The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

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Walking around naked is considered indecent, but doctors consider it a very good habit. It's not just about developing sexuality and a positive attitude towards your body, but also about the health benefits. Thanks to regular exposure, it is possible to detect signs of dangerous diseases in time and prevent their development. Find out why you should undress more often from our material.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

Walking naked is not a shame, but useful. This conclusion was reached by scientists as a result of research. Experts say that this way you can improve your health and even live longer. Here are the arguments experts give in favor of nudity.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

Check moles and spots on the body regularly to avoid the risk of developing melanoma. This most dangerous type of skin cancer is especially common in women under the age of 40.

You need to examine your body every week. Fears should be caused by irregular moles with uneven edges that have changed color and have reached a diameter of more than 0.5 cm. If you live on your own, you can examine the body in front of a mirror, if you are alone, ask your partner for help. If you notice a new mole or other formation on the skin, immediately consult a doctor. Also pay attention to wounds that do not heal within three weeks.

Risk factors for the development of melanoma are light skin, frequent tanning and the use of a solarium. Remember that moles should always be kept under control.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

A person's figure can tell more about the risk of heart disease than weight. Scientists at the Southwest Medical Center of the University of Texas at Dallas have found that a large bulging belly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, even if a person's weight is normal. People with fat deposits in the waist area have twice as much calcium deposits in the arteries as the rest. Because of this, the risk of a heart attack increases significantly.

For women, the waist size should be no more than 80 cm, and for men - 95 cm. If these indicators are exceeded, it is worth undergoing a medical examination. Another way to control the parameters of the figure is to divide the waist volume by the hip volume (in centimeters). A result not exceeding 0.7 is an indicator of good health.

Excess belly fat can be burned with the help of active training, but exercises alone can not do. It is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed and eat more protein-rich foods - chicken, fish. Don't forget about fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

Were you asked not to slouch as a child? They did it right! In addition to the load on the spine and back pain, poor posture can lead to severe headaches, stress and even depression.

Studies by scientists from Ohio have shown that incorrect posture can cause anxiety and depression, since endorphins cannot enter the brain at a normal rate.

You can best assess your posture in the nude. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, straighten your back, pull your shoulders back and take a good look at yourself. Stretch out as if a thread is stretched from your head to the ceiling, and pull in your stomach to activate the core muscles. Stay in this position. If you do this exercise regularly, you will develop muscle memory and you will acquire a beautiful posture.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Her condition gives signals about all the problems occurring in the body, ranging from a lack of nutrients to the occurrence of specific diseases. Therefore, it is so important to examine the skin regularly.

First of all, doctors advise checking the hollows under the knees and on the inner elbow bends for the presence of redness and itchy spots. Such rashes can be manifestations of eczema, which affects about 15% of the adult population of the planet. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, experts recommend using washing powders without flavorings and wearing spacious clothes made of natural fabrics. If the redness does not disappear, you should consult a doctor.

Rounded or oval red spots that peel off may be manifestations of ringworm. They are often infected from children and pets. The disease is unpleasant, but it is easily treated with antifungal agents.

A large number of small itchy red pimples is sweating. She often appears on vacation in hot countries or in summer. To relieve itching, you need to apply calamine lotion to the hot spots of sweating and take an antihistamine.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

We often get bruises, but if cyanotic spots appear on the body for some unknown reason, they cannot be ignored. Such bruises may indicate liver diseases - cirrhosis and hepatitis. In some cases, they can even talk about leukemia, when the body does not produce enough platelets for blood clotting.

Bruising may be caused by taking blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin or steroids. The body of older people is more prone to bruising, because with age, the walls of capillaries become thinner and burst more easily. But most often the tendency to bruise is associated with genetic characteristics, so do not worry too much about it. However, it is better to consult a doctor if bruises cause you concern.

Proper nutrition will help reduce the appearance of bruises. It is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, for example, oranges, berries, grapes and green beans.

The Naked Truth: 6 reasons to go without clothes

Many women suffer from the appearance of edema before the onset of menstruation. This is due to poor water-salt metabolism in the body due to a change in hormonal levels. Taking off your clothes, you can get a good look at the whole body and the swelling on it. It is important to do this regularly, because constant swelling can also indicate serious diseases — diabetes, kidney or liver pathologies.

Edema most often occurs in the heat and is aggravated by stress, eating food with a high content of carbohydrates, alcohol and being on your feet for a long time. To avoid puffiness, you should reduce the amount of sugar and salt in your food and eat more foods with a high fiber content — fruits and vegetables. You also need to avoid alcohol and caffeine, which disrupt the balance of sodium and potassium in the body.

Teeth, like a naked body, can tell a lot about the state of the body. By the way they look, you can determine which diseases you should beware of.

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