Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Sandy beaches grey, brown or even white shade is quite usual for us. Even rocky beaches with sharp cliffs that attract the bravest of adventurers, are quite common. But there is on our blue ball are beaches that look quite "alien". These unique corners of the Earth — part of the amazing beauty that nature gives us.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Green papakolea beach, Hawaii

Sandy papakolea beach (also known as Green Sand Beach or Machan) is located near the southern Point near Kai on the island of Hawaii. It is one of two unique green beaches in the world (the other one is in the Galapagos Islands). Papakolea received their distinctive coloration due to the mineral olivine, which is rich in local breed. The beach is located in the Bay, half surrounded by Puiu Mahan (volcanic cone) and is associated with the South-Western reef Mauna Loa. After the last eruption of the volcano cone partially collapsed by itself, and then was washed away by the ocean.

The beach has two names, because sometimes it is called in honor of an extinct volcano, and sometimes after the region called Papakolea. This region is located near the crater, home to many rare birds. The beach is surrounded by pastures, and is accessible only on foot or with a vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive. Rest here is unsafe due to landslides, what special warning signs.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

This beach is located between the largest artificial pool and the largest ocean on planet Earth. San Alfonso Del Mar is an integral part of the luxurious resort. The beach of San Alfonso on the one hand is limited to the Pacific ocean, and with another — pool.

It would seem — why build such a large pool right on the ocean? But clean water WestfaliaSurge pool with a constant temperature of 26°C, can completely replace the ocean, where the water can be cooled to 17°C. besides, the sea water with its dangerous waves and currents, marine predators, and other surprises clearly losing the pool.

The hotel complex on the Central coast of Chile as a city of the Maya with stylized pyramid residential buildings towering over the enormous swimming pool with sea water. More than 1 km long, the pool holds approximately 66 million gallons of water, and is more like a lake. World's biggest pool is surrounded by white sand beaches, palm trees and docks for sailing boats that travel through clean water to a depth of 35 meters.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Maho Beach, Caribbean

Maho beach is located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, in the County Zint Maarten. He is known to international airport Princess Juliana, which is adjacent to the beach. Arriving aircraft should be reduced as close as possible to the beginning of the runway, the length of which is only 2 of 180 meters. During the final approach, the aircraft flies over the beach at minimal altitude. Due to the unique proximity of low flying Airliners, the location of Maho beach is very popular with the fans of the aircraft. This is one of the few places in the world where a moving aircraft can be viewed in detail.

The observation of the ships to the beach is a popular pastime, because current schedules takeoffs and landings are published daily in most bars and restaurants on the beach. And the Bar, Sunset Bar and Grill has a speaker that transmits radio communications between pilots and control-air traffic control tower of the airport.

However, there is a danger of people standing on the beach that will carry them into the water because of the jet stream from plane. Local authorities have warned that the landing and takeoff of aircraft can "result in serious injury". Recently, runway 10 has put an additional fence for people didn't stay for the main fence surrounding the runway.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Ocean dome in Japan

This is an artificial beach built in the town Sihaya and is located along the coastal highway, near the town Masaki in Japan. Under the dome has an internal climate that is artificially regulated during the year.

Ocean Dome, which is part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort, 300 meters long and 100 meters wide and includes the faux flame spitting volcano, artificial sand, artificial palm trees and the world's largest retractable roof, which provides a permanently blue sky even on a rainy day. The temperature here is always kept in the range of 30°C, and the water warms up to 28°C. the Volcano aktiviziruyutsya every 15 minutes and spews fire every hour, with incredible waves cover the beach and captivated surfers.

The beach can accommodate up to 10 thousand tourists. The facility opened in 1993, and the number of visitors peaked to 1995, reaching 1.25 million per year. Ocean Dome was officially closed on October 1, 2007, for the process of reconstruction and partial rebranding of the resort.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Beach Saleccia, Corsica

To the South of the town of Saint-Florent, on the French island of Corsica, located beach Alessia. The main feature of this fantastic, gradually leaving the sea beach is its dazzling white Sands, directly from which to rise pines.

Alessia is one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Like most other beaches in the desert des Agriates, is a remote place. A long walk (12 km), you can enjoy the incredible beauty of silver-white sand and clear water, surrounded by dunes. In addition, it is accessible by boat from the harbour of St. Florent. One of the features of Selessie — this cow who often strive to lie down next to the sunbathers. These Horny women have a habit of walking on the beach all year, including during the summer season when it's full of tourists.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Pink sand beaches of Bermuda

Bermuda beaches are famous for its unique pink sand, very rarely found in nature. It can be found on the island of Bermuda, on the stretch of coast between the Bay and Warwick long Bay and Horseshoe.

Unlike regular sand, the sand is non-volcanic origin — it was formed from the remnants of the shells and skeletons of invertebrates such as corals, clams and so on. And such an unusual shade of sand to give a microscopic coral insects of Foraminifera. They shed their pinkish sink into the water when they die, and the waves bring them to the beach, mixing with the sand.

Bermuda is one of the most Northern regions in the Western hemisphere, where there are coral reefs. Here there is a clear contrast pink sand, turquoise water between the shore line remote reefs, and dark-blue ocean in the distance. The sand in Bermuda exceptionally beautiful. The local beaches are often used for wedding ceremonies. Most of them are located on the southern Shore, but some are located in the North.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Playa de Gulpiyuri, Spain

Playa de Gulpiyuri (Playa de Gulpiyuri) is a unique beach without the sea. It is a picturesque oasis, a small pond in the shape of a shell, located in the middle of a grassy meadow near Llanes, a small town in the Northern part of the Central coast of Spain.

About 40 meters in length, the beach Gulpiyuri is located a hundred meters from the sea and linked to it through a network of underground tunnels, washed with salt water. You will see here along the banks of the rippling ocean waves, but instead a green oasis surrounded by beautiful rock formations and a variety of greenery. However, it is very common to observe decent waves, not only during strong winds, but when the water of the Bay of Biscay begins to flow through a network of underground caves.

Beach Gulpiyuri entirely surrounded by cliffs and lots of bright greens, which in combination with clear blue–turquoise water makes this area a real Paradise.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Hot beach in New Zealand

Hot Beach located on the East coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, approximately 12 kilometres South-East of the town of Whitianga and 175 kilometres from Auckland. This is one of the most unusual beaches of the world.

It got its name due to underground hot springs that go through the sand at high tide. River of hot water flowing under the beach flow into the ocean and become visible only during low tide. At this time there is going to the largest number of researchers impatient, eager to dip his hands in the scalding water. However, it is possible to do without it. Should just dig on the beach shallow hole and down there legs or hands. Most people bring a shovel and bucket, which can also be rented at the nearby beach shop.

Hot Beach — a popular holiday destination, both for locals and for tourists visiting New Zealand. The number of visitors is about 700 thousand a year that makes a Hot beach one of the most popular geothermal attractions in the region.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Playa del Amor hidden beach of Marieta Islands, Mexico

It has been over thousands of years since, when in the Bay of Banderas, the result of volcanic activity formed the Las Marietas island, which can rightly be called a Paradise on earth. A cherished dream of every tourist visiting the island, is a Hidden Beach. For its implementation, they must overcome the short tunnel leading to this stunning beach.

Protected from the world outside, the hidden beach of the Marieta Islands are a world apart. The water along the hidden beach, crystal clear and clean. Among marine wildlife here you can watch humpback whales, sea turtles and dolphins are just a few of the most significant examples of the island's marine life. Because zoologicheskie variety of Islands is amazing.

Playa del Amor is an incredibly beautiful place that, when the first pictures appeared on the Internet, most people do not even believe that such a place exists in real life. A number of tour operators offer day trips to this environmental miracle. Travellers usually bring to these places on a motor boat so they can swim and rest in this amazing place.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Wild beach of Loango, Gabon

This beach is located in Western Gabon, in Loango National Park. The Park extends over kilometers of pristine coastline, where to walk and swim all sorts of animals such as elephants, gorillas, pigs, buffaloes and hippos. In addition, in these waters lives a large population of whales, orcas and dolphins.

Wild trees beach — one of the few places in the world where wild animals still have access to the sea, and one of the last places on Earth where you can see bathing in the sea of hippos. Buffalo and elephant herds grazing in the coastal fields and wandering the beach. Sometimes growing on the coast of the trees can be seen even family of gorillas. The expanse of beach provide a great habitat for migrating birds.

With the ban on hunting in the Park area animals Loango quickly got used to the presence of people. Quiet guided tours offer tourists a unique opportunity to see the gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, Duiker, and hundreds of forest birds.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Beach-Barra airport, Scotland

Airport of Barra — probably the only airport in the world where planes land on the beach. Runway airport located directly on the beach of the Bay of Traigh Mhòr. The shallow depth of the Bay and of sufficient length to give an opportunity for take-off and landing of small planes.

The beach is divided into three runways on average 800 metres long, is marked by wooden pegs. Night-time flights are not made, since the airport is not designed for night flying. However, when you want to make an emergency takeoff or landing path the plane is illuminated with the headlights of cars, and are arranged along the strip of reflective tape.

Besides, Barra, probably, is the only airport where flights schedules are on time tide as during high tide the runway is completely hidden under the waters of the North sea.

Needless to say, if you want you can lie on the beach and the Airport. But there is a sign that warns, "Stay away from the beach, when the planes land and take off."

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Beach Chandipur, India

Have you ever seen the sea disappears before your eyes? A unique phenomenon, when the sea is receding by as much as 5 kilometers, you can daily watch on the beach Chandipur in Eastern India. The spectacle enthralls viewers who literally go overseas.

During low tide, twice a day, tourists can explore the seabed full of shells and a small red crabs. Low tide leaves behind seashells, crabs and other marine life, which is always interesting to consider. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes, thickets of casuarinas. You can swim at high tide, it happens twice a day.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Scala dei Turchi, Italy

White rocky coast of Scala dei Turchi (Scala dei Turchi), located in the South of Sicily, a unique variety of forms: three-dimensional protrusions reminiscent of natural staircase, whose steps lead to the coast. There are no strict lines and shapes, the smooth contours gently cliffs surround the coast. Legend has it that in ancient times a Turkish pirates moored their ships along the rocky shores of Sicily and, fleeing from the storm, took shelter in sheltered overhangs.

Overlooking the Mediterranean sea cliffs composed of marl — calcareous clay of the white sedimentary rock. Wide stone ledges leading down to the coast, were the result of exposure to wind and rain for thousands of years which have affected the rock.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

The beach of rolling stones, CA

On the California coast is a town called Mendocino. It is famous for its Beach and the rolling stones.

It seems that collected on the beach thousands of rounded stones gathered to challenge the water flows. The uniqueness of this landscape lies in the fact that this army of small boulders uniform in size and shape. They are placed here so evenly that it seems to put the hand of man, though it is not so. Scientists explain this unusual phenomenon by the fact that for thousands of years, stones have been under the constant impact of the waves of the Pacific ocean, which gave them a form of bowling balls.

And though this place can boast a large number of tourists, its uniqueness can not be questioned.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Glass beach

Glass Beach is in a National Park Mackerricher near Fort Bragg, California. It is replete with glass, polished by the ocean, in the area of coastline near the Northern part of the city. Gather bits of glass in the Park. Every year there are Glass Festival. Thousands of tourists visit the glass beach Fort Bragg every day in the summer. The majority still takes a little glass. Because of this, and also due to natural factors (wave action), bright glass fades out. Currently attempts to restore Glass beach, filling it with new glass.

Gulpiyuri and 15 of the most unusual beaches of the world

Barking beach in Hawaii.

27-kilometer stretch of national Park in Hawaii beach "Barking Sands" has an unusual sound properties. He is known due to the peculiar sound of quartz sand under my feet like a dog barking. According to scientists, the grains of sand perforated tiny echo chambers, which make such an unusual noise.

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