10 facts about Cleopatra

10 facts about Cleopatra

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One of the most famous and influential women in history, without a doubt, was Cleopatra, the last queen of Hellenistic Egypt. She was distinguished by an extraordinary mind, insight, managed to prove herself a strong leader, and was an excellent strategist. Here are some interesting facts about this flamboyant and controversial personality.


10 facts about Cleopatra

1. She was not Egyptian.

Cleopatra's father, Ptolemy XII Avlet, was Greek by birth. He took over as ruler of Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great.

10 facts about Cleopatra

2. She was born by incest.

Cleopatra's father married his sister, initiating the royal tradition of incest. Since then, in this family, marriage between siblings has become commonplace.

10 facts about Cleopatra

3. Most likely, she was not a beauty.

Historians claim that the famous queen of Egypt had an attractive appearance, but no more. However, Cleopatra knew how to take care of herself and used cosmetics made according to her own recipes. She charmed men not only with her appearance and manners but also with her education: Cleopatra knew more than 7 languages, was well versed in philosophy, mathematics, politics, and literature of that time.

10 facts about Cleopatra

4. Cleopatra, if necessary, did not disdain to kill.

She married her younger brother Ptolemy XIII when she was 18 and he was only 12. Together they ruled for 4 years until the young king rebelled against Cleopatra. Joining forces with Julius Caesar, the queen suppressed the uprising. Soon her ex-husband drowned in the Nile River. After that, Cleopatra married another of her younger brothers, Ptolemy XIV, but soon he too died under mysterious circumstances. Also, Cleopatra persuaded Mark Antony to kill her sister Arsinoe, who was her rival in the struggle for the throne.

10 facts about Cleopatra

5. She knew how to make an impression.

According to the ancient Greek writer Plutarch, in order to subdue Julius Caesar, Cleopatra ordered herself to be rolled up in blankets, tied with a rope, and in this form presented to the commander. By doing so, she wanted to show Caesar that she was relying on his mercy. No less spectacularly Cleopatra managed to appear in front of Mark Antony. She sailed to him in a ship with scarlet sails, gilded stern, and silvered oars, and the deck was strewn with rose petals.

10 facts about Cleopatra

6. Cleopatra was in Rome at the time of Caesar's assassination.

Their relationship lasted long enough, and Cleopatra's presence in Rome was one of the reasons that precipitated the death of Caesar. The queen soon left Rome, leaving behind a legacy of fashion - while many Roman women copied her exotic hairstyles and pearl jewelry.

10 facts about Cleopatra

7. She knew how to have fun.

Although her relationship with Antony was politically motivated, they really enjoyed spending time together, especially having some fun. In Alexandria, Cleopatra and Antony founded their own club known as the Inimitable Liver. The club was engaged in organizing night feasts, during which various games and competitions were held.

10 facts about Cleopatra

8. She once led a navy in a battle.

When Cleopatra married Mark Antony, it caused a public scandal in Rome and led to war as a result. During the Battle of Actium, the queen personally commanded a fleet of several dozen Egyptian ships. However, this was not enough for a successful battle with Octavian's navy, and Cleopatra soon had to retreat to Egypt.

10 facts about Cleopatra

9. Cleopatra may not have died from a snakebite.

Legend has it that when Cleopatra found out about Mark Antony's suicide, she committed suicide by allowing herself to be bitten by a poisonous snake. But some historians are inclined to believe that Cleopatra died using the poison hidden in her comb. There is also a version according to which she committed suicide by smearing herself with a lethal mixture of opium and hemlock.

10 facts about Cleopatra

10. The film about Cleopatra, filmed in 1963, has become one of the most expensive in the history of cinema.

In 1963, Cleopatra was shot with Elizabeth Taylor in the title role. The film's original budget of $ 2 million soon grew to a crazy $ 44 million, with Cleopatra's costumes alone costing around $ 200,000.

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