From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

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It is believed that you need to start a modeling career very early — the age of 30 in the fashion business is considered retirement. It seems that this stereotype is becoming a thing of the past: more and more beauties are appearing on the catwalk and on the covers of fashion magazines, and this age is not only over 30, but even over 50, 60 and 80! We present five models that have proven that it's never too late to start!

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

Strictly speaking, Saskia de Brau started her career twice, but the first attempt was unplanned and unsuccessful, so it is hardly worth taking into account. According to legend, when Saskia was 16 years old, an employee of a modeling agency saw her on a tram and offered to try her hand. The girl did not dream of a podium at all, but wanted to become an artist or a photographer, but she still accepted the offer.

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

According to another version, Saskia came to the agency herself, and not at 16, but at 15, but anyway, the take-off did not take place. Success did not come, and Saskia decided:

She left the agency and entered the art school in Amsterdam, and after graduation worked as a teacher.

Perhaps Saskia would have taught art and would have become an honored teacher someday, if not for her best friend. She worked as a makeup artist, so she could evaluate from a professional point of view the non-standard, bright and attractive appearance of the future celebrity. After much persuasion, Saskia gave up and decided to try again, and everything turned out more than successfully.

She signed a contract with one of the leading Dutch modeling agencies, and already in 2011 she attracted attention thanks to shooting in the Givenchy advertising campaign — at that time she was already 30 years old, which is almost retirement age for the modeling business. And it was at the age of 30 that Saskia took off to the heights of her modeling career: she appeared on the covers of the most popular fashion magazines in the world, represented leading brands, and was photographed by the best photographers.

In May 2016, she took part in the controversial Calvin Klein advertising campaign, which shocked many with its explicit sexuality. Added to the poignancy was the fact that in this campaign Saskia de Brau was filmed pregnant.

To become a top model, you need to start your career not just early, but very early, most girls think. A young British woman, Jackie Oshonnesi, who joined a modeling agency in 1965 at the age of 13, also agreed with this. At the casting, she was advised to lose 4 kilograms and change the shape of her nose — then, maybe, she will be able to count on something.

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

Jackie was not ready for such sacrifices, especially since it was more a whim than a genuine desire to become a model. As a result, she became a lawyer, and later tried herself in movies and starred quite a lot in episodes.

Perhaps Jackie would never have become a model if it hadn't been for two random meetings with the same person — the director of the American Apparel fashion brand Marsha Brady. In 2012, Brady noticed a beautiful older woman sitting on the steps of her house in Greenwich Village, and she was struck by the amazing look of a stranger. A few weeks later, Marsha and Jackie met by chance at a restaurant, got to know each other and started talking.

Shortly after this conversation, 60-year-old Jackie received an offer to star in an American Apparel advertising campaign. The photos made a splash, dividing everyone who saw them into two camps — some were shocked that a woman of a refined, respectable appearance was posing in frank poses and half-dressed, others admired Jackie's grace and charm, and there were much more of the latter.

Cindy Joseph is not a newcomer to the fashion world, but she constantly remained in the shadows, working as a make-up artist and make-up artist. She has prepared hundreds of models for shooting, but it never even occurred to her that she would someday pose in front of the camera.

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

Everything was decided by chance: Cindy was noticed by photographer Steven Meisel, who was looking for an older model for the Dolce&Gabbana advertising campaign.

This decision determined her future fate. Her modeling career has been going on for more than 15 years, Cindy also produces her own line of cosmetics for older women.

Cindy herself believes that one of the main highlights of her image is gray hair. Once she simply did not have a package of hair dye at hand, and the woman stopped wearing makeup. She claims that the photographer noticed her for this reason, so she still adheres to the successfully found style. However, if we talk about the secrets of charm, Cindy claims that the best cosmetics for any woman is a positive attitude to everything that is happening and the joy of every day lived.

Jacqueline Murdoch was a dancer at the Apollo Theater in New York for many years, so at the age of 82 she was distinguished by grace and grace that many girls could envy. She was born in 1930 in Harlem in a wealthy middle — class family-Jacqueline's father was a restaurateur.

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

At the age of five, the girl said that she dreams of becoming a dancer, but her parents met this news coolly — representatives of this profession did not enjoy the best reputation. Hoping that this was just a child's whim, her parents gave Jacqueline to study piano, but her efforts were in vain: at the age of 15 she began a dance career, and at the age of 17 she was invited to the famous Apollo Theater.

Then Jacqueline got married, raised two daughters, and after 40 left the theater and found a quieter job: a secretary-assistant at the Department of Computer Science at New York University.

It would seem that the restless world of show business is over, but a few years ago a young man approached her on the street and asked for permission to photograph her. It was Ari Seth Cohen, a photographer and author of the fashion blog Advanced Style. This is how Jacqueline's modeling career began — at that time she was 82 years old. Thanks to a chance meeting in the park, Jacqueline Murdoch starred in the campaign of the fashion brand Lanvin and became a celebrity.

It would seem that it is not so easy to break the record of Jacqueline Murdoch, but everything is possible in the fashion world: in May 2016, the British Beau Gilbert (full name — Majorie Gilbert) became the first century-old model in history, and she had never worked in the modeling business before. Beau Gilbert starred for British Vogue.

From 30 to 100: models who have achieved success in adulthood

Her career as a model, to put it mildly, is atypical: for almost 50 years, Bo worked at a cardboard packaging factory, eventually becoming its director. Bo was married, but survived both her husband Dennis and her only daughter Stephanie. In a boarding house for the elderly, she is often visited by her son-in-law Peter, whom Bo treats like a son.

According to Bo, she has always been fond of fashion, although it was just a hobby. She was delighted with the offer of a photo shoot and took this job very seriously — in fact, it's never too late to start a modeling career!

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