5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

You know, talking about some "generally repulsed"? And while "captured" quite often it turns out that, for what he undertakes — whether thanks to, or despite the bravery and despair. Here are some of these "captured" the medieval warriors, which became a legend, and we'll talk.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Reckless courage and talent, these things sometimes correlate, but not always. Richard was a great soldier, but the king is so-so. Chivalry, of idealism, courage — all this in it was enough for ten. Well, just the knight of knights! Brains were worse. Richard was distinguished by two qualities: first, he was very persistent, and second — easily change your decisions suddenly and without any logic. Combination represent?

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Relatively speaking, Richard would be a good captain and even a major, but not Generalissimo. In his youth he became famous just military exploits. Well, there is... a rebellion against his father has arranged so beautifully that father, after defeating the rebels, even wept, forgave, and left a son of the Ducal chain.

Then, under the hand of Papa, Richard smashed the other rebels took the castle considered impregnable — was handsome, chivalrous, beloved common people and mother Alianore of Aquitaine. Became king, forcing from the trough to the other brothers. All is good, but Richard decided that he was, naturally, the greatest of warriors, which were land, and, becoming a king, immediately rushed to recapture the Holy Sepulchre. Somewhere it is necessary such an outstanding nature to make!

He and put. The personal bravery of Richard there is no doubt — as a strength. When he won the Cyprus blocks the path to the Holy Land, the king fought in the front ranks. Not just in the first — he led Stroy the English knights were cut into the ranks of enemies first, and then followed the others. However, in the same Cyprus is the British army pinned down for a whole month. And having won it, Richard sold the island, because with the money the crown was tight. Generally do — to gather in the campaign, poor England had to almost bleed to taxes.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Before Saracens Richard show off as best he could. Went ahead, challenging the whole Saracen army. Predictably returned with a shield, bristling with arrows.

Alas, to win back Jerusalem failed. With the Sultan Salah ad-DIN, Richard made peace, and not returning the empty Tomb. But the crusaders recaptured important cities, including acre and achieved the freedom of Christians pilgrimage to their shrines. Richard on the way home was captured by Leopold of Bavaria. England had to pay a substantial sum to buy out a brave, but somewhat clueless monarch.

Upon returning to England, Richard also couldn't sit still. He began to fight with the French king Philip Augustus — he had his eye on the English possessions in France and energetically cut off pieces from the feudal power of Richard on the continent. They fought for five years, and here Richard managed to get the upper hand and force the former ally to make certain concessions.

He died after during the siege of the castle Frisky was wounded in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt: the wound was poorly treated, and the king, thirsting for glory and victories, died of gangrene. Thank him however, got.

Roland is a legendary character and is practically literary. Wrote about it "the Song of Roland" — and now do not understand where raging Roland himself, and where poetic perception of it.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Know about Roland, in General, that he was a noble knight and ally of Charlemagne. Maybe nephew. Medieval literature made him a sample of the knightly virtues long before it became mainstream and this place went to the aforementioned Richard. It is not surprising, given that Roland lived much earlier notorious English king (he died in 778 year).

Youth Roland is basically net books, and death is history (though literature too). It was during the return of Charlemagne from a trip to Spain. There the Emperor drove the Saracens. Drove not very successfully — offended and went home.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

On the way fell by the hand of the local population (the Basques), which was kind of the inaccessibility of the Saracens capitalized. Several villages valiant soldiers of Charles sacked and burned, after which, slightly cheered, he went on. The Basques are rightly offended and ambushed the rear guard of Charles's troops. Ambushed this, in fact, pleased Roland.

Then put aside the timeline and take up the "Song of Roland". Peplum there magically turned into the Saracens, to not hurt it. Well, of course — if an epic character dies at the hands of angry local spearmen, it somehow reduces the degree of the tragedy. Therefore, in the "Songs" — the Saracens. And ambushed Roland enters, and by the treachery of a companion of Charles Earl Ganelon.

"Hit" occurred in Renewalism gorge. It was there that Roland was cut off from the main forces of Charles and survived the battle with the enemy. That is, for some time kept, and very heroic. Flatly refusing to blow the horn and call Charlemagne for help: say, can do it myself. And bravely fought in the front ranks, waving off advisers.

In General, nothing good is not led. When Roland succumbed to the persuasion and blew the horn, it was too late. Carl simply did not have time... But how much literature have grown out of this fight!

The scourge of God lived even before Roland — in the beginning of the fifth century. Shortly before the Huns came to Europe from Asia, led a nomadic life and was continually surprised European morals (specifically the Eastern and Western Roman empires). The Romans seemed hot Attila effete and depraved, downright created, so they can fight. And Attila can fight.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

The leader proclaimed he was on equal footing with his brother Bleda. Initially the brothers have been wonderful understanding, which was reflected in the fact that bled did not prevent Attila. Attila was delighted and started with what appeared to the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius with news that from now on he will pay him 700 pounds of gold per year.

Concluding thus the contract with Byzantium, Attila began to bestestimate neighboring barbarian tribes — kazirov, Burgundians, Teutons, Slavs. Despite the agreement with Theodosius, still could not resist and attacked Byzantium, by pushing her around Serbia, however, Theodosius was able to arrange to still the Huns did not go.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Bled was sitting at home, drinking, eating, fat and totally unfit for any useful work. Attila was upset and killed him.

Attila only externally was repulsed tightly gruff barbarian. That is, he could be — and could suddenly transform into an intelligent ruler in Roman clothing, speaking in perfect Latin. Sometimes he offered the other person a choice — which incarnation he is ready to communicate.

But most of all Attila preferred to have seen him Terrible Surly — mad barbarian who is interested in life only the blood of enemies. In General, this time Attila only stayed in Greece. Theodosius have to figure out how to flee from Constantinople, but again failed to agree — the defeated Empire promised to pay tribute.

Then Attila defeated the Gauls, conquered Italy and took Rome only because of epidemics and hunger. He died at an old age, whether from a rupture of a blood vessel, or being stabbed by his wife Ildiko Frankish Princess, he is taking revenge for his people (the Franks, Attila also weschester). Left all good Christians glory wild barbarian, Scourge of God, and real punishment for the sins of...

Note that the origin Ildiko — it architime. However, this cheerful barbarian killed so many people that the enemies he had for every taste. However, the Vikings, for example, believed otherwise. They even Attila was not too repulsed...

Generally, choosing the five most repulsed soldiers, you can just take five of the Vikings and put the ryadochek. Eric Bloody Axe, for example, Gunnar Amundaray, of Ivar the Boneless... Here in Ibarra and stop. First, he was crippled (most likely). Second, it did not prevent him to be a Berserker!

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

Berserkers are the warriors who fought in a state of sacred fury (perhaps on mushrooms), insensitive to pain, incredibly strong, fierce and fast. It was believed that during the battle the Berserker is insane and its performance characteristics are much higher than that of the ordinary soldier. So a Berserker and was Ivar. His nickname meant either extreme mobility or a condition in which the joints become abnormally mobile.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages

The nickname really unusual, and that it really means, there are versions for every taste. "Boneless" decode as "hateful", and as "Footloose", there is even a "yellow" version, saying that "accostati" is a delicate euphemism, covering physical disability, which is delicately referred to as "an inability to lust."

Feet at Ivar when it was supposed to be weak, but the enemies he is a hack are not disturbed. He began with what appeared to England to avenge the death of his father Ragnar Lothbrok. The army of Ivar, passed through the country, devastating and ravaging her. The aim of the Ivar was Northumbria — there are rules of king Ella, who killed Ragnar. In Northumbria, Ivar was declared all saints ' Day, November 1, 866 a year.

Ella understood and resolutely swept away. He found allies and attacked York, in which sat the Vikings. The walls cracked under the onslaught of the British. Ivar at first, the habit has started to kill everyone, then apparently came to their senses.

The English really broke into the York... and hit the "pot". Surrounding the army Ella, Ivar defeated him, and the king himself was sacrificed, breaking his ribs and lungs pulled through the wounds in the back. The memory of his father was avenged, Ivar was recognized as the greatest of the Vikings, and soon died. Just purpose the person was no longer in my life.

Aruj (not to be confused with Frederick) was born on the island of Lesbos, about 1473. In his Prime he came on Board a Turkish pirate ship. Soon the young man himself was in command of the ship. He managed everything, including an unprecedented impudence — the capture of two galleys of the Pope Julius. Under Aruga soon accumulated a fleet, which was based on the island of Djerba.

5 of the most crazy warriors of the middle AgesSultan Selim al-Toomey decided to use this treasure to capture Algeria. The idea proved to be unsuccessful. That is aruj captured Algiers, handed it to Salim, and then wondered why he should give the conquered prey. In these reflections aruj came to Salim, and buried him in his own pool, proclaiming himself Sultan of Algiers. Then he continued to fight on land, taking one Spanish city after another.

However, just two years later, the Spanish troops caught him with a small group — arug died... Why we consider it one of the most crazy warriors of the middle Ages? Because death Aradia was as senseless as it is delicious.

It was like this: when the Spanish troops caught him near the river Salado, a former pirate with part of the troops had managed to cross even loot. But then he turned around and saw that the remaining part of his army bravely fighting against clearly superior forces of the Spaniards, with no chance to win.

And returned to a completely senseless death is perfectly aware of this, anyone that is not saving, contrary to all laws of logic, guided only by the laws of honor. That was aruj.

Honor above all — it's all about the middle Ages and medieval warriors. Because for the rulers so important was personal courage, and often without being talented generals, they became the legendary warriors. In the New era generals will be taking care of yourself. And these crazy guys just burst into enemies, hoping that the Lord will not forsake them. Sometimes it came out.

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