From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

Previously, the principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" was an integral part of many cultures. But in our days there are people who became famous because of its unusual ways of revenge.

From offensive structures established in the field of view of the hated neighbors to the less amusing methods like poisoning and assassinations: we tell you about a dozen unexpected ways of revenge to their rivals.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

Egypt took revenge on US by building 187-metre tower

We are talking about the Cairo tower, which rises over Egypt on 187 meters. It represents a giant middle finger, which allegedly shows Egypt to the United States of America. The tower was built during the reign of President Gamal Abdel Nasser. The reason for a kind of revenge was the political scandal of Egypt and the United States. The Americans tried to bribe the Egyptian President. Bribery is so deeply hurt the feelings of Gamal Abdel Nasser that he decided to spend the money to build a huge TV tower.

The scandal happened in 1952. Nasser had just overthrown king Farouk, how come the CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt. The newly elected President of Egypt has received a million dollars in exchange for the wish that the Egyptians used the services of U.S. banks, and bought American weapons, not British. A CIA agent promised more money Nasser if his security is to buy American equipment.

Egyptian guarantor was outraged by the "dirty politics" of the US and decided to fight back, as they say, presidential. Ill-fated a million dollars went to the construction of Cairo tower. The famous building, which cost six million dollars and was completed in 1961. The second name of the tower — El-Woof Rushel, which translates as "built by Roosevelt".

Cairo tower is often items of various disputes. So, in 1990-ies several Islamic scholars said that the form of the architectural object like a giant penis. That is unacceptable, because corrupting the Egyptian women. In some ways they are right, because giant penis on the coast will thrill anyone.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

Saddam Hussein took revenge on George Bush mosaic

Recall that the Iraqi army was defeated in the confrontation, known as the First Gulf war of 1991 year. The head of Iraq Saddam Hussein painfully suffered losses. But he found how to get back at the hated George Bush. Saddam Hussein ordered to decorate the lobby of their hotel, "al-Rashid" mosaic of the American President.

It was the hotel where I stayed, foreigners, journalists, politicians, diplomats. The decor is such that it is impossible to enter the hotel, not walking up to the portrait of George W. Bush. And it made every American who settled in the best hotel in Iraq.

In the West, to trick Saddam Hussein reacted with humor. What can be said about the middle East. Where such is considered the greatest humiliation. In Eastern culture it is impossible to think of an insult worse than stepping on a face or the image of a man. But in 2003 the Americans invaded Iraq and destroyed the mosaics together with the hotel.

Revenge on the rival, killing 38 visitors to the restaurant

In the Chinese city of Tangshan, Jiangsu province, the tragedy claimed the lives of 38 people who came to dine in the restaurant "Rivai's" in the autumn of 2002. Fierce competition brought Chen Jinlin to despair. He decided to ruin the reputation of a competitor, with dishes from his restaurant sauce in rat poison. Revenge of the chef killed 38 people, and another 200 were on a hospital bed in serious condition.

Among the victims were a lot of students and military personnel. Cost miserable to try some of the dishes as they fell dead on the floor. Some have opened bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth. The hapless "avenger" started to run. Later he was arrested.

Chen Jinlin explained that he did not expect such severe consequences from your actions. According to his calculations, visitors competing institutions had to get an upset stomach. The Chinese paid the price for reckless revenge own life. The court sentenced Chen Janina to death.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

The name of the Senator, the enemy of sexual minorities, has turned into a spicy neologism

American lesbian-gay community (hereinafter LGBT) brutally took revenge on the US Senator named Rick Santorum. Political career Republican who was aiming at the presidency, collapsed after categorical statements about sexual minorities. He compared anal sex with bestiality.

Who knows what the wronged politician Pets, but members of the community retaliated very severely. Community columnist Dan savage has addressed to readers with a call to create a new value name of Senator Santorum. Of the many options win value, which will denote the specific discharge, which accompany anal sex.

Resource quickly broke into the top, ahead of the official site policy. This created a lot of problems during the presidential elections of 2012, when Rick Santorum ran for President. Most of the politician does not show up in the search engines because all pages were crammed with links to the juicy yield and related platforms.

The Republican sent a complaint to Google. Search engine reconfigured, by removing from the search the website savage. However, this has not eradicated the problem with Rick Santorum. Now in the first place was a page explaining the values of the neologism "Santorum". Soon the online marketplace's policy dropped to third place, losing the championship website savage.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

The statue of the middle finger to his ex-wife

Alan Markowitz could not recover after a difficult divorce with Leah Tuohy in 2012. The owner of a Michigan strip club has found an original way of getting back at ex-wife by becoming her neighbor. The first thing he set in front of the bedroom window wife hated the original statue. This three-meter masterpiece depicts a raised middle finger.

The sculpture is designed so as not to offend the feelings of other neighbors. Thanks to the spectacular lighting, the middle finger is clearly visible at any time of the day, but only an ex-wife of cheater.

Later Alan Markowitz explained that revenge is not appealing to the ex-spouse and her boyfriend with whom she cuckolded him even during marriage. The idea is to win appeared spontaneously in the moment when he learned about selling a house next to the residence of the former spouse.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

Homicide hoax: revenge in a love triangle

The strange story begins with the heartbreaking letters that 37-year-old brown Farmer sent his mother Nancy and Renie in early November 2012. The girl said that risks falling into a psychiatric hospital because of breaking up with a guy. Three days later, brown sent a message to the employer, which reported that moved from Iowa to Kansas.

A few months later the girl was brought to Facebook new account because the old was allegedly hacked. There she happily reported the engagement with Dave. Nancy Renie drew attention to the strange behavior of his daughter and told the police about a missing person. The police took four years to establish the fact of death of Kari Ferver.

The killer imitated the actions of the victim to hide the crime. She personally created a new account in Facebook. And in order to divert suspicion from himself, created a fake conversation with Farber. When the investigation began, she invented a non-existent woman that raised the child from Dave and wished death Golar.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

Lamborghini has opened a production sports car to spite Ferrari

The famous line of sports cars "Lamborghini" came from an argument between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari in the 1950-ies. Sports cars Enzo Ferrari was a rather moderate modification of a racing model. Despite this, the "Ferrari" of vengeance toured the city roads.

Ferruccio Lamborghini — a big fan of sports cars and a tractor manufacturer, purchased a modified Ferrari. Purchase very disappointed. The car had a bad interior. Besides, they required frequent maintenance. Often had to change the precarious grip that really annoyed owners.

Ferruccio Lamborghini told the manufacturer about the defects of the structure. What Enzo Ferrari very arrogantly replied that sports car odd tractor. The Italians had an argument and went their separate ways. Lamborghini decided to revenge, using a bad car. In the end, he opened a factory next to the plant "Ferrari" and began to produce racing cars.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

The Chinese authorities took revenge on recalcitrant homeowner, having built the road around his building

The rapid development of China would be impossible without new roads. But private land has become a serious obstacle. The Chinese government has developed a strategy in which homeowners received a monetary compensation for the land. Some owners refused to move, believing the amount insufficient.

In 2012, there was a sad story. Despite the intransigence 67-year-old owner of a five-story building Lo Bojana, the government built a highway. The track is literally "captured" housing the elderly Chinese. Photos of the house, standing in the middle of the track, quickly became viral. In the end, the owner could not resist, sold the house authorities for 260 thousand yuan. The house was immediately demolished, and the land rolled asphalt.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

The man was surrounded by the neighbor's house a 12-meter wall

In San Francisco Nicolas Jung built a little cottage on Nob hill in 1855. And after 15 years the fat cats have chosen the hill because of the beautiful view of the city. Buying areas less affluent neighbors, they quickly built up Nob hill pretentious buildings.

Among the rich, favors the hill was a railroad magnate Charles Crocker. He bought land near the house of Jung. Of course, Crocker wanted to buy land poor neighbor. But he stubbornly refused. Magnate was not taking no for an answer and was ready to fight to the end. Maybe he didn't cobble together a multimillion-dollar fortune if he didn't know how to play dirty.

Charles Crocker ordered the builders leveled the site with dynamite, sending shrapnel in the direction of the stubborn neighbor. Jung persisted. In retaliation, the tycoon ordered to build a 12-metre fence around the neighbor's plot. Very fast high fence, which she called "Wall of anger Crocker", began to attract tourists.

Charles Crocker was known for having made millions by hiring cheap labor. On the Central Pacific railroad worked predominantly Chinese. Economic depression provoked anti-Chinese sentiment. American workers blamed the Chinese in unemployment. California workers ' party proclaimed the slogan "the Chinese must go".

The 12-metre fence symbolized the evils of capitalism. The party was a lot of workers who joined it from behind the fence of Crocker. Almost all of the rallies were held near the house of Jung. Protesters many times threatened to demolish the hated fence. But further words business is not has reached. In 1906, Jung conceded and sold the station Crocker. After that, the tycoon pulled down the fence. Sale did not bring him luck. In the same year happened a great earthquake, which triggered a fire. The fire destroyed a large part of the rich estate. Now there is the Cathedral.

From the statue to the poison: the 10 most sophisticated ways of revenge

The statue of the middle finger to city officials

Local officials can also be the cause of great stress, triggering a burning desire to take revenge. The authorities of the town of Westford, in the state of Vermont, have received the statue of the middle finger in 2018. Ted Pelky very long and unsuccessfully sought permission to build a garage on their own land. Spacious garage (743 square meters) was required for business.

Officials rejected the application by the desire of local residents, arguing it is inconsistent with "local standards". Himself Ted Pelky argues that informed one of the officials was a problem with him. So officials rather guided by personal motives than "city standards".

Ted Pelky not confused and decided to take revenge on the authorities, having spent four thousand dollars on a statue of the middle finger. Masterpiece towers over the city on a five-meter pedestal. So the statue is clearly visible in different parts of Westford. The authorities are unable to demolish the sculpture, because it was considered to be works of public art.

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