5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

A woman associated with home warmth, tenderness and softness... But not always! Sometimes the woman feels a compulsion to destroy... We will talk about the most brutal magnacca the last two decades. What pushed them to the path of the murder and how they managed to catch?

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

The biggest serial killer of our time, on account of its 17 victims! Gaydaychuk called "Raskolnikov in a skirt" — and all because she killed only full of old ladies.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Irina was born in 1972 in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. In his early youth addicted to alcohol before birth, but soon the child was taken away, depriving Gaydaychuk of parental rights due to her addiction to alcohol.

In the late 1990s, Irina moved to Tashkent, where he committed his crimes. She remarried and had a daughter. Husband did not give the money was afraid that the wife will spend everything for a drink. And then head Irina there was "brilliant" plan.

Future serial killer from childhood hated women. She later said that at an early age, was raped, and the elderly neighbor heard through the wall, but nothing helped. Therefore, the choice of victims, the killer didn't even doubt it – it was supposed to be an old woman.

Irina was going to pick up their savings and spend the small needs in the first place, of course, alcohol. Although the court of Gaydaychuk and argued that the money would be postponed for "hard times" to feed my daughters, it is still necessary to recognize that for all the years of "work" she's got a relatively small amount.

Their crimes Irina was made not only in Moscow but also in nearby cities Serowe, Acit, druzhinino, Yekaterinburg. Coming to his future victims, the offender was presented by the employee of social security, so she quietly opened the door. Then the killer acted under the same scenario, we scored the victim with a hammer on the head, took the money and valuables, and then "covering their tracks": repainted the hair, etc.

Some time elusive criminal, could not manage to catch. The first breakthrough in the search occurred after one of the victims survived...! 80-year-old grandmother was able to make a sketch attacked her of a serial killer. She was a middle-aged woman, blonde.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Soon the sketch was posted all over the Krasnoufimsk. All blondes were taken on the street and taken to the police station for fingerprinting and verification. Residents were afraid to go to beauty salon and suddenly suspect!

Finally, there was the woman suspiciously similar to sketch is plastered everywhere. It was Maria Valeeva. Almost immediately after the arrest, she confessed all episodes, the city breathed freely... But too early...

Soon, in a neighbouring Serov was committed another attack in the same scenario. It has become clear arrested the wrong... Maria immediately declined from prior testimony, saying that it had used physical force.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

The killer managed to arrest only in 2010. It was 39-year-old Irina Gaydaychuk, the mother of two children, whom neighbors described very positively. Well, who knows what drinks – but the children are always dressed-shod, fed, and in General, Irina – a good mother, caring...

Irina admitted at 17 crimes, but remorse is not expressed. Claimed to have killed for the sake of money and treated her like his work. Examination found Gaydaychuk sane, and the court appointed her a sentence of 20 years in prison – is the maximum period in our country for women. It turns out that the scary serial killer will be released approximately in 2031.

It is considered that the old completely harmless... But this is not always the case! Our next character is an elderly lady Tamara Samsonova, which account for two confirmed victims, but most likely there were more. It was nicknamed "old potroshiteli" for boundless cruelty and "Baba Yaga" for a frightening appearance.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Born Tamara Mitrofanovna in 1947 in the Krasnoyarsk region. After high school, he graduated from Moscow linguistic University, and then moved to Saint Petersburg where she married. Children of the couple were not.

Some time Samsonov, he worked in the "Intourist", in particular, in the hotel "Europe". Just seniority changed eight jobs.

In 2000, suddenly lost her husband Tamara – the involvement of his wife to prove and failed, but it is possible that the woman killed the husband, and the body was dumped. To divert suspicion, Samsonova, I wrote a statement about the loss to the police, but the man was never found. 15 years later, in 2015, she reiterated the statement of loss.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

After the disappearance of her husband, pensioner tried to rent a room in the apartment. For some time she lived 44-year-old man who came in the "cultural capital" of Norilsk. In September 2003 between the owner and the tenant, a quarrel broke out, and as a result the grandmother of God dandelion just finished the lodger. She did it with poison, then dismembered the corpse with a handsaw and did it in a garbage bag.

In 2015, Tamara itself became a lodger moved to 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova thanks to the patronage of a common friend. The need for a temporary stay in another apartment Samson explained that her apartment was being renovated.

However, quarrelsome character Tamara and her obvious mental disorders made themselves felt. Valentina tired of living with a grumpy roommate, and she began to ask her to move out. And Samsonova, in contrast, was like a new home, and nowhere to move out she was not going...

After another quarrel Tamara went to the town of Pushkin and there, using persuasion and costly offerings, was able to convince the pharmacist to sell her a sedative drug phenazepam issued strictly on prescription. The whole pack killer mixed in a salad, a favorite dish of Valentina.

The next morning maniac found the landlady's dead. It went hacksaw Tatiana first sawed off his victim's head, then divided the corpse in half and then cut into small pieces. To make all parts of the body, she had seven times to go out into the street, where the old woman was hit by a surveillance camera.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Three days later, the body of an elderly woman, wrapped in a curtain from a bath, has been found, the identity is established and the police came to the apartment Ulanova. There continued to reside Samsonov, bathroom found traces of blood, and was torn curtain. The pensioner was arrested.

Against Tamara Samsonova was prosecuted, however, psychological and psychiatric examination found her insane and a danger to society. Grandmother-potroshiteli sent for compulsory treatment, she is still alive and held in the psychiatric clinic of the city of Kazan.

Investigators found the St. Petersburg diary of a serial killer and concluded that during his life, grandma could make a lot more murders in her notes contain fragmentary descriptions of crimes. On the other hand, it may just be the manifestation of the disease – a familiar Samsonova told that at one time she was very interested in Chikatilo, was written about him all the information.

So diary entries could be nothing other than a manifestation of a sick imagination Tamara Samsonova. However, who knows... it was Said that during the investigation, the offender confessed in 10 episodes, but later retracted his words...

The famous "Zyuzinskaya maniac", which account for two murders and three attempted life. All of the victims are men-only.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Maria Petrova was born in 1978, grew up swimming. The girl differed tall and masculine figure. Argued that in early youth raped a young man, then at work she was molested by an older colleague. After these events, the girl hated men and decided to kill them...

Maria worked as a physical education teacher at the Moscow electronic technology College. At the place of work was characterized positively, however, colleagues celebrated her unsociable and gloom.

The first murder she committed in 2002. That evening, as usual, did a jog near his home. Suddenly, when she ran past a stop, grabbed her by the hand of a drunken man. She quickly pulled out a knife and twice punched him in the stomach.

But next time Petrova is itself attacked a man. It happened just after harassment at work by older colleagues or the teacher showed excessive activity, whether Petrova thought so – but the girl urgently decided to take revenge... on to some other man. Turned up under the arm 60-year-old Nicholas Zhabin, which the maniac with a knife slashed across his throat.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Soon Mary got a taste and began another attack. In total he made three attacks, all of the victims survived and were able to identify her. But, despite this, to catch the murderer was only two months later.

In April 2002 to Petrova in the apartment, the police, and she immediately confessed to everything. She was sent to a psychiatric examination, which revealed severe abnormalities. The girl was sent for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital where she is still.

The party and the mastermind of the gang of "the cleaners" involved in the murder of the homeless, alcoholics, beggars, and other "anti-social elements".

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

In total, the band had five people. Young people met Vkontakte and soon developed his strategy of "ridding the world of evil." They watched for the victims in the wilderness in the dark, at first, struck with a hammer, then finished off with knives. Often the victims were homeless or drunk, sometimes migrant workers.

All of those killed on account of the gang more than 15, with six murders Elena was directly involved, and for the six – watched from the sidelines. In 2015, the gang was arrested. Took the first leader Paul vojtova and his assistant – Elena Lobacheva, then found and the others. The court sentenced vojtova to life imprisonment, Elena, to 13 years in a General regime.

Elena Lobacheva was born in Moscow, after school he worked as a courier and assistant accountant, previously had arrests for larceny. Police girlfriend confessed she always wanted to be like a doll killer from a horror movie "Bride of Chucky". She even got a tattoo with the image of your favorite character.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

Lobacheva and said that the indiscriminate stabbed through the body of a dying man gave her the true moments of pleasure close to an orgasm...

Among violent female assassins in modern Russia it is worth noting Catherine Ustyuzhaninova committed in 2013 in the murder Libya Libyan officer and wounded his elderly mother. The girl had obvious mental disorder and his act of "revenge" for the slain leader Muammar Gaddafi, a fan was.

5 most scary women-pervs modern Russia

His victim athlete (master of sports in powerlifting) just machine-gunned in the face. Currently serving a sentence in prison in Libya. Action Ustyuzhaninova provoked an armed attack on the Russian Embassy in Libya, which was evacuated.

According to some reports, an officer was roommate Catherine, and murder were purely domestic in nature. Former classmates and acquaintances of the girl noted the strangeness of her behavior. For example, she liked to focus on his Jewish origins, to the extent that wore the sidelocks. Chat with Catherine was difficult, she often was quite aggressive, provoking conflicts.

At some point, the girl began to show interest in the events in Libya. She was able to get on a tourist visa to Tunisia, where it was taken in Libya, members of the Association "For Gaddafi and his people."

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