Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

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Public figures, whether they are actors, musicians, singers or just famous people, always attract the attention of others. Therefore, celebrities can forget about such a concept as "private life" in principle.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

Fans discuss the romance novels of their idols with special trepidation and passion. And if it is also the love of such famous personalities as Kurt Cobain, John Lenon, Catherine Deneuve and Alain Delon, the interest increases several times. The stories of which couples of the XX century still excite the minds of fans, read in our material.

Their union was described in several words: "Beauty and the Beast." But Jane and Serge didn't care about the opinions of others, because they were completely infatuated with each other.

The lovers met on the set of the film "Slogan", where they played the main roles. Jane had just turned 19 at that time, she already had an unsuccessful marriage behind her, after which her daughter Kate was born. A young Englishwoman who had just arrived in Paris and did not speak the language needed to somehow support herself and a young child, so she immediately agreed to a role in the tape that marked the beginning of their relationship Gainsbourg to the novel and the creative union.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

Serge had a very bad character and typical manners of a star. At first, Kate complained to her brother that it was very difficult for her to work with this "arrogant Frenchman". But when one day they met outside the set and spent the whole evening having nice conversations, Birkin's opinion of Serge changed dramatically. Yes, and this meeting left him impressed, because usually such gatherings ended for the famous ladies' man with an interesting continuation at the hotel, but this time everything was different.

The couple's creative union, reinforced by their passionate relationship, lasted for more than 12 years. During this time, Birkin and Gainsburg managed to become famous for many shocking antics. For example, once a jealous Serge rummaged in his lover's purse, for which he received a custard cake right in the face. After that, Jane ran out onto the Boulevard Saint-Germain and jumped into the Seine on the move. And when she got out of the water, she took Serge by the hand, and together they went home as if nothing had happened.

A stormy romance, during which the couple had a daughter, Charlotte, ended in 1980. Despite this, the former lovers were able to maintain mutual understanding and close friendship - communication between them lasted until 1991, when Serge died.

The sex symbol of the 1960s - 1980s was famous for his affairs with the first beauties, so no one practically doubted that on the set of the film "Christina" between him and a young successful actress Romy Schneider will have an affair. And so it happened — in order to be with Alain, the girl had to quarrel with her family and move to Paris. But don't think it was love at first sight, not at all! At that time, the little-known 23-year-old Delon called Romy, surrounded by fame, a "pouting goose," and she called him an "ill-mannered boor."

Nevertheless, in March 1959, the young people got engaged. It is difficult to call their family life calm — the wayward Delon was jealous of his wife's success and often threw scandals at her. Romy, in turn, "gifted" her husband with her reckless jealousy. Although the girl really had reasons to be jealous — by that time Alain was becoming more and more famous, and he had more and more fans.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

Schneider and Delon's romance ended after his infidelity with actress Natalie Barthelemy. For some time, their life paths missed each other: both the actress and the actor met new chosen ones and, it would seem, found the long-awaited happiness. However, after filming the movie "Pool", feelings between Delon and Schneider flared up again. The loved ones of the lovers said that they literally tortured each other physically and mentally, being unable to break off the painful relationship forever.

At the age of 43, exhausted by depression and the consequences of alcohol addiction, Romy Schneider left our world. The medical examination confirmed the version of suicide. They say that the inconsolable Alain Delon took several posthumous pictures of his beloved and keeps them to this day.

They were called the greatest couple in the history of cinema. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are one of the few star spouses who did not quarrel, did not have affairs on the side, did not envy each other, but simply loved.

Lauren Bacall became the fourth and last wife of Humphrey Bogart. They met in 1943 at the audition for the film "To have and not to have". Bogart was already a global celebrity at that time, and Bacall was a modest cover model Harper’s Bazaar. Nevertheless, an emotional connection arose between the young people, which grew into something more. Soon the actor dissolved his marriage with his wife Mayo Meto and took the charming Lauren as his wife.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

Family life did not affect their careers in any way. After the wedding, they played together in several more films and developed as actors on their own. In 1949, Lauren gave her husband a son, Stephen, and three years later their second child, daughter Leslie, was born.

When Humphrey Bogart died of esophageal cancer in 1957, the woman suffered this loss very hard. Lauren put a golden whistle in the grave of her lover, which symbolized the beginning of their relationship. In their first joint picture , the words sounded: "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?.." By the way, they named their firstborn Stephen in honor of this hero.

This couple has a rather complicated and tragic love story, which is closely intertwined with drug addiction and a rampant lifestyle.

Rebel Courtney Love and the lead singer of the band "Nirvana" met at the club where the musician performed. Wanting to be remembered by Cobain, who at that time was already surrounded by crowds of fans, Courtney threw a sharp phrase in his direction, which provoked a fight. Naturally, when they crossed paths again a year later at a concert, Kurt immediately remembered the flighty blonde. It was enough for them to be alone, as a spark of passion immediately ran between them.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

The couple's romance developed very rapidly — already in 1991 they got married, and 6 months later their daughter Frances was born. But all the bright feelings that were between the lovers were discredited by a serious drug addiction that consumed both Kurt and Courtney. Both tried to be treated, and for a while they even managed to stay "clean". However, in the end, it was drugs that brought the lead singer of the cult group to the grave - Kurt went to the clinic for treatment, from where he soon escaped, and on April 8, 1994, he was found dead in his own apartment.

According to the official version, the cause of death was suicide: the musician allegedly killed himself with a shot from a hunting rifle. But some fans of Kurt, believe that Courtney helped him to pass away. However, this is only a guess.

By the way, Kurt Cobain is a member of the so-called "Club 27— - the combined name of famous musicians who died at the age of 27, sometimes under mysterious circumstances.

Probably everyone knows about the love story of this unusual couple, but we will remind you. First the artist from In Japan, everyone, including John's wife, was perceived as another crazy fan. After the musician once visited her exhibition, Yoko did not give him a pass. A woman could sit for hours under the gates of his house, pelted him with love letters, and once sent him a box home, inside which lay a broken cup stained with blood.

Who would have thought that these strange attentions would bring results. John became interested in Yoko, began inviting her to band rehearsals and engaged in joint creative work with her. Many believe that it was the appearance of an eccentric artist in the musician's life that led to the breakup of The Beatles. For this, the other members of the collective literally hated Yoko, but this did not stop John…

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

After he dissolved his marriage with his wife Cynthia, from whom, by the way, he had a young son, he and Yoko were able to officially confirm their union. Hundreds of paparazzi accompanied the couple even during their honeymoon, and they seemed not to notice anything around, as they were completely absorbed in each other.

In 1973, emotions between the artists reached their peak — they decided to take a break in the relationship. Then Lennon started a close "friendship" with his personal assistant Mei Pang. But two years later he returned to Yoko again, and for good reason, because in the same year the 45-year-old artist gave birth to the musician's son Sean. By the way, the child was born just on his birthday.

Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve was considered one of the brightest couples of Franco-Italian cinema, but their passionate romance never ended with a wedding. Nevertheless, during the short time of their relationship, both the actor and the actress managed to deliver each other a lot of suffering.

Their acquaintance took place in 1970 on the set of the film "It only happens to others". Then Catherine and Marcello were going through a difficult breakup with their former lovers and did not even think about a new relationship. But the director of the picture Nadine Trintignant needed to show on the screen a man and a woman seized with passionate feelings for each other, and not two sad characters. Therefore, Nadine decided to close Catherine and Marcello in the same apartment for a few days.

Love followed by millions: the most beautiful couples of the XX century

There was no telephone, no TV, no books, no magazines in this room. The only thing left for the actors was to communicate and get to know each other. For several days, Catherine and Marcello lived almost like the heroes of the tape in which they were to play. Nobody knows what exactly happened to them in this apartment. But they came out of there completely different people - in love and happy.

This was followed by several years of passionate romance, a marriage proposal that the freedom-loving Catherine Deneuve rejected, the birth of their common daughter Chiara and the final breakup. The woman herself left her lover, explaining that in this way she tried to protect herself from the pain of parting in the future.

These are the stellar love stories. And what other memorable couples do you know?

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