Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

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There is a huge memorial complex dedicated Grand historical events. And there are monuments, which are personal stories — touching, inspiring or sad. It's about these sculptures, installed in honor of the children in their lifetime, we want to tell.

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Mile was only five years old when the war began. June 22, 1941 was an ordinary day in family Petrakovich: father rested on the couch after a night of fishing, mother was washing the dishes. When the radio announced the war, the girl did not understand — saw just how sharply sat down dad, and my mom dropped a glass...

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Dmitry Petrakov went to the front on 4 July 1941.

The only thing that binds the father and the daughter a letter. Dmitry deduced printed letters with crayons, and in the fields left a note that little girl was simple and interesting to read his message.

In 1942, the father of Mila fought the Germans at Stalingrad. Saw on a field of cornflower ripped from the ground by the explosion of a shell, and put it in his pocket, deciding to send her daughter. The letter he sent later from the hospital: Dmitri in the battle seriously wounded. Line accompanying the cornflower was poignant:

Died Dmitry Petrakov at Orel in 1943. In October wife and daughter received a death notice, but for a long time refused to believe it: hoping and waiting for the return of her father and husband. Don't wait...

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

The letter to the Mile became known through-soldier of Dmitry Michael Inguru. He saw Petrakov picked up a flower and knew about the words that accompanied sent cornflower. This is Michael wrote in the journal "Worker", and the article received a great response from readers.

The story of Dmitry and his daughter was inspired by the famous sculptor Leonid Levin — so Soldier on the field near Volgograd in 1980, there was a sculpture of a girl with a flower in her hand, near the foot of which lay a white triangle, the letter is engraved with words from the message of the father to be Nice.

Lyudmila Petrakova survived the war, graduated from the Leningrad Institute of water transport and got a job in Ulyanovsk river port, an employee and have been all my life. In 1961 Mila got married, the year her daughter was born.

The woman came several times on Soldier's field, but never advertise that she was the one girl Mila with cornflower. Journalists, she said that the monument is dedicated, not all children survived the war. Died Lyudmila Petrakova at the age of 81 in 2016.

September 1, 2004, terrorists seized a school building in the town of Beslan in North Ossetia. Some days there's been held more than 1,100 hostages, one of which was a seven-year-old George Ilyin.

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

During the assault commando carried the boy out of the building on the hands. The child was in his underwear, hungry, frightened and exhausted. When George put on his feet, he clenched his hands into fists and shouted with all his strength this time and got into the lens of the photographer.

George says that then almost immediately fell asleep, but the doctors say that he fainted from dehydration and loss of blood: the pieces literally broke a leg, though from fear and pain the boy did not have time to feel it.

The spread around the world. The photo saw the sculptor Wendy Renzo Zharna, and she was so impressed by what the artist has created a monument that stands in the Republic of San Marino. The figure of the child, screaming in horror and despair, became a symbol of the fight against terrorism.

George Ilyin has grown to become a doctor: he says that choosing where to go in the special forces, or in medicine. During the pandemic of coronavirus, he first volunteered to work in the red zone.

Granny Karina lived in the small village of Olomu in Yakutia. In July, in her house, the whole family gathered granddaughter Karina and her mom and dad, who at that time went. The girl's father at some point had to return to work, at the same time it disappeared Karina and her puppy Naida. All agreed that dad just took the baby with him. However, three days later the man returned, and it became clear: the daughter he didn't.

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Karina's mother fell ill with a heart attack, although she was only 21 years old: had to call a helicopter to take the woman to hospital.

Arrived handlers and rescue workers rushed to comb the area. And almost everyone has probably not just once or twice thought could survive the child, who was not even four years, in the forest, which is full of marshes and wildlife, and even in severe Yakutia, where the summer temperature is eight degrees. Not reassured and meeting with the bear, which had to scare off a helicopter, and suddenly he found Karina early people?

Rescuers examined 30 miles, but found no sign of the girl. On the ninth day, a miracle happened: to grandmother's house we ran Naida. She was barely alive and could not even bark, but the return of a dog gave hope: if the puppy is intact, it may be, and baby it's all right.

Dog handlers are unable trail Naida find Carina, and rescuers began to comb the forest. On the twelfth day after the disappearance of the girls searchers noticed traces of tiny feet: they have led to Karina. Barefoot and bitten to blood mosquitoes babe was sitting in the reeds, while the adults were only able to extend to them the hand and cry.

In 2015, the airport of Yakutsk, a monument of Karine and her dog: the girl has become for the residents of the city a symbol of fortitude and the will to live. Journalist Victoria Gabysheva, talking with the child and her family, wrote the book "Karina. 12 days in the forest". The writer was amazed that the girl was just wandering through the wilderness, and made every effort to survive: choosing a place for the night, tore the grass to sleep on it.

History Karina radically changed life Chimitova: CEO Yakut stock center Albina Cherepanova, after reading the book, I decided to help her and her family. The child's mother Talina moved to Olekminsk, found a job and got married: now the girl has a brother.

Karina's left under the care Albina in Yakutsk: Yakut she is studying at the choreographic College, were already on the scene and wants to dance in "Swan lake".

Little Sasha began to play musical instruments when she was only three years. The beginning of the great Patriotic war, the girl studied at Stalingrad music school, but soon the classes stopped: rear was converted into a hospital.

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Piano Sasha's family had to sell, but the accordion she left. First she played a home for himself, and then began to walk to the hospital to the wounded. Patients adored her: enjoy every parish and girls always accompanied the young musician of applause when she finished her impromptu concert.

When the war ended, the girl continued to study. Now Aleksandra Pakhmutova is one of the most famous Russian composers, whose songs "the Coward does not play hockey", "goodbye, Moscow, And the battle is going again", "How young we were" everyone knows.

In 2019 a small sachet of a monument in Volgograd: the girl with pigtails concentrated presses the keys of the accordion, and it's easy to imagine it around the wounded, listening to music that remind them of a world for which they are fighting.

Rick Hoyt was born in 1962, and he was immediately diagnosed with a severe form of cerebral palsy. Doctors urged parents to abandon the boy, arguing that the whole life will be a vegetable, but Hoity took his son home.

Touching stories of children who are put in vivo monuments

Rick's mother Judy put the names of all items in the house and started to teach his son the letter soon Rick has mastered the entire alphabet. When the child was 11 years old, Judy and her husband dick got a special computer that allowed Rick to communicate, choosing letters touch the head. It became clear that the boy is very smart, and thanks to the device, Rick was able to go to school.

In 1977, Rick asked his father with him to participate in a charity race: he wanted to keep the boy from his school, which paralyzed, and show that life goes on in spite of the disability. Dick, never previously run, agreed.

Senior Hoyt ran the whole race, pushing a stroller with her son. After this, Rick said:

Ever since his father started to train every day: instead of a son, who was in the classroom, dick was placed in the wheelchair with a bag of cement.

By the fall of 2014, the team Hoyt participated in 1118 races. 32 times Rick and dick won the Boston marathon, and in 1992 they crossed the whole of America, combining running and Cycling. Together father and son participated in triathlon: dick imprisoned son in the boat, and sailed with her in tow.

People were amazed at the command of Rick and dick. In 2013, they put up a monument: the sculpture was installed near the start of the Boston marathon in Hopkinton.

Rick graduated from Boston University and received a degree. After that, he became a member of Boston College, where he engaged in the development of devices that allow people with disabilities to communicate and perform other tasks. In 2014, the team Hoyt stopped participating in sports activities. Dick Hoyt died in March 2021 he was 80 years old.

Each of these stories differently is inspiring, showing how persistent and courageous people can be.

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