How Jean-Claude Van Damme saved a Chihuahua puppy Paradise from death

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The famous American actor, director and producer Jean-Claude Van Damme, who, by the way, recently turned 60, saved a puppy named Raya from certain death, who was almost killed by the bureaucratic machine of Norway. The dog was going to be euthanized and if not for the hero of the militants, the unfortunate animal would not have escaped death.

How Jean-Claude Van Damme saved a Chihuahua puppy Paradise from death

In September 2020, the Norwegian Iversen family purchased a Chihuahua puppy named Raya on the Finn trading platform (something like our Avito). But, as it turned out later, the dog was imported into the country illegally from Bulgaria, and its documents were forged.

Norway has strict laws aimed at protecting the local flora and fauna, so an "illegal" of unknown origin had to either leave the country or die.

This is how Mrs. Bente Fauske, the regional head of the sanitary service, commented on the situation. The woman explained that the main purpose of her work is to protect her native country from rabies and other dangerous infections that can be imported from abroad along with animals of unknown origin.

Ms Fauske was two-handed for the euthanasia of a dog

Chihuahua Raya only enjoyed the company of her new owner Alexey Iversen for a few days. In early October, the sanitary supervision service warned the owner that either he would send the dog back to Bulgaria, or it would be confiscated and euthanized. In Bulgaria, they did not want to participate in the fate of the unfortunate animal and refused to accept Paradise, so the puppy was seized to be killed.

Alexey Iversen tried to sue the sanitary service, but all his lawyer could achieve was to delay the euthanasia of the dog for a few days. While the trials were going on, the owner of Rai launched a whole campaign on the web to save her, but it did not bring results. Until Jean-Claude Van Damme himself intervened.

How Jean-Claude Van Damme saved a Chihuahua puppy Paradise from death

The actor accidentally saw a post on social networks about collecting signatures in defense of the animal and decided to take part in the rescue. Van Damm called on the authorities of Norway and Bulgaria to come to their senses and not to deprive a living being of life because of some certificates. On Twitter, the actor wrote:

How Jean-Claude Van Damme saved a Chihuahua puppy Paradise from death

The chihuahua will return to his homeland, where he will undergo a medical examination and receive all the necessary vaccinations according to the sanitary rules. After that, the puppy will find new owners. Ms. Fauske, representing the Norwegian side, said in an interview that she was glad of this outcome of the case. She also called on all citizens of the country to be extremely careful when buying animals from their hands.

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