10 movies that are worth watching with your child

10 movies that are worth watching with your child

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What films will help you understand what difficulties growing up children have to go through? Psychologist Linda Jones Rufer has compiled a list of paintings that touch on the themes of growing up, finding yourself and overcoming difficulties on the path of becoming.

"Both children and parents need films," says Linda Rufer. — After viewing, try to discuss them together and find out what particularly touched you, what seemed familiar and even painful. Perhaps this will help you make the right choice yourself and avoid mistakes."

10 movies that are worth watching with your child

Age: from 6 years

What: Anna, the princess of a fairy-tale kingdom, goes in search of her sister Elsa, who, giving free rein to her emotions, accidentally cast a spell of eternal winter on the whole country. She will have to convince her sister of her love and test her feelings for the chosen one.

What it teaches: selflessness, the ability to understand and express your emotions, the ability to open up to others, to love.

Age: 6-10 years

About what: Seventy-year-old Karl, after the death of his wife, decides to fulfill her dream: to go to the Paradise Waterfall in South America. He inflates hundreds of balloons that turn his house into an airship. But along with him, the boy scout Russell turns out to be in the house, who, by the will of fate, becomes his travel companion.

What it teaches: the ability to make friends, despite the age difference, openness to new experiences, new impressions, a positive image of old age.

Age: 10-11 years

About: 11-year-old Riley becomes a teenager. The emotions that control her behavior (joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust) do not cope with new complex experiences. They have to relearn how to interact and create new memories together.

What it teaches: the ability to understand yourself and your feelings, the ability to accept changes in life, responsibility for your actions.

Age: 8-10 years

About what: Fox Fox and his family live in a hole near a tree right next to the farmers. Fox used to steal chickens, but then he promised his wife to stop doing it. But the instincts make themselves felt. Fox decides to rob the farmers again, as a result of which he puts the whole family at risk.

What it teaches: the ability to control instincts and desires, the ability to act together, to be part of a team, to protect family values.

Age: 12-13 years

About what: A young talented gymnast Dan Millman is seriously injured. The meaning of life is lost for him, it seems to him that all the years of training were spent in vain. However, he meets a mysterious mentor, whom he calls Socrates. This meeting helps Dan to rethink his life and find himself again.

What it teaches: perseverance, purposefulness and perseverance, wisdom, a meaningful attitude to life, the ability to overcome disappointments.

Age: 12-13 years

About: Four friends who recently graduated from high school are trying to achieve fame and success. Dave dreams of Italian culture and, despite his father's displeasure, aspires to become a cyclist. However, visiting Italian athletes put him in his place. Dave and his friends decide to create their own team to win the race.

What it teaches: authenticity, honesty towards oneself, purposefulness, discipline.

Age: 14-15 years

About what: Teenagers Sam and Susie fall in love with each other and decide to run away from their parents. They are both outcasts in their own way and are trying to become happy together, away from adults who do not understand them and are not interested in their feelings. The local authorities, together with the Boy Scouts, manage to find the children. But the attempt to separate them fails.

What it teaches: honesty, authenticity, understanding of other people, their experiences and motivations, the ability to build trusting relationships.

Age: 15-16 years

About what: A new literature teacher comes to a prestigious school for boys. It awakens their interest in poetry and life, reminding them that life is fleeting and you should always strive for the most important things. He revives the secret literary club "Society of Dead Poets", which soon finds itself in the center of a scandal caused by the suicide of one of the students.

What it teaches: courage, the ability to defend yourself and your interests, curiosity, the desire for knowledge.

Age: 14-16 years

About: The film tells the story of Mason's life, from the first day of school to the first day of college. The hero grows up, grows up, gets acquainted with the world of adults, discovers love and sexual attraction. The film was an experiment directed by Richard Linklater: the shooting lasted 12 years, and the main actor grew up with his hero.

What it teaches: the ability to make a choice, to realize its consequences, to understand the complexity of life and the surrounding world, self-analysis, understanding yourself, your desires and motives.

Age: 15-17 years

About what: Sixteen-year-old Juno finds out that she is pregnant. Now she faces a difficult choice: to leave the child, give it up for adoption or raise it herself.

What it teaches: the ability to make choices in difficult circumstances, a responsible attitude to life — your own and someone else's, self-confidence.

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