Venice from the height of bird flight

Venice is wonderful, extremely beautiful and romantic city of Italy. Today we go on a helicopter over the historic City center Lovers on the water and see Venice from a bird's flight.

Venice from the height of bird flight

The historic centre of Venice is situated on 118 Islands of the Venetian lagoon.

Islands of the Venetian lagoon, separated by 150 canals and channels through which airlifted about 400 bridges (including Rialto and the so-called bridge of Sighs, both refer to the end of the XVI century).

Venice island — a seaside resort, a center of international tourism of global importance, the venue of international film festivals, art and architectural exhibitions.

Intercity transportation in Venice are carried on motor boats, gondolas, barges.

Dense buildings of the historic center of Venice.

The historic centre – St Mark's square. It is the center of social life, the heart of Venice, a place of solemn ceremonies, religious and national holidays. Now, of course, it's hard to believe that many centuries ago, there were green gardens that belonged to the nuns of the nearby Benedictine monastery.

In St. Mark's square is the most magnificent building in all Venice – the Doge's Palace (in the lower left corner). When you look at the Doge's Palace it seems that the building tilted Foundation up and roof down. The Central part of the facade is decorated with two ornate balconies. They were built so that the Doge could appear before the people.

Venice is one of the popular destinations of cruise routes. Local marine terminal for cruise liners annually serves up to half a million passengers.

Those who arrived in the city on the water is see the area of SV. Mark, the Doge's Palace, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Palazzo Grassi, Spanish and Italian Synagogues, stroll across the bridge of Sighs, Rialto bridge, next to the clock tower and the bell tower of SV. Mark, swim down the Grand canal.

However, we can say that Venice lives under constant threat. The water that makes the city unique, is his headache.

Venice is gradually disappearing under the water — this fact faced by the ancient settlers who were forced twice to rebuild the city, moving to higher Islands. (Photo is clickable)

Throughout the XX century Venice quickly (up to 5 mm) was immersed in the lagoon, a result of the land sank to 23 cm.

The main reason for the disaster was made by the industrial extraction of water from artesian wells and, consequently, the lower aquifer of the earth; the gradual flooding of the city also affects the increasing pressure of ground-based objects: buildings, people, etc. After the closure of wells in the subsidence of the city has slowed, but not stopped. (Photo is clickable)

According to scientists in Venice could become uninhabitable already in 2028. (Photo is clickable)

Venice from the height of bird flightVenice from the height of bird flight

To save the unique city developed the project "Moses", providing for the construction of airtight barriers around the city. The project was approved by experts and was inaugurated in 2003 with the laying of the first stone of Silvio Berlusconi. (Photo is clickable)

However, the construction of dams subjected to serious criticism due to low effectiveness of such flood protection, tested in the Netherlands and consequences for the environment (lack of sea water can lead to the extinction of many unique and rare species of living beings inhabiting the territory of the lagoon). (Photo is clickable)

Despite his image of a romantic city, attracting people from all over the world, Venice was in a very dubious list of "The smelliest cities in the world". Venice has earned this title due to its far from ideal sewer system, sewage is discharged because of the hundreds of Venetian houses, right in the famous canals. (Photo is clickable)

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