and to grow the number of pigs has learned pretty quickly. So when talking about fat, usually involve pork.

The main advantage of fat is that they can be quickly filled when there is no time for a full meal. And, despite its high calorie — 700-800 kcal per 100 grams (depending on species), nutritionists calmly look at sandwiches from whole wheat bread with bacon, vegetables and herbs. The healthy human body quickly metabolizes the fat and feels a surge of energy. The issue amount.

Why Russian SO love bacon?

Daily allowance of fat for healthy adult is 10-12 grams (50 grams per day) and not more than 100 — 150 grams a week. If you neglect the recommended quantity, then it is really quick to recover. Can also be harmful large amounts of salt, which is used for pickling.

Giving fat to the body, in addition to saturation? The fat contains healthy acids, including rare arachidonic acid, which improves brain, heart and normalizes cholesterol metabolism.

In the fat contains the "beauty vitamins" A, E, and D. 100g. pork fat 89% daily value of selenium, which prevents the early development of cancer, and very useful for men and 53% of the daily value of phosphorus. In fat are saturated fats that increase cholesterol, but in smaller amounts than in butter, and fatty acid in fat to prevent build-up of cholesterol formations.

To choose the best piece of bacon with a thickness up to 5-6 cm. Is a good piece of pig head to tail, with pink or marble veins. The fat should be soft and easy to cut.

Why Russian SO love bacon?

The fat must be free of smells, otherwise it could be a fat boar, and nothing will help you to get rid of its odor. Frozen the smell to feel impossible, so this fat better not to buy.

Fat eat salty, fried, smoked, in the form of lard (melted). Most useful fat without heat treatment, so often it is eaten salted.

You can use this brining recipe: bacon wash cold water, dry it, make small incisions, liberally season with salt, add garlic, black pepper, Bay leaf and other spices. In such a salt coat the fat should be left on for 3-4 hours at room temperature, then wrap in waxed paper and foil, and send in the freezer. To completely stop a day and a half — then the fat can safely eat.

Why Russian SO love bacon?

The classic combination of bacon with black bread, mustard or horseradish, pickles, or mushrooms. It is possible to eat and more unexpected vegetables — cabbage, radish and beets.

Fat is considered a traditional snack to vodka. However, taste sensations are not worse it goes well with red dry wine. Experiment!

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