Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

The term "bounty hunter" immediately causes us Association with the Wild West, westerns and stagecoach robbers of the XIX century. But, oddly enough, this profession is very real and the most famous representative in the history of our contemporary. Duane Chapman, known as "the Dog" as if descended from the screens the 90 — pumped, with long bleached hair and unchanged sunglasses.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

On account of Chapman's about 10 thousand criminals, fugitives from American justice, which he found, was detained and handed over to representatives of the law. His work is a solid adventure, and not always pleasant. Was in the life of a Dog imprisonment, betrayal and the death of loved ones, and he many times was on the verge of death.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

Duane Chapman and his wife Beth

For eight seasons, from 2004 to 2012, Chapman, his eldest son, Leland, brother Tim, his wife Beth, and nephew Justin caught the thieves, drug dealers, murderers and rapists, and handed them over to the police for the reward. Scenes with chases and arrests in the show alternated domestic scenes: quarrels and reconciliations, sentimental, and philosophical monologues.

Those who do not know Chapman, confident that he is the only actor who created their incredibly successful show. But it's not — Chapman actually a bounty hunter and catch criminals risk their lives, long before the release of the first season of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Hunting for Chapman and his family is, in the first place, the real danger to the life, and then show for television.

Team Dog is almost always worked in his native Colorado and Hawaii. But in 2003 I had to change the habit, as did the order to catch a special "client" — Andrew Luster, the heir to Max Factor. The great-grandson of the founder of the cosmetic brand made in the USA a series of brutal rapes and was a fugitive from justice in Mexico.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

On account of the rapist was at least three victims, whom he raped, drugged, and removing their actions on video. The luster was arrested, but released under an imposing bail, after which he fled to Mexico and hid in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta on the West of the country.

For the apprehension of the offender, the U.S. government was willing to pay $ 1 million and it was a tasty morsel for Chapman and his family. For Lester to Mexico left the Dog himself, his brother Tim and son Leland. The operation was on the 40-minute release of the fourth season of the TV show "Dog the bounty hunter".

Chapman adequately coped with the task — after a spectacular car chases and massive street fight Laster was caught, handcuffed and locked in the van. But intervened in the case of the Mexican police, who very promptly arrived at the scene of the fight and arrested all the participants of the action.

In the end, the Luster was extradited to the United States, and the trio of bounty hunters was inhospitable in a Mexican jail on charges of kidnapping. Immediately it should be said that "illegally abducted" received in the homeland of 124 years in prison, and reward the team of Dog and was not paid.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

Money Chapman "cheated" because in Mexico, bounty hunting is prohibited by law and for this reason, three Americans and threatened a considerable period in this country. They managed to be released only through the efforts of Beth — wife of Dwayne, this time, it is prudent to stay home. The woman lifted everyone's ears through the media and the Mexican authorities rushed to produce Duane, Tim and Leland bail.

Trinity, without thinking, ran away from Mexico, thus violating the law as well as his time did Laster. Immediately after returning to the U.S., a team of Dog was at the center of this media storm. At Chapman is interviewed by Larry king and the names of the participants in the events flashed in the headlines of most major American publications.

But popularity fell as snow on the head, not pleased Chapman. The story of the hunt for the Laster had to have an unpleasant sequel, as the Hound with his relatives broke the law. In 2006, just a few days before the end of the period of limitation in the case, the office Dog in Honolulu was raided by U.S. marshals who arrested Duane, Leland, and Tim.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

As it turned out, Federal agents "passed" bounty hunters in exchange for a drug Lord. It is obvious that the escape of a team of Dog from Mexico is a serious blow to the ego of the local police and the fugitives decided to return at any cost. The courts continued until 2007 and to avoid returning to a Mexican prison, the Americans managed only by the letter that Chapman wrote to U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice.

Hunting for heir to the Empire Max Factor cost Dog and his relatives half a million dollars spent on lawyers and the payment of collateral, several months in prison in Mexico and the United States and a lot of nerves. Plus the whole thing was one — now Duane Chapman and his family knew, even those Americans who have never watched his show.

But fame nationally in the end went Chapman benefit. The attention of the tabloids to his person led to the emergence of the temptations, which was able to resist, not all relatives of the Dog. The youngest son of the hero, Tucker, was sold to the media for a round sum record a telephone conversation in which Dwayne, talking about his black girlfriend several times used the word "nigger".

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

A scandal broke and now the Dog has become for Americans have not wronged hero, and a real bully and a racist. Channel A& E, which came out of the show Chapman, suspended his show as long as he publicly apologized for his words.

Two scandals in a row made the Dog more famous, but fame was too burdensome. Office bounty hunters in Honolulu, now the fans, tourists and the curious who wanted to chat, shake Dwayne hand or to tell your story. There was another category of fans, haters, who yearned to impose a Dog fight and to assess what it is in the "real business".

Everything else in 2019, died of cancer, the wife of Duane, Beth, and for many years was his faithful companion in all the alterations. When Beth put a disappointing diagnosis, Chapman show changed its format and released the first season of "Dog's Most wanted". It Dwayne is already working himself as son and brother decided that the adventures they've had enough.

The new show did not get popularity and its second season, I decided not to. Of ten episodes, during which Chapman visits Beth in the hospital, talks about the life of the minor orders are not interested in the audience and the project was a failure.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: a bounty hunter that turned my life in reality show

In an interview Duane Chapman gave in the January 2020 edition of the New York Times, he admitted that much discouraged after the death of his wife. In February the dog was 67 years old, and this will agree, advanced age, even for Superman. Despite this, the Dog is not going to rest — he continues to make a living by hunting, though greatly slowed the pace.

Among the nearest plans Chapman's writing a book that will be dedicated to his wife. The journalists ' questions about whether viewers to expect the return of a Dog in its old format, Dwayne specifically unresponsive, but everyone can see that the old twinkle in hunter anymore.

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