Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

The easiest way to attract investments in the military project, if you say that the new army will become invincible. However, as practice shows, among the designers is full of weirdos. There is no guarantee that the next innovation will result in a waste of huge funds.

You will be surprised some of the projects that almost came to arms. Only thanks to common sense the military had not received a drum the rocket launcher or nuclear mines with chickens. We offer you ten really weird inventions that have not progressed beyond field trials.

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

The Gun Pakla

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

The invention belongs to the British lawyer James Hemp, which is the world's first patented multi-charged weapons in 1718. The shooter, armed with a gun Pakla received an undoubted advantage in the form of a triple rate of fire. It should be mentioned that at that time the armies were antiquated muskets and flint rifles.

The gun Pakla was not inferior to standard counterparts in terms of accuracy, range shooting. It is noteworthy that the novelty could shoot bullets unusual square shape. The inventor thought that square bullets have greater stopping power and pain effect. The inventor was far ahead of its time. If even one large army had adopted the rifle Pacle, the story evolved quite differently.

The benefits of Pakla gun was its small size and high rate of fire. However, the disadvantages were much greater. For shooting it is needed in a stationary installation. Arrow wanted to build a design, set the gun. Assembled design it was impossible to move to a new position. As you know, in any battle the loss of time could be critical. Probably because the novelty was not seen on the arms of any large army.

Missiles under control of pigeons

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Today the rocket, driven by dove, seems like something out of the ordinary. In fact, the project "Dove" really existed. During the Second world war, the engineers puzzled over accurate results. Innovation with pigeons could solve this problem. The inventors have modified the cone of the rocket, where they had to accommodate three pigeons.

Birds were trained to beat the beaks at a target on the screen. The target image transmitted to the screen through the lenses. The missile changed course, depending on the sector of screen on which the pecking pigeon. So, the impact on the center of the screen and makes the rocket fly straight. When the deviation from the target image moved on the screen edge. The impact on this area allowed to tell the missile the right course. Paradoxically, the pigeon missile was extremely reliable.

Psychology Professor B. F. Skinner of Harvard University, was a key figure of the team. He was known for studying the behavior of rats and pigeons. He believed that the pigeons are much smarter obuchenie rats. He later completely abandoned his experiments with rats. The project "Dove" has fully proved him right.

Despite the fact that the pigeon missile was successfully tested, it did not get on the battlefield. B. F. Skinner accused the generals of bias. Though actually his idea lost another project that developed radar controlled rockets.

Mouse bomb

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

For the invention of the weapon does not have to be military or a designer. The invention of the dentist Little S. Adams of Pennsylvania is a vivid example. He decided to take revenge on Japan for pearl Harbor, thousands of fires that will ignite his mouse bomb. Tiny incendiary devices are called so because to the destination they were supposed to deliver bats.

American dentist was spelunking enthusiast. A brilliant idea occurred to him while studying the bats that live in Carlsbad caverns. Adams has presented to thousands of birds rodents, which will tend to Japan with tiny incendiary bombs "on Board". He laid out a crazy plan to Eleanor Roosevelt, with whom was acquainted.

It is not excluded that the rat bomb would fall on the arms of the U.S. army. But the project turned, throw the money and specialists to develop the atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons were more a priority than the weird mouse bomb.

"Great Panjandrum"

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

The invention was a rather odd construction, which was unusual from all sides. "Great Panjandrum" looked like a huge drum filled with explosives. Installation on its own course moved with the help of two three-meter wheels. Small rockets attached to the rim, forcing the wheel to spin. "Great Panjandrum" was intended to undermine the concrete barriers, bunkers and other obstacles to the American army.

In practice, the device was not predictable. "Great Panjandrum" it was extremely difficult to direct to the desired motion. Engineers have tried to implement the design of the steering wheel, causing the drum of explosives has become an analogue of a tricycle. In addition, when an explosive device was accelerated to 97 kilometers per hour, the rocket falls off the wheels.

Despite all the difficulties, "the Great Panjandrum" presented the highest military commander in January 1944. In the beginning of the test there were no signs of trouble. Installation, gradually picking up speed, moving in a straight line. At some point the rocket began to separate from the wheels, scattering in all directions. Setting instantly turned into a huge fire wheel that moves on a chaotic trajectory. At a time when Panjandrum turned into a pile of flaming wreckage, it became clear that the concrete barriers will have to blow the other way.


Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Another invention of the ingenious team, which tried to implement the project "Great Panjandrum". The only thing they succeeded to do is give projects an epic name. "Hagel" has made a worthy competition to Panjandrum in terms of complete hopelessness and ineffectiveness. "Hagel" was created in the era of the production of missiles.

Scientists have tried to find a use for jet propulsion. As you know, missiles can not only speed up but to slow down. For example, delivery by air transport. Ideally, the missiles would not only reduce the rate of fall of the loaded platform and to adjust the trajectory of decline. In fact, everything came out a little differently.

"Hagel" had for a long time. While empirically not come to the desired result. It was decided to move to a more fragile cargo. The U.S. Navy donated for these purposes, two jeeps. One safely crashed landed at a speed of nearly 50 kilometers per hour. The second jeep survived but landed wheels up. In view of the end of world war II froze the project.


Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Machine Nelly, often referred to as the "White Rabbit", was one of those projects that are doomed to failure. The invention to solve the pressing issues of the army. We are talking about armored digging machine that was diligently digging trenches, helping the infantry as close as possible to approach the enemy. Project White Rabbit owes its longevity to Winston Churchill.

Nelly was very bulky, slow and clumsy. When the turning radius of half a kilometer, it could be easily called a stationary earth-moving machine. She could find application in the mining industry, but not in the army, where many were decided by artillery. The project was closed in 1943 because Winston Churchill had a weakness for armored shrew. He later admitted that "Nelly" had to preserve much earlier.


Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Design supertank instructed Ferdinand Porsche, who had to solve the incompatible issues. The driveshaft was the weak point of the design. Despite the fact that the tank was equipped with a powerful aircraft engine, the speed does not exceed 19 miles per hour. On Board the "mouse" did not have guns, making it completely useless in melee.

Adolf Hitler planned to put on the army 150 indestructible tanks. But designers are not able to solve technical problems. The result was released only two prototypes.


Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Strange design with the circle wing plane, which was not just vertically take off and land, but also to develop a supersonic speed. However, from the beginning Coleoptere (beetle) had a lot of flaws. So, the pilot Auguste Morel noted the difficulty of determining height. Quite often about changing the height testified only the sound of the engine. Also, the plane failed to get rid of a very undesirable trend of vertical rotation.

Only once the "beetle" made a horizontal flight and accidentally. during the ninth takeoff the pilot lost control. The plane briefly moved in horizontal flight. The pilot had to eject due to a loss of height. Coleoptere crashed and crashed. The ensuing fire destroyed the remains of the structure. The project successfully closed.

"Blue peacock"

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

The invention is fully consistent with the cold war period. "Blue peacock" was a huge nuke that was supposed to be buried in West Germany. It was considered that this would prevent or frustrate a hypothetical Soviet invasion. The deadly device had the disadvantage. The detonator refused to explode at a low temperature, which is inevitable under the ground.

Brilliant minds have offered a rare original decision. The developers decided that the chickens will save the situation. It was only necessary to launch the birds into the body of the bomb and to supply them with enough food. The funny thing is that the project folded, not because of the chickens. The British have enough logic to calculate possible consequences of the explosion of a nuclear mine in the heart of Europe.

The gay bomb

Top 10 bizarre military inventions that were not meant to get adopted

Hard to believe, but the idea of the gay bomb originated not in unrestrained homophobic 1950-ies, and in the not so distant democratic and 1994. A U.S. military laboratory has requested nearly eight million dollars to develop a chemical aphrodisiac. Imaginary weapons of mass destruction did not fall under any ban by the international community. Because chemical aphrodisiac did not threaten the life or health of the enemy, and was influenced solely on sexual orientation.

When you look at the idea was a failure from all sides. First of all, science is not known how a chemical substance could in one moment to change sexual orientation. Besides all well-known aphrodisiac even in the aggregate, may not greatly affect the human body. And the concept seemed questionable. Science unknown facts about demoralizing the properties cheerful orgies. But there are a lot of military-homosexuals who have made a successful career.

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