As the food industry forges products

Food industry, apparently, never tired to surprise us with ingenuity, especially when it comes to creating fake products. Here are some facts confirming this.

As the food industry forges products

As the food industry forges products

Sour cream fake

Sour cream is very useful, it is quickly absorbed by the body, but it concerns sour cream, cooked in the classical way, ie exclusively from cream and sourdough. And a sour cream on the shelves today is difficult to find. How to check authenticity of the product? Very simple: it is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of sour cream in a Cup of boiling water. Fake precipitates, and the present is completely dissolved.

As the food industry forges products

Caviar is a fake

Today, this delicacy rich in iodine, because of the high prices is not available to everyone. Therefore, red and black caviar learned to forge. Make it from algae, and the taste of this caviar gives gelatin. But even if the calf has the smell of fish and the eggs of the correct form and the required color is not the proof of their naturalness. Natural caviar when compression of the bursts and has a bitter taste and a fake just chewed. In natural caviar eggs must be intact, the liquid should be quite a bit. If the caviar of salt less than it should be, she may not live until the end of the implementation period.

Shelf life of caviar after the catch three days, which is why the makers to extend the added preservatives. The best caviar is packaged in jars July to September — during this time the salmon spawn and more likely that the manufacturer used a minimum of preservatives.

Verification of the genuineness of eggs: if in a container of boiling water to throw real eggs, the protein begins to collapse, leaving the water white plume, and the egg will remain unharmed. Artificial eggs in boiling water after some time will lose their shape and begin to dissolve.

As the food industry forges products


Preservatives. The use of preservatives began in antiquity. People always wanted to extend the service life of the products. Salt, honey, wine. Was later replaced by wine vinegar and ethyl alcohol. Also, to save products from spices isolated essential oil. It would have been nice if natural preservatives are not replaced synthetic.

They stop the formation in the product as harmful and beneficial bacteria. Thanks to them increases the shelf life of the product retains the color, the smell.

On the other hand, they can cause stomach upset, changes in blood pressure, even cancer.

As the food industry forges products

Crab sticks

As it turns out, in the fish mince fish no more than 10%. After the analysis, experts have not managed to find out exactly what substances make up the remaining 90%.

After the publication of the results of this study in the press sales of crab sticks fell several times. The sad thing is that manufacturers do not tell the whole truth about the composition of "not crab sticks". The conclusion is simple: crab sticks — a product with unknown components, and there is not just not worth it, but strictly not necessary.

As the food industry forges products

Smoked fish

The manufacturer claims that the main component of such liquid — extract from a conventional smoke. A recipe for the production is kept secret. Quickly bloat a fish not a problem now, does not need any smoker or cherry chips.

Recipe. It's very simple: half a liter of water two tablespoons of salt and 50 grams. liquid smoke. Dip the fish and leave in the fridge for two days. All smoked fish is ready. But what about heat treatment, which should kill botulism, cholera, Salmonella, staph and all kinds of worms? We whole bunch of probabilities offer to buy along with the fish. It would be fair to call it not smoked fish, and "rousserolles" fish. One conclusion: if you want to live — just don't eat "rockarollica" fish.

To distinguish it from the real smoked too easy. In this smoked fish on the cut of meat has a yellowish tint, and in the area of the stomach fat is going the same color. Dyed fish section has color simple herring and fatty secretions are almost there. Therefore, when buying smoked fish, ask the seller to cut it. And pay attention to the date of Smoking, since improper storage of the probability of occurrence of harmful bacteria is greatly increased.

As the food industry forges products


The packaging also indicates the caliber shrimp, its essence — the number of shrimp per kilogram. But this is only true for unpeeled shrimp. These provisions violate almost all manufacturers. Coastal marine plankton can accumulate heavy metals.

Quite long ago learned to breed shrimp in the coastal zone. Shrimp grown piece, contain antibiotics that are added to the water to crustaceans was not sick. Excess antibiotics in the body causes allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis, kills the microflora. The most commonly used chloramphenicol, which is very slowly excreted from the human body. Unfortunately until we have laws that regulate the presence of growth stimulants or antibiotics in the shrimp.

Eyes the presence of antibiotics in shrimp can not be detected. Therefore, when buying look for "Atlantic" shrimp that is caught at sea, they antibiotics much less.

Conclusion: shrimp is a very high likelihood of the presence of antibiotics, so it is advisable to limit the use of shrimp to several times a month. Especially if the manufacturer of shrimp is questionable.

As the food industry forges products

A large part of the honey, soy sauce and spices in stores — fake

Soy sauce, too much of a fake, although seemingly very soybeans — the raw material is readily available. The whole point is that the process of production of soy sauce is too long and laborious. Therefore, many enterprising producers decided to shift to the "maturing" imitation, which is preparing for three days, and kept incomparably longer.

But worst of all, perhaps, is the case with saffron. It is expensive, no wonder it is called the king of spices. Per kilogram of saffron this will have to pay about twenty thousand dollars. That's impressive, given that most of the manufacturers claiming to sell spices exclusively of the highest quality, in fact in each box of saffron ten percent or so. The rest — worthless the crushed plant.

As the food industry forges products

With the help of special glue meat scraps, you can make one big and tasty steak

Much less innocuous looks another use of transglutaminase. In large meat production is always a lot of pieces and scraps that are suitable except for animal feed. And thanks transglutaminase Thrifty entrepreneurs can glue any waste of meat production into one whole and to avoid financial losses. Moreover, ordinary consumers to distinguish between such a mosaic from a regular piece of meat very difficult.

As the food industry forges products

Salmon paint in pink color

To give the same fish a beautiful pink color, manufacturers, as you may guess, stuffed her special coloring agents. These pills make for salmon even different shades for different tastes hosts fish enterprises.

Today, the farm is grown about 95% of the Atlantic salmon, and almost all of it — painted.

As the food industry forges products

Italian mafia involved in fake olive oil

The oil, which today is sold under the form of high-quality olive, at least 80% — a mixture of cheap vegetable oils from Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Spain. No special use of such a product, of course not. At least not greater than that of conventional sunflower oil. Surprisingly, people are so accustomed to the taste of the fake, now the real net product is quite often mistaken for a fake.

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