"White is smarter than black": what the discoverer of DNA James Watson stripped of all awards

In 1962, American biologist James Watson, along with colleagues Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins was awarded the Nobel prize in physics and medicine. Young scientists received the award for the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule. James Watson is the first man on the planet, whose genome is completely deciphered. However, at the end of his life he became a pariah. This is due to his bold statements concerning the intellectual abilities of black people and other topics that are taboo in the modern world.

Unlike colleagues who believe that intelligence depends on environment and upbringing, James Watson says: the level of mental development genetically predetermined. In 2007, the researcher was dismissed from the post of Director of the laboratory of cold spring Harbor in new York. It happened because of the remarks of the academic correspondents of The Times. In an interview, he said bluntly:

The scientist does not consider himself a racist, but I am sure that genes affect the mental development of man and the white people smarter than black people. He does not agree with the opinion that all people are equal, and says:

In 2000 one lecture, for students in Watson claimed that the higher a person's sexual libido, the lower his intelligence. Accordingly, the black libido is much stronger than whites.

Watson is a supporter of genetic engineering and to defend their positions in interviews and in lectures. He believes that if scientists know how to improve a person, by adding genes, then it should be done. The statement he confirmed with the words:

For example, a scientist believes stupidity is a disease that hurts 10% of the population. He believes that nonsense must be treated. Statements Watson believe to be the first on the road to the revival of eugenics.

In interview to newspaper the Sunday Telegraph, James Watson stated:

People with excess weight also did not drop out of sight of the odious scientist. He believes that this issue should be addressed through genetic engineering. Regarding obesity, Watson spoke out in an interview:

Scientists believe that women are worse than understand the math, and believed that anti-Semitism is completely unjustified. However, in his words, the most intelligent ethnic group — Ashkenazi Jews.

For speaking James Watson was in isolation from the scientific world and decided to sell the Nobel medal, made of gold. Auction house Christie's estimated it to 2,5−3,5 million dollars. Medal in 2014 went under the hammer for 4.1 million dollars.

The Nobel medal is made of 200 grams of 23-carat gold

Made the purchase of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who promised to return the award to its owner. James Watson claimed that some of the money directed for needs of the University, where he worked for many years. In 2015, the scientist visited the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he return the Nobel medal.

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov

The last straw for the scientific world, became an interview to journalists of TV channel "PBS", which filmed the documentary "American masters: deciphering Watson". In an interview with the researcher said that his views have not changed. For this, the discoverer of DNA, author of many articles and scientific books were stripped of all honors and regalia.

At the meeting in the Russian Academy of Sciences James Watson return his Nobel medal

In 2019 91-year-old James Watson got into a car accident and suffered injuries. Today he is recovering in one of the nursing homes in the United States. The son of a scientist says that his father understands little of what is happening around him.

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