10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

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We hope the fashion for a normal, healthy body, which reigned in the world, will remain with us forever. Because the stories of these girls are terrifying...

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

Karla Mercedes Alvarez Baez was born 15 October 1972 in Mexico city. 20 years young beauty came to the casting for the filming of the series and pulled out the happy ticket: Karl starred in more than 20 TV series and films have received huge fees, he participated in advertising campaigns and was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses of Mexico.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

But Charles was terrified to get better: having the typical latina figure with prominent hips, Carla torturing yourself with diets, sports, and in the end brought himself to anorexia. Soon the disease was joined by bulimia, and a 41 year the stars did not. Last, 99th series of the Saga "How beautiful love" with the actress married 5 months before her death — may 31, 2013.

The success of the group of Carpenters was fantastic: three Grammy awards, nine gold albums, ten gold singles, one multiplatinum album: brother and sister Carpenters were idols of generation. However, for parents of star kids are always closer and more priority was the brother: the success of the musical group, parents attributed solely to the Richard and Karen though was the vocalist of the group always remained in the shadows.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

Only escaped from the custody of the parents, Karen got what I dreamed of: the crowd of fans, fashion photography, invitations to tour... this tour Karen began to gain weight: eat somehow, without treatment, often junk food, and eventually significantly stout. Once, during an interview with reporters asked, you're not their favorite, and then Karen began to think seriously about their appearance.

Given the fact that fashion was thin-voiced "Twiggy", panic Karen explained. The girl rushed to lose weight, and chose the most radical method: is almost nothing. Six months later, the weight of Karen with the growth of 172 cm decreased to the level of 40 pounds. The family panicked and put the girl to the clinic where Karen came opravivshis and rested.

At family dinners she ceased to be content with lettuce, began to eat normally, and seemed all was over... If the family knew immediately after eating Karen goes to the bathroom, and... Karen had bulimia. One morning Karen was found dead in the kitchen. The girl's heart broke. Her weight at that time was 36 pounds.

Now Isabella called the world of the characters struggle with anorexia. Unlike many, Isabella never wanted to be skinny. The girl stopped to eat properly in 12 years due to mental disorders of the mother. That caused panic and aggression your daughter grow up, rounding of hips and Breasts, growth...

Mother stopped producing the girl on the street, limiting her classes with household chores and playing the violin and strongly emphasized that to grow, to get in shape is horrible. Isabella had stopped eating, for the body to remain childish flat in order not to incur the wrath of the mother. Soon she began to work as a model, but unnatural thinness prevented her career.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

One day she was invited to the program 'The Insider' CBS where she spoke about her problem, and it almost saved Isabella: helped her doctors, her weight began to increase, and she published a book about anorexia "the Little girl who didn't want to get fat," which warned girls from repeating their fate.

Unfortunately, the body has already suffered irreparable harm: Isabella, he's been in the hospital due to organ failure. In 28 years, the girl died.

In 13 years, Ana won the beauty contest and began to do some modeling. Reston was an incredibly popular: worked with model agencies Ford, Elite and L'équipe, represents the products of famous brands, participated in advertising campaigns for Giorgio Armani. Huge loads and constant fear to fall out of the cage led to the fact that Ana lost your appetite because of nerves.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

The model did not restrict himself in eating, she just wasn't hungry. October 25, 2006, Reston was taken to the hospital due to liver failure. The body mass index Ana Carolina at that time was equal to 13.5, while the lower value of 17.5 is considered hazardous to health. The state of the model dramatically worsened, and in less than a month Ana Carolina died. She was only 22 years old.

From early childhood, Christie was fond of artistic gymnastics, a girl was considered quite promising and definitely gifted. Her gymnastic career started very successfully, and within a few years there was talk that Christie has all chances to join the Olympic team USA.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

This coincided with the period of hormonal adjustment of the organism Christie, and the girl began to gain weight through no fault of her reasons. The coach is quite severely reprimanded Christie's and said that if she sees her future in gymnastics, she needs to immediately pull myself together and lose weight.

Obsessed with the idea to get into the team, the gymnast sat on a strict diet and exhausting yourself workouts were constantly weighed and depressed because each dialed grams. All over anorexia nervosa, from which Christie was treated for a little over two years, but to no avail: in 22 years the girl died from multiple organ failure.

The youngest daughter of the Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and his third wife Farah Pahlavi, after his father's death and after the Iranian revolution Leila was forced to flee with her mother and brother in the United States.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

At first all went well: quite secular, educated, with impeccable facial features and original appearance the girl is in demand as a model, starred for the brand Valentino and many others, but failed to cope mentally with the new way of life. Accustomed to luxury and permissiveness, Leila was addicted to drugs.

After treatment, became depressed and began to abuse antidepressants, a side effect of which was a sharp decrease in appetite. Layla's life was like a pendulum: the girl had a ball, ate and drank in the pleasure, was throwing a Grand party and then tormented with guilt, punish yourself for the binge and stopped there. Anorexia, bulimia, and dependence on medications killed the beauty of 31 years.

One of the biggest scandals associated with anorexic models, erupted after the death of top model of Luisel Ramos directly during a fashion show at fashion week in Montevideo (Uruguay). Three days before the show Loisel stopped there, allowing myself only lettuce and diet soda.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

In the fateful day she went to the podium, but after the first time he felt bad and went to the dressing room where after a few minutes, died of congestive heart failure. With the growth of 175 cm girl weighed 40 pounds. The death of Ramos was the point of no return: at the Madrid Fashion Week in the same year it was decided not to allow models with a body mass index less than 18.

In December struggle with anorexia was joined by Italian designers. The second round of the story received a year later from anorexia died Luisel sister Eliana Ramos, also a model, restricting itself to its normal food to save the "zero" size. After the death of Eliana, it was decided not to allow models with this size.

The case of Teresa Savio was at the center of a political scandal as anorexia and bulimia, which the girl suffered for many years, brought her to the coma. During the life of myself, Terry and her husband Michael were against artificial life support of the patient in the event of a dying brain.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

However, Theresa's parents have long fought for the preservation of their daughter in a vegetative state, but alive. Numerous courts, policy statements, challenges and change to US law was a great public outcry, the litigation continued for almost 15 years, as a result, Teresa is still cut off from life support and let her go.

Young Heidi raved about the ballet. In 12 years the girl has already performed in regional theaters in Dallas and Houston, but dreamed a lot about entering his school of ballet in San Francisco. The first entrance examinations Heidi failed: she said that to comply with the strict criteria of the ballet school is needed badly to lose weight.

10 famous girls that thinness was worth living

A year later the girl was adopted, but careful attention to the weight of Heidi from her mentor, Anna Marie Holmes was constant. A year later Heidi landed badly after a spectacular jump and broke his leg. During the forced immobility, the girl gained 5 pounds and returned to ballet school, received a rebuff mentor about the inadmissibility of such attitude to their body.

She coped with the "extra" weight, but the psychological trauma was too great. The confessions of parents, Heidi has literally become afraid of food, and despite the beliefs of doctors and then the coaches of the ballet school, to calm down and not to bring themselves to exhaustion, she almost did not eat. Heidi started taking laxatives and drugs for weight loss.

Her body gave way, and at the age of 22 years, Heidi, died in the car where she and her parents went to Disneyland. About the fate of Heidi was filmed "Dance is more than life", released in 2001.

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