The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

In the period of limitations need to break into a private club or sing in unison with a crowd of strangers and frequently occurs pursuing Intrusive, as any publicized melody. We remembered iconic musicals that were released in the zero and tenth: most of them argue that life is still beautiful, at least from a musical point of view, but some will have a risk to start the year with false notes, causing a deep sadness.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Oscar-winning favorite, remaining a step away from "best movie" — the envelopes before handing confused, a real favourite is "Moonlight". The incident, despite the amazement of the first and seconds days, not at all "to Lend" before going out to hold on to the status of nostalgic musical about dreams, a career that is incompatible with romantic relationships, and the "harsh" reality.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Satell refers to "Singing in the rain", "Sherburgskie umbrellas" and "West side story", but the right of final reserves, manages to grab the frame and vibrating the scorching sun, and the cool vast night with woolen jackets and throw barbs.

The Central pair of MIA and Sebastian (Emma stone and Ryan Gosling), although not a Broadway voice, remain in love, sensitively written realistic hoping for the best — even when stuck in traffic jams, flooded listening or dancing a waltz in the planetarium.

Quite reasonably called a modern classic film about the tragic when the courtesan Satine (Nicole Kidman) and writer Christian (Ewan McGregor) in Paris 1900 is an example of a jukebox musical of the majority of songs are borrowed from other popular artists.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

That does not prevent the Director Luhrmann (Ryan Murphy healthy person) to do all the numbers and recognition of exceptionally vivid, bright suffered anachronisms. Something like the Director decided to repeat "the Great Gatsby" ten years later, but a given bar never made it.

From the time build and in-depth study of the characters here safely refuse (after all, even elephants on stage output), spending the day in one location — the legendary cabaret of the title that exists to this day.

From Madonna to Nirvana, the immortal Quartet of Lady Marmalade and Come What May — this fairground kaleidoscope would not be ashamed. The last song still remains one of the defining (and original in the film) in the new history of the genre: originally written for "Romeo + Juliet" the song erupts with a sincere motto of loving doom.

Best 2002 film by the American film Institute catalog (not without the help of Harvey Weinstein) also came from cabaret, but witty and stricter — winks sarcastically clapping the eyes of the public and the critics, the tape is not particularly loved.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Heroine Roxie HART lives in poverty, but all of a sudden gets rid of the circumstances, shooting the lover and went to prison. In the dungeons it instantly reads the local policy and is rapidly moving to the status of a heroine gossip, skillfully playing the unjustly accused victim of abuser. This does not look happy and even shocked at the local cabaret legend Velma Kelly, also sitting for murder, and also because of jealousy.

Based on the eponymous Broadway musical by Bob Fosse "Chicago" immediately forgets about the romance, but offers one "banger" after another, starting with All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango continuing. FEM-optics gives way to stereotypical insidious deceived women, but this does not prevent Rob Marshall to sing his heroines closer to the end.

Chicago has a few extra arches (for example, Roxy's husband, performed by John C Reilly aka Mr. Cellophane), and even being a debut, is confused in the testimony, but gratuitously sells audience kitsch — tabloid, quasi-criminal fiction, clockwork painted and impeccably delivered.

The first musical experiment of Tim Burton, which became the most recognizable porting effort of the Broadway musical by Stephen Sondheim on the big screen.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

With all the symbolism and the impressive lexicon of the composer of the songs, transfer them to the ear untrained Amateur will be difficult. Saves recoup directorial aesthetics, the background and costumes, as well as the last decent role johnny Depp (right after started an unstoppable regress).

The murderous Barber with a good purpose of vengeance, teaming up with the best way cannibally Ms. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), resulting in Victorian London falls more Wraith, and its inhabitants are one and all are cursed.

Reckless turned to the maximum with DNA Broadway musical hails from the 1960s, a period of racial segregation, not unlike the protest fermentation 2020.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Schoolgirl Tracy Turnblad wants to get on the youth show, but in the end unites the two parts of the fragmented country, albeit in a separate provincial city of Baltimore.

"Lacquer" — a remake of the Comedy king of trash John waters (in the new version he got a cameo exhibitionist). To see the movie for the sake of a Grand ensemble with the ruling party self-ironic John Travolta in desert drag racing a heavier suit (curiously, as a way Scientology missed the party Committee, to whom the actor belongs). In the end, do not resist, stop bit will not be in your interests and abilities.

Irish tape in an hour and a half, suddenly won the 2008 Oscar for best song. The musical version of "Before sunrise" by Richard Linklater, with a similar magical realism, soul, and awe.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Nameless street musician and a young mother from the Czech Republic to gently fall in love, gradually winning each other and distrustful, grumpy world. Willingness to enter into a relationship not here speak, except for one awkward recognition.

It's easier to Express feelings with melody and rich, flooding the stream of sounds, transforming both characters: at first cynical, but with a generous heart, sober, not Mature, all tenderness, like a forgotten guest

Farcical musical detective with excellent style, all bound Agatha Christie, published in one year with fellow "Gosford Park". "8 women" is outrageous, careless, playful, extremely popular films, allowing Ozone to escape from the seriousness of early paintings.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Fanny Ardant and other French Bohemians take the lead, gathered in the snowy province for Christmas. The party, after all, killed the head of the house — being in a confined space, all eight participants begin to dopytyvat each other, away from reality, making a fuss.

Wine at the ready and a knife in the back, with sharp detail, the film passes the test of time and music — composer Krishna levy, later also worked on "Outland" Tarsem Singh, a framed enclosed space heroines and Comedy their situation adequately balagurin, trouble-free working soundtrack.

If you choose in the new century among the projects Disney best musical, only remembering pre-Enchanted. Suddenly postmodern, working equally well for children and for adults, the film tells the story of a Princess Giselle (Amy Adams), who had migrated from hand-drawn idyllic tale in modern new York.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

In the city things are not going so well: in times square, the usual crowd, tiara steal a homeless man, a Prince to save not in a hurry, and pigeons, cockroaches and rats will not look aesthetically pleasing. But Giselle does not give up, finds a new love and successfully learning to live in a world where sometimes you have to experience righteous anger.

Lyrics to "Enchanted" wrote the legendary Hollywood composer Alan Menken ("the little Mermaid"), but they are fully working only with the filing of Adams, whose wide-open look, confident vocals and superb comedic timing made the young actress the way in the industry.

Modest gem (original title — Sing Street), which face still knows undeservedly small number of people.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

In Dublin mid-1980s teenager Conor, after transfer to a new school, wants by all means to impress any classmate Rufino (Lucy Boynton). There is no better way than to start your own group, what the guy does. Surrounding mediocrity with the divorce of parents, teachers, drinkers and Director-molester slightly recedes and gives way to honest emotion and glam-rock Serenade with unrequited love.

Decades after "One day", opravivshis after a nice, but ordinary "for once in my life" Kearney returns home, gives you the opportunity to their heroes not just to be in the universe with the difficulties of puberty translation, but also to evolve musically band in the center of the story smoothly into his style from Duran Duran to The Cure followers.

Fantasy and reality, as well as personal experience of growing up Carney interact here as equal partners, but the dream final chord prevails — to complain about their triumph more than meaningless. There are cases when a movie generates version on Broadway: the theatrical premiere of the musical was to take place in 2020, but remained unrealized due to kovida.

A good example of antimuzyka like no one representative style of movement "Dogma 95", which is the drama at the crossroads is a documentary.

The 10 best musicals of the XXI century

Czech immigrant Selma (björk) works in a factory and gradually fades. It saves money for an operation to his son with a similar diagnosis, however, she is accused of premeditated murder she didn't commit.

The only way to Selma for the whole picture remains escape to a fantasy where she imagines herself the heroine of the classic American musicals of the 40s. the Whole soundtrack is based on the use of percussion and experimental writing itself björk. The main and radical difference from the traditionally inherent in the genre of escapism appears return to real life, increasing just tragic with no chance for salvation.

Trier do not feel pity, humiliating and character, and the audience, forcing us to suffer in unison, bringing to a silent pain the final. "Dancer" is reminiscent of the last two albums of the singer Fiona Apple (The Idler Wheel... and Fetch The Bolt Cutters): from the sounds of press machines and howling domestic deer from improvised utensils hatching Symphony, gradually lead to liberation, but practically does not shift from place.

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