They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

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Every day we see a lot of people with ordinary appearance and do not pay attention to them. It is possible that one of the inconspicuous peasants we met is a dangerous maniac who has been unsuccessfully searched for by law enforcement agencies for many years. Take a closer look at these sketches. Behind every face hide terrible crimes, the lives of innocent people cut short.

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

The list of the five most dangerous criminals could be longer. In 2012, thanks to the DNA examination, it was possible to detain the "Angara maniac". Since 1994, he has been killing and raping his victims for six years. The investigation proved 78 murders committed by the same person. The maniac remained at large for 12 years, despite the search measures.

In 2016, the culprit was detained in the terrible "Novosibirsk series", whose victims were local prostitutes. The investigation worked out all versions, not excluding even such fantastic ones as the sacrifices of occultists. The study of molecular genetic material led the investigation to the former policeman Yevgeny Chuplinsky. He committed the last murder back in 2005 and spent another 11 years at large.

"Danilovsky maniac"

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

He is also called a "Maniac with bleary eyes", "The Pitinsky maniac". In 2004-2007, he carried out a gloomy harvest in Cherepovets, ending seven lives. The investigation does not exclude that there may be many more victims. After a long lull in 2011, Svetlana Filyuk disappeared in Cherepovets. The girl's body was found only seven months later. Coincidence or not, she was last seen near the Oktyabrsky Bridge. In 2007, one of the victims of the Danilovsky maniac disappeared from the same area.

The criminal received a gloomy nickname after the name of Danilova Street, where three corpses were found in an abandoned house. The walls of the basement were a gallery of pornographic drawings. According to investigators, the images were left by the killer's hand. From that ill-fated day, the criminal was called the Danilovsky maniac. The investigation has so far failed to compile any adequate profile and portrait. Experts have identified the genetic material of the maniac, so there is a chance to detain him.

"Barnaul maniac"

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

He is also called a "University maniac" and a "Tutor". Unlike other "capercaillie", the main suspect in this case was a market trader Alexander Anisimov. However, it was not possible to prove his guilt, because during the investigative experiment he jumped out of the window. It is noteworthy that after this, the murders of AltSTU students stopped.

Nevertheless, Anisimov's guilt has not been proven. The case was supervised by the adviser to the Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolesnikov, known for his ability to promptly solve hopeless cases. Often he adjusted the facts, blamed a random person. So, in 1994, during the investigation of the murder of the clergyman Alexander Me, Kolesnikov beat a confession out of an innocent man. At the trial, the case collapsed, the suspect was acquitted.

The terrible history of serial murders shocked the Altai Territory in 2000. The first girl disappeared in the summer. Four more applicants disappeared after her. The victims disappeared on Tuesdays. The last time each of the missing girls was seen in the university building. The police "stirred up" only after the fifth incident and then under pressure from the outside. The father of the last victim had extensive connections and was able to push the right levers. Already in September, investigators came across five empty recently dug graves near the village of Yuzhny.

The Buranov-Barnaul highway passed through the village, which they decided to carefully check. The search led to a vacant lot near the village of Buranovo. The remains of one of the missing girls were found there. Operatives remembered that two years earlier, the bodies of two AltATU applicants were found here. Investigators requested help to thoroughly search the neighborhood of Buranovo. After finding four more bodies, the matter took a serious turn. The number of victims has increased to ten.

The suspect was found quickly. Just as quickly he admitted his guilt, the benefit of General Kolesnikov was that everyone confessed. Only the poor guy didn't live to see the trial. There are many open questions: how could a market trader know the intricate layout of a huge university? Why were only four of the 54 exits guarded? The general silence of the terrible story on the part of the city, university and police leadership is also disconcerting. The clumsy actions of the bosses of different ranks gave the criminal time to escape. It is possible that applicants have started to disappear in another region.

"Volga maniac"

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

He is also called the "Killer of old ladies." In 2011, a maniac was operating in Kazan, killing pensioners. He acted according to a well-established scheme: he penetrated into the apartment, strangled an old woman, took away insignificant valuables. In Kazan, he killed nine pensioners. Similar deaths occurred in Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Izhevsk, Perm, Samara. A total of 32 deaths with similar circumstances.

The killer's style did not give the investigation the slightest clues. There were no witnesses in the case, as such. In addition, the killer turned out to be a "guest performer", which made it difficult to predict the actions of the maniac. Operatives were working out a list of victims, hoping to identify at least some pattern. While the investigation was stomping on the spot, another old woman could lose her life.In 2012, a surveillance camera of one of the apartments accidentally captured the killer. At that time, CCTV cameras were not as common as they are today. The juicy evidence turned out to be useless due to the weak resolution of the camera and poor lighting in the entrance. There was a witness, from whose words a sketch was made. The portrait perfectly matched the face on the video. The search measures were useless, the maniac simply disappeared.

"Orsky maniac"

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

His name is Valery Andreev. He was put on the international wanted list back in 2012. He is confidently among the nine most wanted criminals. In 2009 in In the Orenburg region, girls began to disappear without a trace. Operatives drew attention to the similar circumstances of the disappearances when the number of victims approached ten. Some "lost ones" sent SMS messages to relatives that they were hitchhiking.

In 2012, operatives, processing information from CCTV cameras, began to check truckers. Valery Andreev worked as a trucker and willingly came to the police. The man was interviewed and released home. The next day, Valery Andreev disappeared. The operatives realized that they had made a serious mistake and scared off the criminal.

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

Search warrants were immediately issued for the vehicle, garage and place of residence of the suspect. Literally one day, evidence rained down on the investigation. Traces of blood were everywhere: in the car, in the garage, on the tools and even the walls of the garage. It is noteworthy that the criminal tried to hide the traces of atrocities — washed tools, putty garage walls.Experts characterized him as a highly organized, unsocial type, inclined to predict the development of events, to provide escape routes. This is probably why many of the maniac's victims have not yet been found. Orientations with photos of Valery Andreev are regularly hung all over Russia. They even promise a reward for the "Orsky maniac". However, the criminal with an unremarkable appearance lay low. It is possible that the count of victims continued in other regions.

"Tyumen pedophile maniac"

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

The Tyumen pedophile maniac was first mentioned only in 2011. Criminologist Dmitry Kiryukhin, sent from St. Petersburg to investigate the disappearance of a schoolgirl. With a clear look, he immediately noticed similar circumstances of the disappearance of two more children in the previous three years. The victims were of the same age and similar appearance. Schoolchildren disappeared in broad daylight. Three episodes were combined into the case of the missing Tyumen children.

The investigation was very complicated by the fact that there were no bodies of missing children. As you know, the body and the nature of the injuries can provide the missing information for the capture of the criminal. A good expert can make an accurate psychological portrait, which significantly narrows the circle of suspects. The case of the Tyumen maniac was turning into a hopeless "grouse".

They are among us: 5 dangerous maniacs who escaped justice

In desperation, the operatives seized on the smallest clues. For example, the orientation got the information of another student who noticed the green Lada. They assumed that the criminal was traveling by car and began to work out the P401 highway. They even used psychics. According to their tip, an iron bed was found in the forest near the village of Uteshevo. The ill-fated bed, which could turn out to be a shelter for local homeless people, was not excluded from the case.

Because Roshchino airport was located nearby. Coincidence or not, but it was in this area that the satellite recorded the last signal of the disappeared schoolgirl's mobile phone. The St. Petersburg criminologist identified the search area in which the maniac's lair may be located. The village of Lugovaya is located north of the designated airport. Another missing child was last seen there in 2008. The R401 highway and the Irbinsky Tract, which connects the Tyumen Region with the Sverdlovsk Region, run through the designated search area.

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