10 photos that hide the shocking murder

An old saying says that a picture can replace a thousand words. Everything can change in an instant, if will be known the reverse side of the story photo.

Photos from this collection at first glance seem ordinary, but when you read their evil history, you will be shocked. Each of these photos is hidden murder. It's time to take another look at them and find out what was really going on.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

19-year-old Alan Hruby posted this photo to Instagram with the caption: "Without these two Imperial College would not be so good." The guy went to parties with friends and behaved as if nothing had happened, although two days earlier, shot his parents and sister.

On Friday, 10 October 2014, Hruby stole a car from his father's gun, planning to kill a family in cold blood. By his plan, he threw in a nearby lake arms and a disc made home security system.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Then Hruby went on a weekend in Dallas, Texas, and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, trying to give himself an alibi. The bodies of his family members on Monday morning was discovered by the housekeeper. Later, the motive for his crimes was revealed in court: he wanted to kill the parents, to be able to use $ 3,000 of the estate and to pay debts.

District attorney Jason Hicks said

The Internet is often spread photo 18-year-old Jolie Callan made in August 2015, while Hiking in a state Park of Cheaha, Alabama. Her ex-boyfriend Lauren Banner convinced her to go for a walk together, though they broke up a few months before. Banner posted a photo of a girl sitting in the car with the dog on his lap, signing it: "On the way to a hike <3".

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

During the campaign Banner Callan shot in the head from a firearm 22 caliber and then dumped her body off the edge of the cliff and left. On the way home Banner called 911 to confess to the murder, and stopped in anticipation of arrest. The night before the murder, Callan sent a friend a message: "If with me something happens, you know who I was."

Banner, who at the time of the murder was 18 years old, appeared in court as an adult and was sentenced to 52 years in prison.

Popular YouTube blogger Sarah Funk over a hundred thousand subscribers that like to watch videos of her travels around the world. In 2017, during a visit to the red lake Mitsero in Cyprus with her boyfriend, she managed to remove the camera more than she expected.

The lake, which is popular with tourists, you'll be a bloody red due to the high acidity of the water and mineral content. Photo Funk is squatting by the water in the lake near the shore is visible suitcase. With a very accurate premonition of her boyfriend joked: "Here are the episodes of the murder." Funk adds: "I feel death in the air."

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Two years later the captain of the army of Cyprus Nikos Metaxas has admitted to killing five women and two children. He told the police that their bodies are in the bags in the Red lake, and one of these suitcases is still not found.

When it became clear that Funk took the case to the camera, she wrote in her blog post: "It's terrible, and I grieve with the families of the victims".

This photo made diver on the Great Barrier reef in October 2003. And the photographer did not know that he photographs the scene.

Just 11 days after Gabe and Tina Watson tied the knot, they went to see the wreck in the popular diving spot. Sensing a lack of oxygen, Tina began to panic and tried to take the oxygen mask of the husband, but Gabe did not help her and coldly watched as his wife's body lowered to the seabed. Then he quietly rose to the surface.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Prosecutor Brendan Campbell told the court of Queensland: "the Accused was clear that if he doesn't help my wife, she'll die. It is unclear why he did so." The court found that Gabe, an experienced diver, turned off the oxygen tank wife. In the background in this photo you can see the lifeless body of Tina.

Freelance journalist Kim wall for several months trying to interview the Danish inventor and "almost a celebrity" Peter Madsen, before he finally invited her to his home-made submarine near Copenhagen. The wall was on the boat an hour and a half, when one of the passengers of a passing ship took a picture of her smiling with battle towers UC3 Nautilus. Kim sent a text message to her husband: "by the Way, I'm still alive. But now I'm going down. I love you!"

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

When wall didn't come home by midnight agitated her husband raised the alarm. Madsen told police that he had left the wall at the restaurant at about 22:30. He then altered his story and said that the wall I hit my head on the hatch on a submarine, and he left her body in the køge Bay, 50 km South of Copenhagen. Two weeks after the disappearance of the wall her mutilated headless corpse found on the beach. During further search, the police divers found the head and legs of a woman.

The police found the telephone Madsen several videos in which women were killed, mutilated and beheaded. The court found that the murder was planned, and the perpetrator was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In 2011, 17 year old Tyler Hadley invited friends to his house party in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Having fun, he gladly posed for a selfie. 60 people played ping-pong, smoked cigars and enjoyed the alcohol. In the meantime, the dead bodies of Hadley's parents were upstairs in the bedroom. Son beaten to death, Blake and Mary Jo Hadley with a hammer.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

At about midnight, when he was drunk, Hadley admitted: "I killed my parents." When the friend refused to believe him, he said: "I'm not lying. If you look closely, you will see the traces of the crime". Then he showed a driveway, where friends saw a parked car by his parents.

One of the school friends Hadley said in an interview that the reason for the murders was probably a strong pressure that he experienced. "His parents never allowed him to be himself, and honestly, I think they are to blame for what happened. Parents always expect it to be someone else, someone he wasn't, and that's not right. Whatever you do Tyler, he was wrong... he just broke down," he tried to explain what happened young man. Now Hadley is serving a life sentence.

This is the last photo Sidney loaf, made before she was killed on a date in November 2017. Relatives could not get through to the girl for four days, and her cat found home hungry.

52-year-old Aubrey Trail and 25-year-old Bailey Boswell, who used the alias "Audrey" on Tinder, agreed to meet with the loaf. The police began to suspect the Trail and Boswell, when they posted the video on Facebook, which categorically declared his innocence before the police charged them and found the body of the loaf.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Then a body is discovered. The remains were taken to the morgue in six packs — a girl was cut into 14 parts. Part of her left arm was never found. Trail argued that the death of the loaf was casual, as if unintentionally strangled her during the "sex games". He said he dismembered the girl and removed the internal organs because he panicked.

Trail was convicted of first-degree murder, and Boswell, who also was charged with first-degree murder, will stand trial in September 2020.

In 1971, 19-year-old Jessie McBain and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Patricia Mann, posed for romantic photos before visiting the ball in the watts hospital in Durham, North Carolina. In this institution Mann trained as a nurse. The young couple was happy and they were waiting for a great life.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

The couple left early from the dance, and when young people did not return home, they've organized a search operation. Locked MacBain car was found parked at the Golf course Hillandale on a secluded road known as a Lovers Lane. Later, on February 25 in the woods near the man discovered what appeared to him to be a mannequin leg. But when he came closer, he saw the bodies of a young couple lying next to each other. Both bodies were tied to a tree. Apparently, the lovers were tortured to death, strangled with ropes.

This case gained publicity as "Murder in the Valentine's Day" and is still unsolved.

June 4, 2008 Travis Alexander killed his ex-girlfriend, Jodi arias, when he was taking a shower in his house in Mesa, Arizona. A couple a long time was in a relationship, but at the young people lived. When they broke up, arias moved closer to home Alexander.

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Arias took this chilling photo of Alexander in the shower, before putting him 29 stab wounds. Injury Alexander remains one of the most brutal in the entire criminal history. Jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe men were cut and left in the hands of the wound, which testified that he was defending himself. A man found with a gunshot wound to the head, but an autopsy revealed that when he was shot, he was already dead.

A close friend of Alexander, said that alarm bells appeared in the beginning of his relationship with arias. He said, "I've noticed something that really bothered me. I told him, "Travis, I'm afraid we'll find you chopped up in the freezer". From the start she was obsessed with them." Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In March 2015, best friend's Cheyenne Antoine (left) and Britney Gargol (then 18 years old) did a joint photo before heading out for the night in Saskatoon, Canada. When Gargol did not return home, Antoine said that they were a few bars, and then quarreled and she left my friend with an unknown man. Antoine posted on the wall Gargol in a Facebook message: "Where are you? Have you lost it completely. I hope you're home safe."

10 photos that hide the shocking murder

Later it became clear that the post Antoine on Facebook was an attempt to throw the investigators off, because she knew exactly what really happened that night with her friend. Black belt that is worn on Antoine in the photograph, was discovered on the roadside near the body of Gargol.

Antoine admitted to the investigator that he strangled girlfriend, being drunk. Later Antoine told the court that at the time of the murder he lost consciousness. She said: "I will never forgive myself. Nothing I say or do, will never bring her back. I am very, very sorry... That wasn't supposed to happen." Her charge was commuted to manslaughter.

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