"Her life is so sad that the story seems implausible": the great tragedy of Edith Piaf

Who does not know the greatest French singer, whose songs became worldwide hits, and she is the role model of millions? But not everyone knows how many trials had on her. She had experienced difficult — almost hungry childhood, the death of a child, 2 car accident, 7 operations, 3 coma, several bouts of delirium tremens, the madness, the suicide attempt, the two world wars.

Have not experienced it only liver cancer in the last stage, which discovered she had for 2 years prior to death. And if you ever again want to complain about their fate, just remember "Sparrow" of Paris, a woman who until the last days went forward, not giving up, conquering the hearts of millions, inspiring and gifted by the power of love — Edith Piaf.

Born Edith Piaf (real name Edith Giovanna Gation) 19 Dec 1915. Almost the same day the girl's mother — a wannabe actress Anita Mayar, — while her husband was at the front, gave the girl the education of his mother. But she didn't want to prevent it to calm his crying baby girl, "the loving" grandma fed the child diluted wine. This feeding bore fruit to three years Edith became completely blind.

Later there will be the legend connected with the birth of Edith. However, it is unlikely it is true, but according to her, the girl was born under a street lamp in the winter on the streets of Paris.

As soon as father Edith — Louis Gason — finds out about this, he immediately sends the girl to the education of his mother, who kept a public house. But she loved her granddaughter and cared for her. She did everything to the girl sight. And in 1925, she succeeded. When there was no longer hope of recovery Edith, the grandmother took her to Lisieux to Saint Theresa. After a few days the beloved granddaughter of the miracle began to see.

Edith herself, remembering about this, said, "My life began with a miracle. In four years I got sick and went blind. Grandma took me to the Basilica to the altar of St. Theresa and begged her to my Epiphany. Since then I have not parted with the images of St. Theresa and the baby Jesus. But because I am a believer, death does not frighten me. There was a period in my life after the death of someone very dear to me when I called her. I've lost all hope. I was saved by faith."

At school Edith disliked immediately, which is not surprising — there was a girl in a brothel. The girl could not bear this, and soon father took her to Paris. There are 9-year-old girl starts working with her father on the squares of the city: the father showed acrobatic tricks, and my daughter sang. The letter Edith was not studied until the end — even in songs she wrote herself, was error. But who cares now?

In 15 years, Edith met his half-sister — 11-year-old Simone, who began to speak with Edith. New father's family experienced great financial difficulties. Edith, in turn, helped them financially, but subsequently this led to the fact that the girl leaves his father. Forever.

Edith continues to be on the streets where people notice her and invite to sing in a cabaret. At the age of 16 Edith met Louis Duppong — the father of her only daughter Marcelle. However, her marriage was unsuccessful, her husband demanded that Edith refused to work, and they parted. A while daughter Edith stayed with her, but one day not finding her at home, he realized that the girl my husband — he had hoped that she would return. But she never returned. Moreover, the girl fell ill with meningitis, and later contracted and the Edith, which, however, recovered. But here, too, were not spared the girl — Marseille dies. More from Edith had no children.

In 20 years she sees Louis Lepla and invites to speak on the Champs Elysees. He played a major role in the life and career of Edith taught her to choose a song, sing to the accompaniment, explained the significance of costume, facial expressions, behavior, artist. It made of Gation Edith Edith Piaf. Even on the street she sang: "Born as a Sparrow, lived like a Sparrow died as a Sparrow." On the posters wrote: "Baby Piaf". It was a success!

But the success was short-lived. Soon Louis is killed and Edith falls under suspicion, as he left her some money. Thank God, this time everything ends well, and soon Piaf meets his mother — the person who makes Edith the great singer. He is seeking her participation in the performance in the musical hall of AVS, which was a dedication to the profession. Needless to say, that the next day she woke up famous? Thanks to him the life story of Edith became the story of the songs and Vice versa, one could not distinguish stage persona from Edith in reality.

Edith bathed in success and glory. Hearing her voice on the radio, people are asking again and again to put on the air the song of the Baby Piaf.

During the Second world war "Baby Piaf" meets with Jean Cocteau, who invited her to play in the play "Indifferent handsome". It was first shown in 1940. A year later the play was filmed, in which Edith played a major role.

It's hard to believe, but Edith Piaf was so popular that he could afford to speak in front of French prisoners of war. And after the concert managed to give them all to escape. Countrymen appreciated her personal courage and mercy, because she risked her life.

The postwar period was the camera time much success. Her work was admired suburbs of Paris, art lovers around the world and even the future Queen of England.

Edith helped young talents. Charles Aznavour, Yves Montand, Eddie Constant... It's not all the names that have become known worldwide thanks to "the Sparrow".

In the postwar years, Edith met with American boxer Marcel Cerdanya, who became her greatest joy and greatest sorrow. Fate again played a cruel joke with the old — in 1949, flying to his beloved new York, he died in the plane crash. Edith fell into a severe depression, she began to drink the morphine, after which she suffered seizures, and one and all almost jumped out the window. She was back on the street. Dressed in old, she performed on the streets of Paris, and the night brought to him by unknown men.

But mourning could not last forever, and Edith returned to his solo career. Even able to love again.

In 1952, Edith falls in two car accident and broke almost all the ribs and both arms. To ease her suffering, the doctors inject her with morphine. It would seem that Edith is doomed to become addicted to drugs, but not such was this fragile woman. Nevertheless, the work has not brought her former pleasure, not only more immersed in the work.

In 1954, Edith starred in the historical film "If I tell you about Versailles." Later she held an 11-month tour of America, and after in France is such a load has caused great damage to physical health. In 1961, fate dealt the most severe blow to the singer — the doctors found a new cancer of the liver. But she continued to perform until the end of his days.

In recent years, it has supported the 27-year-old Theo is the last love of Edith Piaf. In September 1962, through the pain, Piaf appeared at the top of the Eiffel tower. And six months later was the last in her life, the concert hall gave a standing ovation.

October 10, 1963 Edith Piaf died. It buried the whole of France, and mourned for the whole world — with her died an entire era of French chanson.

Édith Piaf songs remain with us forever, and the courage and strength of will, the singer left an indelible mark in the hearts of the people. Even when her life's autobiography came out. All that is in it is true, is unknown. But one thing is clear: she wanted to stay in people's memory.

"I sing not for everyone — I sing for everyone."

"The artists and the audience is not supposed to meet. After the curtain falls, the actor should disappear as if by a magic wand".

"Hands don't lie, as a person."

In response to the words of the doctors that she kills herself, continuing to sing in front of an audience: "This is the perfect way to commit suicide".

"I led a horrible life, it's true. But also — life is wonderful. Because, first of all, I loved her."

"For love, for happiness often have to pay with tears."

"I was hungry. I froze. But I was also free. Free not to get up in the morning, not night's sleep, free to drink if I wanted, to dream... to hope".

"This is the crowd, which I hope will see me off on his last journey, because I don't like being alone. Terrible loneliness that squeezes you in the arms of the dawn or at nightfall, when you ask yourself, is it worth more to live and something to live for?"

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