10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

At all times, a woman could lead, violating the unwritten "code of rules of proper ladies". Not all ladies had the courage to go beyond the imposed morality. Women who were not in a hurry to become a homemaker and mother of numerous offspring, appeared in the center of the scandal.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

The society blamed the woman for showing her true nature, sharp mind, talent. It was considered indecent to neglect the role of wife and mother. The manifestation of the rebellious nature was not to be taken seriously. We present ten women, who during his lifetime enjoyed a dubious reputation. They did not have enough social acceptance to change the world for the better.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Julie d Aubigny

The story of French aristocrat was the basis of the novel by théophile Gautier "Mademauzel de Maupin". Julie d Aubigny lived at the junction of the XVI—XVII centuries. cow in France. She became famous as an Opera singer and Balanda. In childhood Julie preferred men's clothes. The girl was distinguished alive mind: learned to read, took lessons in drawing, dancing. But most of all loved little Julie horse riding, fencing.

As an adult, she fell in love with the girl that caused a huge scandal. Beloved was imprisoned in a monastery. Julie organized the escape by faking the death of his beloved in the fire. To do this, she stole the corpse of a dead nun, dragged him into the cell sweetheart and started a fire. However, the happiness of the lovers did not last long. A few months later, windy Julie broke it off.

Once a man insulted a French girl and she challenged him to a duel. Julie d Aubigny was excellent fencer. She defended his honor, impaling the offender in the shoulder. The man got to the hospital. Balanda came to visit and between young people began a romantic relationship. They remained friends for life.

Julie d Aubigny did not fit into the framework of public morality. Once she even tried to burn at the stake. The French suffered from a lack of self-realization. For 30 years its beginning to defeat depression, why the girl left the Opera house and locked themselves in the monastery. At 33, her life was tragically cut short.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons


A brilliant astronomer, mathematician and philosopher Hypatia fell victim to the brutal misogyny. She was born in 350 or 370 ad and died 30 years later. Her father was a famous scientist of Alexandria. Adhering to the advanced views, he provided daughters an excellent education. As an adult Hypatia became a teacher, a respected scholar. With the advent of Christianity her academic career collapsed.In 415 BC a crowd of fanatic Christians attacked Hypatia's chariot. They dragged the girl to the Church where he tore her clothes and threw roof tiles. Religious fanatics mutilated and burned the body of the hated women. Raging mob was guided by the restricted view of science as witchcraft.

In addition, Hypatia did not accept Christianity than jeopardize the ambitions of the militant Church. She publicly taught philosophy, which was not consistent with the dogmas of the new religion. Powerful friends in the person of the Governor of Alexandria gave Christianity to gain a foothold in Alexandria. The death of Hypatia clearly symbolizes religious persecution. Later it was recognized as a Martyr of science.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Betty Paige

Not all models pin-up was so popular as Bettie page in the 1950s. Men's magazine Playboy has published her photo in one of the first rooms. In 1955, the sexy brunette won the title "Miss pin-up". Some time later, Betty had stopped acting in a candid photo sessions have gone by the wayside. It turned out that the favorite of the audience turned to religion, decided to become a teacher. Soon in the life of Betty Paige began a black stripe.

Sexy beauty tried three times to establish a personal life, marrying. She's pathologically bad luck, marital relationship lasted no longer than two to five years. Betty almost two years spent in a psychiatric hospital. The doctors kept her under observation until 1992. She died of a heart attack in 2008. Many people think Betty Paige, founder of the sexual revolution in America. The iconic image of the liberated American women formed the basis for the comic book character.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Margaret Campbell

Margaret was born in 1912 in Scotland. She's inherited his father-millionaire George Wigham. The heiress was educated in the United States. In 1951, she went down the aisle with Ian Campbell, Duke of Argyle. Three years later, the couple hated each other. The Duke suspected Margaret of infidelity.

In 1959, he started divorce proceedings, which turned into a grandiose scandal. The couple hired private detectives trying to dig up more dirt about the opposing party. In 1963, in the hands of the Duke of Argyll got a personal diary and collection of photos Margaret. Pictures captured wife while having sex with another man. Margaret Campbell lost to the process. The Duke stained his reputation so much that they lost the membership in the famous White's club.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Philosopher, writer, fighter for the rights of women Mary Wollstonecraft became famous in the late XVII century. The most significant work of the writer was called "In defense of women's rights". Contrary to tradition, the writer said that women can be not only a homemaker, but also an indispensable employees. This required to equalize their rights with men.

Mary Wollstonecraft never recovered after the birth of her second child. Heartbroken husband William Godwin wrote a biography of his wife. Shocked readers know that Mary Wollstonecraft suffered from mental illness, had illegitimate children. Nevertheless, the book did not spoil the reputation of the writer. Mary entered human history as a relentless fighter for women's rights.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Sophie Germain

Talented French mathematician Sophie Germain lived at the junction of XVII—XVIII centuries. cov. As a child, she discovered the math, leafing through the books from father's library. Girl self-taught in everything that belonged to mathematics. She had to learn Latin and Greek to understand ancient scientific treatises. Parents are not encouraged mathematical talent of his daughter, because he believed science is an inappropriate activity for women.

Women could not attend lectures because Sophie Germain took the pseudonym "M. Le Blanc". This gave the opportunity to examine the recording of lectures of famous scientists. Under a pseudonym she corresponded with other scientists. Sophie Germain enthusiastically worked on Fermat's great theorem, than made an invaluable contribution to mathematics. However, its greatest merit is its personal example, inspired other women to study Sciences.10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

In the first half of the twentieth century books Colette has gained huge popularity. Sidonie-Gabrielle wrote on taboo topics, including sex. Her novels contain much autobiographical information. For example, about life in the village, life with an older spouse. Colette was married three times.

First husband, Henri Gauthier-Villars exploited the talent of his wife. He made her a recluse, so she's not distracted from writing novels. In my first marriage, Colette has given birth to four novels. Husband not only published them under his own name, but also pocketed the royalties. The third marriage of Sidonie-Gabrielle was seriously suffering from osteoarthritis, almost did not get out of bed. The husband nursed a talented wife, and she continued to write novels for a sensitive topic.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Luisa Casati

Italian aristocrat born into an incredibly wealthy family. Luisa Casati (1881-1957) was famous for the extravagant parties, the intolerance of the townsfolk. Another Italian was suffering from exhibitionism. Although at first there were no signs of trouble. Louise led a very comfortable life and was quite happy. Not until I met the poet Gabriele d'annunzio. At the time of Dating Italian woman was married.However, the marriage did not prevent the rapid Roman. A radical transformation of the quiet Louise took place under the influence of Gabriele d'annunzio. Italian aristocrat became famous as fateful, scandalous, ambitious woman. In admiring themselves, it has surpassed all measure. Before we reached the numerous images of awnings in painting, sculpture and photographs.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Tallulah Bankhead

American actress, TV presenter Tallulah Bankhead became famous in the early twentieth century, talented play, wit, brilliant appearance. Listeners stopped listening to her voice with huskiness. Even Tallulah Bankhead was famous for immoral behaviour, promiscuity, in which she joined with both men and women. The actress hasn't shied away from drugs. She publicly stated that for many years was using cocaine and did not notice the addiction.

10 women who went down in history as the most scandalous persons

Mae West

Bright, talented, liberated Mae West stirred up prudish American public in the early nineteenth century. A versatile talent, combined with provocative behavior has created a lot of trouble. In 1926, on Broadway, came the play "Sex," quickly gained popularity with the public hatred of critics. Because of the scandalous play Mae West even got into the police, served eight days in jail.

The writer and Director didn't leave delicate subject. Sophisticated, she used the techniques of understatement, put in the words a double meaning. Movies, plays Mae West was subjected to fierce criticism. No matter what, the legacy of the controversial actress is difficult to overestimate. Mae West happily lived to be 87 years old.

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