"That's how life shook!": 10 sex symbols of the past, who now do not know

Once these men stirred the imagination of millions of women around the world... Movies with their participation was a great success, but now they are little remembered. Yes, the actors themselves have changed — now they are not macho. Who are these 10 men who were once considered sex symbols of show business, read and see in our material.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer called the "Batman of all times and peoples", and not surprisingly, it is precisely this role of the actor remembered by the audience the most. In the film Kilmer is a charismatic and brave hero who saves the city from villains.

During his career the actor has played more than eight dozen films, but now, alas, has not the best times. And it's not that it has lost its appeal and disappeared from the screens. Once Kilmer strongly recovered, and now, on the contrary, very thin. The thing is that the actor, who was almost 60, had cancer of the throat, which is struggling in 2015.

Mickey Rourke

When Mickey Rourke was included in the ranking sexiest men on the planet. Admired by millions of viewers, he imitated other men, the girls wanted to meet him...

But time passed, and now Rourke is more like a star of the TV show "Victim art". The actor still invited to act in films, but much less than before...

Edward Furlong

Chevy Chase

Everyone remembers the comedian Chevy chase and his eccentric characters? Cheerful and charismatic man attracted not only his sense of humor, but also a beautiful appearance...

Over time, his charm and left no trace... for years, Chevy chase has deteriorated, although this is understandable, because the man is 76 years old.

Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos — the hero of many fighters and just a charming man, a meeting with whom ever dreamed of any girl. In the 70s and 80s, he has won Championships in karate and kung fu, and in the 90s became a Hollywood star by playing leading roles in the blockbuster "the Crying killer" and "American samurai". And his role in the movie "brotherhood of the wolf" won film award "Saturn". Now the actor appears on screens much less often, and looks not so early.

The fact that the actor starred in the films category B, lit up the Russian series and regularly starred in "masterwork" Alexander Nevsky-the Kuritsin, says that his career has bottomed out.

Although you gotta give Dacascos credit: even though he was old, for 54 years is in great shape! By the way, soon we will be able to admire his game in the movie "John Wick 3". Come on, Dacascos, hold on, empty hole.

Michael Dudikoff

Some of you remember this hottie from the movie "American ninja", the iconic fighters of the era of video clubs? Unfortunately, the popularity stayed with the actor, with a pseudo-name for long. In 2002, it did not appear on the screens, and in 2013 played a small cameo role in the film "Olympus has fallen".

Now Dudikoff busy independent film projects, he enjoys architecture and designing home periodically. It seems hard to find that nice pumped boy. It is understandable, because Michael is already 64!

Vasily Stepanov

Got to our rating and more young Russian actor Vasily Stepanov. Appearing in "the island", the guy immediately attracted the attention of the audience due to its unusual and striking appearance.

Now Vasily Stepanov does not look so attractive, and in the films practically does not appear. On his thirty-year actor admitted to reporters that can not find work. Any work, not necessarily in the movie. One conclusion: hot guy from "Inhabited island" is not the same.

Tom Berenger

The peak of the popularity of Tom Berenger came in the 80-ies. Then about the actor talked all over the world. Millions of women wanted to be in the arms of virile, muscular, handsome.

Over the years, from the former beauty of the Berenger is left not so much. Not surprising, because the actor for almost 70 years. Although it should be noted its a decent game in the movie "inception" where he looked gorgeous.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser was memorable to most viewers for her role in the film "the Mummy". He was about thirty years old. His character Rick O'connell exuded from the screens of masculinity and charm, as does the actor in real life.

Over the 20 years that have passed since the release of the first film, Brendan Fraser has greatly changed. Many fans did not know at bloated, mediocre musicke of your favorite actor. The star of "the Mummy" was injured in the shooting, recovered strongly after the divorce (Oh, these women), and since then unsuccessfully tries to get in shape, acting in the role of a good-natured Bumpkin and fathers of families.

Chris Noth

Once the millions of girls around the world nearly died for love of one of the heroes of the film "Sex and the city", played Chris noth.

Now the actor has 64 years old, and looks it, of course, not as much as before. Although many women still crazy about him...

Yes, time can be merciless. But do you remember any famous people who get more beautiful with age?

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