The story of the daughter of a serial killer

The story of the daughter of a serial killer

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American journalist Melissa Moore knows who the serial killer. Her father, Keith hunter Jesperson is serving three life terms. In the 90s he killed at least eight women. Melissa Moore told the readers about his childhood, the relationship between parents. Much of the book is devoted to solving the problems from the past of creation of the self.

The story of the daughter of a serial killer

Five-year-old Melissa Moore loved playing with the kittens, like all girls her age. One day my father saw her stroking furry Pets in the yard. Then Keith hunter Jesperson decided to teach daughter a lesson. For that, he took off in the backyard clothesline, made a loop and hung little kittens by the neck.

Five-year-old Melissa was screaming, begging his father not to kill the cats. But her tears only provoked laughter of the father. He remained steadfast, the kittens died. Later, the girl found the corpses of Pets per home. She is still trying to understand what motivated the father to take the life of innocent animals. In the shower Melissa was born the first doubts about the sanity of his father.

Keith Jesperson with my daughter Melissa

Up to this point, Keith was associated with the daughter of a superhero. He was tall, strong man with a kind face. At that time Keith hunter Jesperson worked as a truck driver. His pockets were full of colored counters to the gas station. Returning with another flight, my dad gave me daughters bright badges as Souvenirs.

At first glance, he was a caring husband and father. In an effort to provide for his family, Keith worked for a long time, been home. He could be kind, loving, which is so important for little girls. But Melissa was thinking about how sometimes my father appeared, some hidden part of nature. Sometimes he said and did strange things, as in history, with hanging kittens.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerAdult Melissa Moore, who wrote a book about his father is a serial killer

One day, sitting with the grown daughter at some roadside diner, he was looking at the waitress. And then gave his daughter a strange tip — if you want to cover up a murder, cut the buttons from clothes. Seeing the surprise with Melissa, he turned the conversation to another topic. That night, Keith was distracted, lost the thread of the conversation. Later, he confidently said:

Looking ahead, it is worth mentioning that the investigation into the murders was very hampered by the lack of fingerprints. And besides, the offender is neatly cut with the clothing of the victims of the buttons. Melissa believes in the diner father was on the verge of a confidential conversation "heart to heart", but caution serial killers took over, he settled for an ambiguous advice.

The father of Melissa Moore was not an open book. It was more like a hammered coin or the moon, one side of which is always hidden from people's eyes. American writer Jack Olsen wrote a biography of Keith Jesperson. The author tried to understand not only the origins of cruelty main character of his book. The writer wondered, were you aware people coming from China as a threat.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerThe family of Jesperson, Melissa Moore in the center

Melissa Moore met with writer Jack Olsen when he was working on a book about her father. The writer bit by bit restored the biography of a serial killer, beginning in early childhood. It turns out that Keith Jesperson attracted suffering and death from an early age. Surrounding attributed this lack of attention and cruel against her alcoholic father.

Unlike most parents, Keith did not like to remember his childhood. Perhaps because there were rooted in the dark side of his character. Maybe he thought it was too personal, after a child has experienced a lot of experiences when they tortured and killed defenseless victims.

In the family of Jesperson had five children. Older and younger brothers and sisters took little part in the life of the whale. He painfully took moving to another city. The new school had problems with adaptation. The lanky boy dubbed "a hump" because of poor posture. Keith kept to himself. In anger, he showed aggression, pounced on others. For the father smacked him and even used an electric current.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerFigure maniac Keith Jesperson

Keith found solace in the death of a helpless animal. The first victims of the future serial killer had cats, dogs and even birds. First, cruel boy, savoring the suffering of others, beaten animal. Then, when the victim has no strength left to resist, strangled her with his bare hands. Pretty soon Keith began to dream, imagining the man in place of the animal.

In ten years he decided on the first "real" kill. Sidekick Martin, with whom he got involved in the story, could become the first victim. Once Keith was seriously angry when he is once again punished for the adventures of each other. Then he charged Martin with his fists. In a rage, he beat best friend, losing all touch with reality. Dad had to pull the enraged son. Later Keith said that Martin would be killed if he did not stop.

The story of the daughter of a serial killer

Once he almost became a victim. Swimming at the lake, he felt someone grabbed his legs. The whale dragged under the water. It is not known what the boy felt, losing consciousness from lack of air, but he got the idea to do that with another person. Swimming in the public pool of the future killer decided to realize the idea and dragged under the water of a child. This time, he was prevented rescuers who arrived literally at the last moment.

In the life of a teenager who was brutally bullied in school, there was no any romance. It was not love notes, secret kisses, discos. After finishing school in 1973, Keith did not continue training, because my father decided not to spend money on worthless son. In 20 years, he met Rose Haq, who became his wife. Subsequently the couple had two daughters. Keith Jesperson mastered the profession of the driver and began working as a truck driver to support his family.

Wedding maniac Keith Jesperson

When Melissa was a little girl, she thought the marriage of the parents are happy. In fact, everything was different. Despite the fact that his father made a good living, he was not a good man. The flight whale did not deny yourself the pleasure to rent a room in a Motel to spend the night with a prostitute. Once he crossed the line and brought the "random fellow traveler" in their home. Rose hack is the mother of Melissa caught her husband "hot". And she already heard rumors about the frivolous behavior of the spouse.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerKeith hunter Jesperson in the late ' 80s

Open betrayal of the whale was the last straw. Besides, rose was very worried sadistic husband. She caught him when he tortured animals. Waiting for the next flight of her husband, she left with the children to her parents, who lived in 320 kilometers in the town of Spokane, Washington. 14-year marriage ended in divorce in 1990. Melissa could not forgive his mother for a divorce. She could not have foreseen that she has to go through bitter experience and understand that a whale is not a superhero.

The story of the daughter of a serial killer

Ten years later, mother daughters sat at the table to inform about the arrest of his father. The truth was cruel; their father is a serial killer who took the lives of many women. Rose hack did not tell the children the details of the trial. Melissa learned about the deeds of the father of newspaper publications. The girl began to collect newspaper clippings, trying to piece together the fragmented mosaic. So it opened a hitherto unknown side of the personality of the father.

Keith Jesperson used to work as a truck driver for the realization of obsessions. According to police, the first murder he committed at the end of January 1990. During your flight in one of eateries of Portland, Oregon, he met Tundja Bennett. Sex with a casual acquaintance ended skirmish. In anger Keith lashed out at the girl with his fists. Then he acted according to the usual scenario: beaten to death over the strangulation of the victim.

Victim of a serial killer Keith Jesperson — Tongi Bennett

Keith was acting as the real offender. To provide an alibi, he returned to the bar and sat there until closing, and later got rid of the body. Body Tundzha Bennett found a few days near Multnomah falls. Police have launched a murder investigation, but the whale did not appear.

The latest victim of a serial Julie Ann Winningham

He continued to deprive people of life for five years. 35-year-old man was over six feet tall and weighing 109 kg killing only women delicate Constitution. Usually it was prostitutes or runaways, whom no one would look for you. Many victims were beaten to such a degree that they were impossible to identify. In addition, the whale was carrying the body, tying them to the bottom of the truck. Dust and road dirt swept away the last bit of evidence that brought the investigation to a standstill.

Police arrested Keith Jesperson March 30, 1995. He was charged with the murder of Julia Ann Winningham. In prison, he twice tried to take her own life. After the last failed attempt, he went on to collaborate with the police and told them about the murders. It turned out that on the eve of his arrest, he sent my brother a letter in which he confessed that took the life of eight women.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerKeith Jesperson on the court with her lawyer

Like many serial killers, Keith Jesperson desired fame and wrote a message to reporters. Instead of a traditional signature, the killer left a smiley face-smiley what journalists dubbed him "a murderer with a happy face." At some stage of the investigation the whale suddenly changed his story, stating that killed at least hundreds of random fellow traveler.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerKeith in 2010

The fate of the daughter of a serial killer involves complicated. Melissa Moore had to put a lot of effort to understand the events of the past. As an adult, she met with relatives of all the victims father. The first meeting was held with a family of Tundzha Bennett. Currently, the daughter of a maniac maintains contact with many families and children of fallen women. She believes it is extremely important. Melissa Moore found the answer to the question of how kinship with a killer affects the formation of personality. She was able to prove that the child killer can become fully human.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerMelissa Moore and her husband and children

Today she is a professional journalist. Melissa leads the category crime news on television. In 2009, she released an autobiographical book, "breaking the silence: the Story of the daughter of a serial killer" (Shattered Silence: The Untold story of a Serial Killer's Daughter), which quickly became a bestseller. Original audio recordings of the books available in public domain on the Network. Melissa Moore finds it extremely important to provide assistance to victims of violence.

The story of the daughter of a serial killerShot from the movie "Happy face killer" in 2014 with David Arquette in the lead role

The book attracted the attention of writers. In 2014, on the big screen released crime Thriller Rick Bota "Happy face killer". Drama based on real events and practically does not distort the essence of the crime of Keith Jesperson.

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