13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Some films are able to instantly conquer their audience. Whether, for example, "Star wars" or "Titanic", which broke at the time records at the box office. But other cult films was ahead of its time and had no commercial success, which, however, did not prevent them to change the history of cinema and leave a special trace in the hearts of cinephiles.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The creation of Jim Sarmina, which is today already a cult classic, was criticized after the premiere in the UK and America in 1975.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The audience didn't really know what to expect and was not looking forward to the opportunity to see a musical in theaters. Ultimately, low turnout led to the fact that the film removed from screens. The musical managed to appear in only eight cities and earn 22 thousand dollars.

The status of a cult classic with Tim Curry in the lead role was a year later, in 1976. Then one of the new York theaters began midnight screenings, which also was interactive — the audience could from his seat to shout replica. Such films became popular in many American cities and soon revived the "horror Show rocky Horror".

Picture of Orson Welles, which is now considered one of the greatest films and creation which is the subject of a new film by David Fincher, had such a success at the box office.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, based on whose life a film was made, so hated the film that forbade the Newspapers to mention her in its pages.

With a cynical view on the American dream and complex narrative style, the film lost $ 3 million, adjusted for inflation, but still managed to receive nine nominations for "Oscar" and one win for best screenplay, which was divided between Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles.

When, in 1989, the indie picture with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater appeared in theaters, it became instant hit.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The film brought in just $ 1.1 million that is not worth even half the stated budget. However, thanks to the home video rental once a failure pattern has become a legend in the history of cinema, as it is to this day, and is included in the list of the best films about the students version of Esquire.

Today you can find many references to "Fatal attraction" in other films, and in 2018 was also released in the same series.

For many years, "the Shawshank redemption" held the first place in the list of "top 250 movies of all time" according to IMDb and Kinopoisk, but in 1994, the picture did not cause the audience's delight.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Premiere adaptation of the novel of Stephen king was faced with competition from such films as "Forrest Gump" and "pulp fiction." In the first weekend, the film was able to earn less than a million dollars, which did not justify its budget. Only after the seven nominations for "Oscar" "the Shawshank redemption" became the most popular film at the box office in 1995.

Now the picture has become a cult classic that never ceases to turn on American television, and Tim Robbins, the actor, remembers that wherever he went, there will always be people who will say: "This film changed my life".

"Office space" is now considered a seminal Comedy, describing the office culture, but when in 1999 the picture came to the cinema, she could not immediately find an audience.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The film earned only $ 800,000 more than was spent on production. Director Mike judge in the failure of its picture vinyl bad marketing campaign. In an interview, he told me that the trailer can not fit the jokes and irony that is inherent in most. When the Comedy was released on DVD, it began to say.

It turned out that "Office space" surprisingly accurately reflect the state of the majority of people in the late 1990s, who are tired to sit in offices and do useless work. Thanks to the blockbuster film the judge found a second life, and his characters have become to quote a whole generation of people.

"Scott pilgrim vs. the world" failed at the box office when it was first released in theaters.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The film nearly didn't make back half its budget at $ 60 million, however, the picture of Edgar Wright subsequently received positive reviews for its visual style and cast. Thankfully, the movie found its loyal fans that has propelled it to cult status.

Now, in 2020, in its 10th anniversary, the story of a guy struggling with his former dream girl, gets much more attention than in the year of its premiere.

With a budget of 63 million dollars "Fight club" earned only $ 37 million on the sale of tickets. The Studio didn't know how to sell such a controversial film, and the marketing strategy failed.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Today we can confidently say that the picture David Fincher has become an integral part of movie history, but at the time, even brad pitt and Edward Norton are unable to help the Thriller recouped at the box office. Despite the lack of response in theaters, Fincher never stopped believing that his work will find its audience.

He invested heavily in the release media by including in the DVD format with special comments to help you understand the story of Tyler Durden. As expected, all the efforts of the Director have paid off, and the film soon became one of the best-selling DVD in the history of the company. "Fight club" rescued more than 100 million dollars from sales of video.

Surprisingly, the picture of Frank Capra, which is now considered a Christmas classic, bankrupted production company Director, losing millions in the car because of the not too happy and festive environment.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Only in 1974, when the copyright on the film expired and he became part of the public domain, "it's a wonderful life" gained new life on television, where broadcasters might have to stream the film for free on their channels.

To proryvnom movie Jake Gyllenhaal that was released in 2001 shortly after the September 11 attacks, the world was not ready.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The painting stayed in the cinemas for five months, but in the United States was able to collect only 518 thousand dollars with a budget of $ 4.5 million.

Only a year later thanks to DVD and midnight screenings, the movie began to acquire its cult status, and fandom surreal Thriller and a young Gyllenhaal began to grow rapidly.

The release of the film about Halloween in mid-summer did not help the "Focus pocus" to find their audience. Everyone's favorite movie with three witches played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi was not a commercial hit and was even criticized by the public.

Grim story, written in collaboration with horror icon Mick Garris, probably, was too frightening for its intended young audience category. In the film, however, there is enough questionable scenes for a children's movie rated PG that could in some way influence his failure.

Like many other films on this list, "hocus pocus" has become a favorite hellouinsky film fans after was released on home video. The picture has such a strong nostalgic status that Disney+ has announced plans for a sequel.

Sci-Fi epic by Ridley Scott, which is decades after the release received a long-awaited sequel, at the time, in 1982, barely managed to recoup its budget of 28 million dollars.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

The film is not helped even Harrison Ford, who was considered the most famous actor in the 1980s. Thanks to DVD re-releases over the next few years, the picture has finally found its audience and received a well-deserved place in history.

Thanks to the release on VHS and the Director's cut of "blade Runner" is now considered a cult band, perhaps ahead of his time. In 1993, the film was included in the national register of USA movies, and The Guardian named it the best science fiction film of all time.

The Coen brothers have created many commercial hits, but even the winner of the "Oscar" "to Old men here not a place" is not generated after the eponymous festival itself, and not inspired by a particular way of life.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Nevertheless, the film, released in 1998, took sixth place at the box office in its first weekend, while "Titanic" continued to gain momentum.

"The big Lebowski" years later, found its fans on the Network, which turned the film into a true phenomenon and made him a cult band in the Internet age.

"Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" is not always had a reputation as a family film. The film criticized the famous film critic gene Siskel and the New York Times called it tedious.

13 cult movies that flopped at the box office

Picture of Mel Stuart's almost nothing earned rent, which was disappointing Paramount Pictures. The Studio decided not to renew their copyrights, and in 1977, Warner Bros. bought the rights to the movie for just $ 550,000.

The new Studio is beginning to sell the tape to television stations, where "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" finally found its audience and became a classic, known and loved around the world.

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