The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

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For almost a year as Australia did not become a 27-year-old Holly butcher — the girl died from a rare form of cancer. The day before she had published on Facebook a letter addressed to the whole world. A touching message girls can not leave indifferent even the most hard-boiled skeptic. They have shared more than 180 thousand people.

The girl confessed that the disease forced her to learn to appreciate every day and every minute spent with family and friends. We publish excerpts from the letter because it needs to read every.

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Holly butcher lived in Grafton, New South Wales (Australia), and died of Ewing's sarcoma — a rare form of cancer, affecting mostly young people. She'd struggled with a serious illness, but to win her and failed. Now her last post became a viral sensation, flown apart around the world. Its simple and wise words find a response in thousands of hearts.

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

A little piece of advice from Holly.

It's very weird to realize and accept your mortality when you're only 26 years old. Usually people at this age just ignore the fact of death. The days rush by, and it seems that it always will be until it happens unexpected. I always imagined that one day I'd be old and gray and wrinkled that I will have a wonderful family (with a bunch of kids) that I was planning to build with the love of my life. I want it so badly that it hurts.

The main thing about life: it is fragile, precious and unpredictable. And each new day is a gift and not a given.

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Now I'm 27. I don't want to die. I love my life. I'm happy... It is the merit of my family. But I do not decide anything.

I write the "suicide note" is not to make you afraid of death, I love that we hardly realize its inevitability... I want to talk about death because it is treated as taboo, as something that never happens. However, this is quite hard. I just want people to stop worrying about petty, minor troubles in their life and tried to remember what all of us waiting for the same fate. Better to make your life worthy and good, and all this stuff — aside.

I outlined a lot of the thoughts below, because in recent months I've had time to think. Of course, all these random thoughts often climb into the head in the middle of the night!

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

When you want to complain about stupid things (in the last couple of months I increasingly notice), just think about someone who now really has problems. Say thank you that your "problem" really small disorder, and do not worry. It is clear that some things you get, but don't dwell on them and spoil the mood of everyone around.

Now go outside, take a deep breath of fresh Australian air, see the sky is blue and the trees green like everything is fine (in Australia it's the middle of summer.). Think about how you are lucky that you have the opportunity just to breathe.

Maybe today you are stuck in traffic, bad sleep due to the fact that the child was not allowed to sleep. Maybe the hairdresser cut your hair too short or false nails broken off. Maybe you have too small Breasts or a cellulite and belly was more than I would like.

Leave it. I guarantee you, when your time comes to leave, you will not even remember about all these things. They seem SO insignificant when you cast a last look of the life lived. I watch as my body stops working right before my eyes, and there's nothing I can do about it. I just want to celebrate another birthday or Christmas with family, to spend another day with your favorite person and dog. Just another day.

I hear people complain about the hated job, how difficult to force myself to go to the gym — be thankful that you can do to go there. The opportunity to work and play sports seems so trivial... as long as your body is forcing you to abandon it.

I tried to lead a healthy life — perhaps it was my main goal. Value your health and a working body, let it not even a perfect shape. Take care of him and cheer for him. Look at him and rejoice in how wonderful it is. Go and spoil him with good food. And don't worry about it.

Remember that good health is not only about physical shell. Work as hard to find mental, emotional and spiritual happiness. So you maybe will understand how unimportant and insignificant — are you that stupid "perfect" body, imposed on us by social media or not. By the way, since we're on the subject, unsubscribe from all social media accounts over which you experience self-loathing. Even from friends... Ruthlessly defend their right to good health.

Be grateful for every day without pain and even for those days, when lying down at home with a cold, stay for the aching back, or dislocated ankle. Accept it, but rejoice that the pain is not life threatening and will pass.

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Whine less, people! And more help each other.

Give more! The truth is that it is much nicer to do something for others than for themselves. I regret that not enough did. Since I got sick, I learned an incredibly kind and selfless people, got a lot of the most warm and caring words and actions from family, friends and strangers. Much more than I could give in response. I will never forget and will be eternally grateful to all these people.

Strange feeling when you in the end still have unspent money... and you will soon die. At this time I will not go to buy some material things as before, like a new dress. It makes you think how stupid is it that we spend so much money on new clothes and other "things".

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Instead of another dress, cosmetics or trinkets better buy something wonderful to your friends. First: no one cares if you wear the same thing. Second: get this incredible feeling. Invite friends to lunch — or better yet, prepare for them to eat. Bring them coffee. Give them a plant, make it a massage or to buy them beautiful candle and tell them you love them when you make the gift.

Value other people's time. Do not force others to wait because of his punktualnost. If you are always late, start packing up early and realize that friends want to spend time with you, not to sit and wait for you to show up. You for it, only admired! Amen, sisters!

This year we agreed to do no gifts, and though the tree looked pretty sad, it was still great. Because people do not spend time on shopping, and more thoughtful approach to the choice or creation of postcards. Plus imagine how my family trying to choose a present for me, knowing that, most likely, it will be the same... It may seem strange, but normal cards mean more to me than any impulsive purchases. Of course, it was easier to do in the house no small children. But in any case, the moral of the story — do not need gifts for a Christmas. Let's go further.

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Spend money on experiences. Or at least don't leave yourself without feeling, spending all your money on material stuff.

Seriously go to any trip, even a trip to the beach nearby. Soak your feet in the sea, feel the sand between your toes. Wash with salt water. Happens more often in nature.

Try to just enjoy the moment instead of trying to capture on a camera or smartphone. Life was not created in order to live it on the screen, and not to make a perfect photo... enjoy the fucking moment! Do not try to capture it for everyone else.

Rhetorical question. These few hours spent on hair and makeup every day — are they really worth it? I never understood that in women.

Sometimes Wake up early and listen to the birds singing, admiring the beautiful colors of the rising sun.

Listen to the music... really listen. Music is a therapy. Best of all — old.

Play with your dog. In that light, I'll miss this.

Talk with your friends. Set aside the phone. They are all well?

Travel, if you want it. If not, do not travel.

Work for life not live for work.

Seriously, do what makes you happy.

Eat cake. And don't beat yourself up for it.

Saying "no" to anything you don't want to do.

It is not necessary to follow someone else's idea of what a "full life"... Maybe you want to imagine ordinary life there is nothing wrong.

Tell loved ones that you love them, as often as possible and love them as much.

Remember that if something makes you unhappy, you have the power to change this — whether it's in work, love or something else. Have the courage to change it. You don't know how much time you have in this life, don't waste it to be miserable. I know you heard a hundred times, but it's true.

In any case, it's just life lessons of a girl. Take them... or not — I don't mind!

The letter, dying from cancer girl that will change your attitude to life

Oh, one more thing! If you can, do a good deed for mankind (and me) begin to regularly donate blood. You will feel good, and lives saved — a nice bonus. Each blood donation can save three lives! Anyone can do it, and effort for this you need so little!

Donated blood helped me to survive an additional year. Year with my family, friends and dog. The year in which I have lived my best moments. Year for which I will be forever grateful.

...until we meet again.


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