What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cake

American Susie Johnson was the first to jump out of the cake, beginning a similar erotic dance. An amazing show was held in 1895. The company famous men came to the delight of 16-year-old girl in gauze dress, which is surrounded by the living Canaries broke out of a huge fake cake.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeThe dessert put on the table on the occasion of the tenth wedding anniversary of John Elliot Caudina. However, the wife of the famous Polo player was not invited. Generous lunch consisted of 16 dishes and a large quantity of champagne, which was served by two girls of model appearance. The brunette was served a red wine, and blonde — white. Susie Johnson, dancing on the table, ate itself.

The prehistory of erotic dance for dessert

New York of the late nineteenth century represented a huge anthill covered by a fever. In the city flooded with cash, which supplied the shipyards, freight trains, numerous factories. Money have taken over the streets of Manhattan. The bright lights of electricity, a huge crowd of people hurrying crews lured young girls from distant States.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeEyebrow in the late nineteenth century

They flocked to Broadway, drawn by promises of fame and fortune. Most of them became provincial models of a fast-growing advertising industry. Less fortunate beauty appeared in street name or in the sex industry. Susie Johnson was in new York with dreams of the Broadway stage.

Publications from the tabloids to The New York World owned by Joseph Pulitzer, it is known that Susie grew among the workers of the West side. The model started his career with quite chaste portraits. Pretty soon she started to get naked. And here it is on top of a career already dancing on the dessert before the elected playboys in new York.

John Elliot Cowdin invited to a dinner party for over 30 guests, including the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, Illustrator Charles Gibson, the architect Stanford white. By the way, that white came up with the stunt with the girl in the cake.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cake"Girl from cake" has become a signature dish dinner party, the sensation of new York in the late nineteenth century. The newspaper headlines "the beauty of the cake just for 3500 dollars."

Historic recipes with a live stuffing

Western history has preserved many instances when a living person or a bird appeared from a huge dessert. Confectioners entertained the elite celebrate in his own way. In the middle Ages, pies were filled with live frogs, which then jumped straight to the table. Italian cookbook, Dating back to the year 1474, contains the recipe for a large pie with live birds. When cutting effectively treats the birds flew to freedom.What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeJeffrey Hudson, the court dwarf of Queen Henrietta Maria, passed a way from the jester to the captain of the cavalry

The Duke of Buckingham with his wife was the greatest. In 1626, they presented the monarch Charles I pie, inside of which was a famous dwarf sir Jeffrey Hudson. The king of England graciously left the dwarf to serve in the court. It is believed that children's poem "song of six pence" tells about this story.

Public resonance the history girls cake

The press in great detail described the controversial dinner. Black-and-white illustrations portrayed suzy Johnson, is surrounded by the famous men. The guest list, liver meals, the cost of the event was made public. Elliot Cowdin laid out for dinner so much money that ordinary day laborer would earn in six years.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeThe Newspapers hoped that the poor little suzy Johnson wakes up from the beautiful compliments the amazing generosity of our esteemed and return home to their parents. Nothing of the sort happened. Midnight celebration with erotic dancing in the dessert continued in a trendy new York studios. Susie Johnson is often posed "the electric light". So journalists called veiled sex work provincial beauties.

12 years later, in 1907 the newspaper the New York World wrote again about the girl in the dessert. This time the headlines were full of the name of the author of the idea of the show, which was Stanford white. Model quietly faded into the background. More wrote about the architect who died at the hands of an angry wife Evelyn Nesbit. The young woman told her husband that she was raped by a white. Subsequent events stirred the prudish American society.

The main courtroom drama the America of the nineteenth century

The "yellow" press first reported the controversial story about rape which was the cause of the murder. Stanford white was a respected member of society, his company has designed many new York attractions. Journalists ruthlessly opened to the public a secret side of his life. The history of the famous architect caught in a Shocker, a Hollywood scenario. She personified not only the brilliance of glamorous new York, but the helplessness of attractive women from the working class.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeEvelyn Nesbit first supermodel of America... and the world

Stanford white has expressed sympathy for Evelyn Nesbit. He promised assistance in career, the full content of the girl and her mother. 47-year-old architect had been married a long time. He was not embarrassed about the age difference from 16-year-old girl. Playboy invited the girl to an apartment located on 24th street. Luxury apartment impressive glamorous interior. The ceiling of the upper floor was attached the velvet swing. Subsequently, Evelyn repeatedly been invited in a luxury apartment. In one of these evenings white brought a drunken girl in the bedroom and penetrated her. In the morning she woke up in bloodied sheets, no clothes.White unceremoniously told the girl that she belongs to him. For a long time, Nesbitt kept the incident secret. It opened only to the groom, Harry Tau. By the way, her choice had a dubious reputation. Mentioned the mistreatment of girls. From quick-tempered he was slapping his fists, he could splash boiling water.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakePlayboy Harry Thaw and his wife Evelyn Nesbit

Luckily, the groom was not mad at Susie. Harry Tau became obsessed with the idea that Stanford white had "ruined" his bride. He decided to punish the offender 25 Jun 1906. That day held an event to mark the opening of the theatre "Madison Square garden". Pursuing Stanford white, the young man wormed his way into the crowd. Harry Tau was not even trying to hide after a shot rang out.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeWith a still Smoking revolver in hand, he publicly declared that he had killed a libertine who ruined the life of his beloved. Then this trial was the main drama of America. The representative of the elite was involved in a scandal with sexual overtones. It is unknown what happened to Harry Tau. The newspaper article did not pay much attention to him. But the poor girl story Evelyn Nesbit eclipsed even stock quotes.What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cake

The trial did not bother an attractive provincial. At one point, Evelyn Nesbit became a star. Unlike other women of the time she confessed to sexual violence. Controversial issues the charges does not undermine its dignity and honor. After the trial the girl was in a psychiatric hospital. Overcoming addiction, she returned to the stage, worked in education and died in the 1960-ies.

Stanford white was buried at a cemetery on long island. Many attractions new York daily reminded of the amazing talent of the architect. Historian Simon Baatz dedicated the book to the scandalous proceedings. According to him, Evelyn Nesbit became famous for not acting talent, and thanks to the high-profile rape case. At the same time Stanford white made history as the Creator of the architectural style of new York in the late nineteenth century.

What happened to the first girl cake

Susie Johnson was a place in history. Girl jumping out of cake, has become a popular erotic shows. Distraught members of the elite admired the beauties of the corporate party. It is no secret that the specific show is still in demand. Today from fake cakes to jump out not only beautiful girls, but also boys.

What happened to the girl who was the first to jump out of the cakeHistorical archives kept few details about the fate of Susie Johnson. Newspapers 1907, wrote about marriage to a girl from the cake. Husband scandal, after learning about the dubious popularity of his wife. It was rumored that he filed for divorce.

However, historian Simon Baatz denied the rumors, driven by the absence of evidence in favor of this version. At all times to tabloids tend to embellish the facts. The first girl jumped out of the cake, like many other attractive unsecured women have found their own family. Susie Johnson lived a long, prosperous life with a wealthy husband, a country house with a white picket fence, children and a dog. Ignorant hick from a working class family got the American dream.

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