"And your mother-in-law is not needed?": 6 most attractive girls millionaires

The richness and beauty rarely come in pairs, but the girls from our review proved that these two things are perfectly compatible. Below you will see the most charming and sexy millionaires of the world, which men adore and hate at the same time.

Ivanka Trump

First place in the ranking of the hottest billionaire the world is the eldest daughter of US President Ivanka trump and part of his closest aides.

In his youth, Ivanka tried to build a career in the modeling industry, and it is worth noting, did it quite successfully. The girl fell several times on the pages of famous magazines, but his father's genes, eventually, won the day – Ivanka pulled into politics.

Currently, Ivanka trump holds the position of Vice-President in the Corporation his father. In addition, business-woman for a long time headed his own firm for the production of jewelry and accessories.

When the girl announced her desire to go into politics, family, trump faced a wave of criticism from the public, the alleged "father is trying to push their daughter." That is why Ivanka works as an adviser to the President on an unpaid basis, although even this did not prevent her to accumulate with her husband Jared Kushner an impressive state about $ 1.1 billion.

Amanda Hurst

Another rich blonde in our list is the heir to media company Hearst Communications Amanda Hirst. For a long time she refused all benefits measured life of the businessman and even dropped out to pursue modeling.

However, a strict upbringing in a successful and respectable family eventually forced Amanda to rethink its decision. So, she still received a higher education, but to connect his life with family business did not.

Now pretty engaged in social activities, fighting for animal rights and advocates for the protection of the environment.

Amanda Hearst and Ivanka trump

However, Hearst Communications Amanda something – a girl works in one of its sponsored publications, fashion magazine Marie Claire. According to various sources on the personal account of the successor of Empire 2 to $ 8 billion.

Alexander Andersen

Another heiress in our ranking – 22-year-old Alexander Andresen. By the way, the youngest billionaire in the world. The girl's condition is estimated at $ 1.3 billion, and it is only about personal capital.

Alexander Andresen is the daughter of the Norwegian industrial magnate Johann Andresen. In the ranking of the richest people in the country he is in 5th place with an income in excess of 3.27 billion.

Katharina Andresen

As you may have guessed, Katherine Andresen – the older sister of Alexandra and the owner of the remaining 42% of shares of the Corporation his father. Unlike the younger sister, Katarina without remorse enjoys all the advantages a wealthy lady arranges a glamorous party, not afraid of trouble with the law, posts candid Instagram photo with his black friend. Yes, she is an open lesbian.

In 2018, Forbes magazine declared the girl the second youngest billionaire of the world. The first place is her sister. The state of Catarina is estimated at $ 1.4 billion.

Lee So Hyun

Lee so Hyun is the daughter of one of founders of Corporation of Samsung products which are very popular all over the world. In 2002 she graduated from the "School of design Parsons" in new York city and immediately thereafter took a job at the company Cheil Industries – a branch of Samsung, which specializiruetsya on the fashion and textile industry.

In 2015, Lee Hyun took the office of President of the fashion Department. Before the girl was tasked to bring the company out of the economic difficulties and by 2020 to increase its revenue by 5 times.

To sum up earlier, but, apparently, things With Hyun doing well in 2018 it took 19-th place among the richest people in South Korea. State beauty is estimated at $1.5 billion.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi – the daughter of Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Most of the diaper the girl was surrounded by wealth and luxury, and this despite the fact that in line to the throne, she is not even among the top ten contenders.

Charlotte enjoys horseback riding, business, charity and even philosophy. In 2015, the girl founded a discussion club entitled "a Philosophical meeting in Monaco."

Perhaps the only thing missing the girl full of happiness – is family. Charlotte has two children from the actor Gad Elmaleh and producer Dmitry Rasama, but relations with them have millionaire never happened. Now the owner of a fortune estimated at $ 5 billion, raising sons by herself. It is noteworthy that both of her sons are among the contenders for the throne of Monaco, as it was born out of wedlock.

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