Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

This story will seem incredible to those who do not know how big the faith in the police among ordinary Americans. Every year cyber criminals make in the US thousands of crimes, posing as police officers. Among the many robberies, fraud and mischief sex crime in mount Washington is committed... via phone, impresses with its treachery and absurdity.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

In 2004, the small American town of mount Washington, located in the state of Kentucky shocked the terrible the senselessness of the crime. 18-year-old employee of the local McDonald's a few hours, humiliated and raped in the back of the restaurant, following the instructions of "police officer" given on the phone.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

Restaurant in mount Washington, where the crime happened

It was later found that this case was not the only one. In different cities of the US for 10 years from the actions of the impostor suffered 70 girls — waitresses, managers, cashiers and sellers. Fortunately, the story in Washington was the latest in a series of crimes and the attacker punished.

9 APR 2004 18-year-old Louis Ogborn, an employee of McDonald's in mount Washington, went to extra Friday shift. The girl needed money and she didn't miss the opportunity to get extra part-time job. About 5 o'clock in the evening she was summoned to the restaurant Manager Donna summers.

When Louis walked into the back room, she saw that summers talking on the phone. Her interlocutor was a man, who introduced himself as officer Scott. He argued that one of the employees of the restaurant suspected of stealing money and wanted described as a thin white girl with long hair. Ogborn fit this description.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

By the way the "officer" mentioned that the senior restaurant Manager in the loop and permits police to conduct any investigation. He also hinted that failure to follow the instructions of the police will lead to the dismissal of summers and bringing her to justice.

After the officer offered two versions of events: the summers she searched the girl or delay her until the police arrived. The Manager felt that it is better to solve the problem without the cops showing up at the restaurant during her shift. Moreover, she was sure that an error occurred and the search will give the opportunity to shoot with Luis all suspicion.

Donna summers asked Osborn to put on the table in the back room all that was in her pockets. The girl removed the car keys and a phone — nothing more when it was not. The officer is not satisfied with the result, the surface of the search and demanded that the girl undressed. I talked to the Manager who gave all the indications of a scared employee.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

Frame recording security cameras in the back

Following the commands of Ogborn took off his clothes, shoes and underwear, remaining only in the work apron, which the police, for some reason, to remove banned. All the things the girls were neatly stacked and Packed summers in garbage bags. Strange when the search was in full swing, some of the workers called Donna to resolve any operational issues.

Unknown demanded that summers did not leave the suspect unattended and called someone responsible who could temporarily replace her. That man was 27-year-old restaurant worker Jason Bradley. Donna handed him the phone and went in the trading room.

Unknown is also introduced to Jason, a police officer and immediately demanded that he withdrew from Osborn apron. Bradley refused and the unknown began to threaten him with the responsibility before the law, but then in the back back summers, and again took post near arrested.

The man on the phone complained to Donna that there is so little conscious of Americans, on whom you can rely and asked if she had a husband and if she trusts him. Have summers was 43-year-old roommate named Walter nix, with whom she was engaged. "Officer Scott" asked Donna to invite the groom to help to protect detained.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

Walter nicks and Louis Ogborn

The most interesting thing about this story is that none of the participants in a few hours are not suspicious, talking to "Scott". Police Department mount Washington was two blocks from the restaurant, and while unfolding these strange events, on the street at least five times driving police cars.

An hour later, after Ogborn crossed the threshold of the back room, came a guy summers, Walter nicks and the next two hours the instructions the police had already completed it. Later, when giving evidence, Louis Ogborn said, she was so scared that I believed that Nix instructs the officer and did not even think to resist or to escape.

The first thing Walter Knicks took Louis the apron, and the girl was completely naked. After that, Ogborn forced to bend over to make sure she did not put the money "somewhere inside", Crouch, climb on a chair and jump on the spot with your hands up "cash dropped".

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

Manager Donna Summers

Then the unknown has unexpectedly offered Ogborn to sit down with Nix on his lap and kiss him on the lips. Despite the panic and fear the girl refused to comply with this more than strange policy of the police. Then the stranger irritated voice demanded of nix to beat Louis. Walter began to waver, so the "officer Scott" reduced the sentence and asked to bend Ogborn through the knee as a child, and how to spank.

This requirement is Walter nicks performed. As "police" urged not to spare the suspect from flogging on the body of Ogborn had bruises and abrasions. The stranger asked to give up absolutely suppressed of Ogborn and gave her the command to do with Nicks in oral sex. Were in a state of shock the girl complied.

While bullying in the back repeatedly looked summers and in these moments, the Knicks made Ogborn to hide behind the apron. During interrogations by the police, the woman Manager claimed it seemed to her that Louis was already dressed when she came in, even though it was an obvious lie. During the investigation, summers strongly got out and kept saying that he did not know about sexual violence and she was scared categorical demands "officer Scott" and his iron voice.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

But back to the back of a McDonald's, turned on time in the torture chamber. Obviously, two hours later, sheepish Knicks have guessed that there is something wrong and began to beg "the officer" to let him go. Walter was allowed to leave only on the condition that someone submenu. Replaced my boyfriend summers sent another restaurant worker Thomas Simms.

Simms answered the phone and some time talking with the unknown, but reacted to his arguments with skepticism and odd jobs did not perform. Enraged by failure, "officer Scott" again proceeded to threats, the obvious absurdity of which still aroused the suspicions of Donna summers.

The woman finally did what had to do in the first minutes of communication with a stranger — call senior Manager of the restaurant. To her horror, he did not understand what was going on and only at this point, summers realized that he had become an accomplice to the criminal draw.

The restaurant here was called the real cops came guide. Ogborn released, and the summers because of the hysteria in need of medical care. Lack of evidence of the investigators had all three hours, lasted until bullying Louis Ogborn in the back room worked a camera impartially records the course of events. I got to know this shocking video, summers here have broken off her engagement with Nix.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

The case began to investigator buddy stump, who was slightly acquainted with the family of Louis Ogborn. He quickly found out that over the last 10 years in different States, there were about 70 similar cases. Some of them did not have serious consequences for victims — sides, "officer Scott" simply refused from absurd orders and called the real cops.

There were also cases like the events in mount Washington, however, never the case did not end direct to sexual violence. That's why the police have soft-pedaled the antics of a phone pervert, fixing them as telephone harassment. This time it was serious and for buddy Stampa investigation was a matter of honor.

At the request of the officer at the phone company got a response that the call, the duration of which amounted to more than three hours, was taken out of Panama city in Florida. The attacker used the payphone in the Parking lot of Walmart. The long call was paid for by card phone company AT&T.

Keep track of the time and place of purchase numbered phone card was easy, and the security cameras in a phone shop showed the face of the client. The rest was a matter of modern technology. In less than a day the police knew about the phone maniac all. The culprit was a 38-year-old David Stewart, who worked as a guard at the prison. The man was an exemplary family man and he and his wife raised five children.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

David Stewart in court

During a search of the house of Stewart, the police found several sets of clothes similar to the police, a few badges, handcuffs and weapons. The home of the offender gave him a passionate fan of the police — there was detective novels, magazines about the police and thematic posters.

We also found out that David tried several times to get a job in the police, but he had different reasons. It was his passion for the form and weapon forced him to go to work as a guard in a prison, this profession seemed Stewart closest to the police. The man was described as diligent and disciplined employee, and the wife of David, in General, refused to believe in the antics of her husband.

Psychologists have found that David Stewart is absolutely sane, but suffers from a rare sexual deviancy is a virtual voyeurism. Perverts get a kick out of violence, but they need to have their fantasies embodied by someone else. In this case, the perpetrator did not even need to see the victim's suffering — he just enjoyed his power.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

The victim, Luis Ogborn in court

Stewart was charged with harassment and sexual violence, and that he was misled by Donna summers and others, posing as a police officer. 70 such episodes occurred in 30 U.S. States from 1994 to 2004 charges to nominate Stuart failed as he refused to admit guilt, but direct evidence was not.

Phone maniac in jail for very long. October 31, 2006, after several court hearings, David Stewart was acquitted by a jury and released directly in a hall. Most in this situation affected Donna summers, which was awarded to a year of probation for illegal confinement of a person.

But the Manager did not sit idly by and began to plead with their employers. Summers had accused the leadership of the McDonald's that after many similar cases, the company did not inform about the calls to their employees, thereby exposing them to danger. Donna demanded $ 50 million but managed to win only 1 million 100 thousand compensation.

Rape on the phone: like a maniac from the United States mocked the victims by proxy

Louis Ogborn with my mom after the award of compensation

Analyzing is not a logical behavior of this woman, police psychologists have found that she acted exactly the same as the participants of the experiment on obedience carried out by psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1961. The researchers examined the extent to which people can be cruel, subject to the authority of someone else.

The victim of sexual violence Louis Ogborn had to undergo a course of psychological rehabilitation. She also filed a lawsuit against McDonalds and sued her for $ 6.1 million. In explanation of this strange crime Director Craig Sebelum in 2012 for the film "the Experiment "Obedience"", which won 12 film awards and 9 nominations for different American and international film competitions. The article was used as some illustrations of stills from this picture.

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